any one have ecco cardiogram info?? madwolf ???

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    Hi,I have been schedualed for a stress test using DOBUTAMINE to raise the heart rate. I canceled the test as soon as I recieved the test info. until I know more about it. I am tremendously reactive to medications. My diagnosing (sp)? Dr. said I should never do testing that called for inhalation or injection of anything because my reactions are so sevier. I moved across the state and have a new Dr. whom seemed to understand my case. She Rx'd me two inhalers (does not have some kind of propelent that sets me off), two eppie kits,one each on my person and one of each in my pures!!! I have had three aniphalatic episodes in two yrs. do to enviromental reactions ie Raid, erythomicine (sp)? and an adhesive(sp)for flooring applied n a grocery store. Mikie gave me reasurance on my origenal post. If madwolf is reading this, I am scared to death to do this test, is there anything you can tell me or anyone (I know we react differently) who has had this heart stimulant, test done anythng about it
    Nancey ghee
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    I think I may have misread this one while under the influence of the Provigil. At least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Just a question, Madwolf; why would they use a drug to do this to one's heart? Is it for people whose physical condition does not allow them to reach their targeted heart rate and continue as long as the test requires? It sounds scary to me. If a patient gets into trouble, how long does it take for them to recover from the effects of this drug?

    Even as little as I am able to exercise compared to when I was healthy, I was able to do the stess test long enough to reach my targeted heart rate and continue. In fact they stopped it well before I reached the end of my rope because they knew I had FMS/CFIDS and didn't want to put me into a flare. The doc and technician were great.

    Thanks for your help.

    Love, Mikie

    Just looked this test up on the web and it appears that the risks are similar to those involved in doing a stress test.
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    At the time of the test, I was suffering from elevated B/P, usually 143/84 or so. I have the white coat thingy too, so it is often 150/90 in the doc's office. Now that I have lost weight on the SomerSize diet, my B/P is noral.

    Geez, I can't believe they wouldn't have a large cuff. Even I require a large cuff to get an accurate reading. I do have a medium cuff on my home machine, but it give accurate readings.

    Love, Mikie