Any one have luck with accupuncture?

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    Hi I am new to the message boards, but not to fibromyagia. Have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for 4 years. I also have asthma and gerd. I take a ton of medications. I have a new friend that wants me to try accupunture. She lives hundreds of miles away and her husband is the one who does the accupuncture. She said that he can either cure me or sure make me better. I am real unsure of this and I do not enjoy traveling any more. Has anyone else had any luck with accupunture?
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    and have done for many years.

    It hasn't cured me. The three obvious benefits I get from it are:

    1 My CFS seems to make everything go out of kilter and ac. seems to settle things down a bit.

    2 When I've had a flare up due to an infection it makes no diference at start but speeds up my level of recovery at the end.

    3 It would ease my GI tract and IBS symtoms for a few days.

    Traditional acupuncture would almost certainly require quite regular treatments in the beginning (eg twice weekly), if you have to travel some distance you need to bear this in mind.

    I know a lot of people who've tried it but it doesn't work for everyone.

    Because I have severe CFS I can only tolerate gentle stimulation/treatments. In the early days stronger treatments were tried with awful results. So you need to make sure you go to someone who is qualified, experienced, and able to understand the need to proceed with care.

    Cheers, Tansy
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    I gave accupunture a fairly good try. I went for about 6 months. I`ve got to say it didn`t do much for me. It gave me a tiny bit more energy but barely noticable. I did have carpal tunnel in both my wrists and it did release that.

    I finally quit going because I couldn`t take going in there anymore getting more pain from the accupunture. Some people say it doesn`t hurt at all and some of the spots he treated did not hurt but some were extremely painful especially my hand, wrists and feet. They hurt like hell and I have enough pain without that.

    It might be totally different for you though, everybody has their own things they find that work for them.

    I wish you the best of luck in finding something that works for you and I`m also glad you joined us on the board.
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    with a very very honest practitioner. He told me that the acupuncture for my condition would help temporarily, but that it was the Chinese herbs that would/could help me in the long term . . . I have found that going once a week and getting the 2 hours of attention that I get, which includes a complete medical history each and every time, gentle insertion of needles at different meridians depending on my changing symptoms really helps . . .

    AND, it really helps that my doctor understands that fibro patients need to have the needles in a little longer, so I stay for 25-30 minutes, instead of 20, with heat lamps all around so that I never get cold or uncomfortable, if I hurt too much he stops immediately, and says, "oh i am so sorry," rubbing my shoulder so gently, he is so gentle with me i feel like a little baby. after he takes out the needles, i rest for a few minutes alone.

    then, he returns with his warm smile, asks me to either turn over, or sit in a chair, and does gentle acupressure on me, sometimes five minutes, sometimes fifteen, and he makes sure that I feel okay to leave alone, or else I call my hubby to come and get me. The pharmacist spends as much time as I need, and is so gentle and friendly, purposely concocting my herbs to be gentle to my system and with respect to my sensitivites and allergies . . .

    I love them, and as my hubby says, "if it is all placebo, then placebo away baby." He loves the way that I am treated compared to my Kaiser MDs, HE even feels better after leaving there. The herbs are fresh, clean, and shipped directly from china every six days and compounded there while i am in session, each prescription takes at least an hour to make. I dunno, right now i feel it is helping, maybe later i will change my mind . . .

    I fought this like hell, i went to every type of chiropractor, herbalist, etc. first, but this has really made me feel better. there are studies where there have been PET scans done to show brain changes in patients who try acupuncture, but those could be shot done by any of our very intelligent members on the board, so, just my two cents . . .

    and, of course,
    my love
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    I did 22 sessions of it way back in 1988, two yrs. after coming down with Fibro.
    For about 45 mins. after each treatment I had no pain. I also was so woozy that I could not walk, let alone drive. Then the effect wore off.
    I never got any lasting relief, and couldn't afford to keep it up.