Any one have trouble with muscle spasms?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by suziieq, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. suziieq

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    Hello again everyone. Don't mean to be a bother, but had another question.

    I have a spot on the right side of my back that spasms so bad I can hardly stand it. It has done it for years, but in the past would just happen all the time when I start doing anything. Just wondering if this is FM related as far as anyone knows?

    Thank a lot

  2. joannie1

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    I have terrible muscle spasms and they say it is from the DD. If you haven't talked with your Doctor about it you should just to be sure that is what it is.
    Take care.
  3. 1maqt

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    Don't appologise, that is what this board is all about.We are people helping people. We try to shed some kindness, and the world could use a lot of that.

    I have severe muscle spasms if I turn the right way, just under the rib cage. Like when you are showering, and try to wash your back side!

    There are so many symtoms with this DD. It gives me a peace of mind when I know it is something related to the DD, at least I know that much.

    I also have muscle spasms in mylegs. Hope to be of help.
  4. suziieq

    suziieq New Member

    Just so good to know sometimes your not alone is all this crud....thanks a bunch
  5. Lendi

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    Is it a pain that comes out of no where? Just kinda zings through you, kinda sharp then goes away. It usually make me flinch hard enough that someone sitting close to me can feel me jump. Just wondering. I've seen several post about spasms, but am not sure if it's what I'm feeling with this DD.
  6. suziieq

    suziieq New Member

    no not really like that.....the muscle bunches and contracts over and over again. If I sit real still it calms down....but the minute I get up to do anything starts in
  7. catgal

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    Hi Suziieq~~Along with FM/CFS, I have degenerative disc disease (ddd) with multiple back problems plus osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, and some other ailments.

    I get severe muscle spasms in my back from the ddd that rotate all up and down my spinal area, lower back, neck, and shoulder area. Sometimes, my mate can see them pulsating.

    A muscle spasm is when a muscle or group of muscles contract and tighten up into a knot causing tenseness and pain. That's why a hot soak in the tub, massage, alternating heat & ice, or muscle relaxers help the affected area loosen up. It can be caused by various things. Mine are caused by putting excess strain on my damaged back, sitting too long in a certain position, lifting things I shouldn't, sleeping the wrong way, twisting the wrong way, or sometimes pain, and stress.

    I take Soma for my muscle relaxer, and it works miracles plus helps with pain some. I also lay down and rest on a heating pad, or use those Therma Care Therapeutic Heat Wraps which are terrific to stick on and go. They give heat for up to 8 hours, are air activitated when taken out of the pouch, and are like a mobile heating pad. I use them at work or when traveling. You can get them at Wal-Mart or drug stores. They come in a red box, 3 to a box, come in various sizes, and I prefer the "Neck to Arm Wrap" size the best.

    If your muscle spasms are consistent, I would strongly encourage you to have them checked out. Never assume that everything is FM related. I made that mistake thinking my back pain was just FM and arthritis, and I let it go until the pain got so bad I couldn't walk. It turned out to be advanced and highly progressive degenerative disc disease. I had let it go so long thinking it was FM/arthritis that it did alot of damage to my back that might have been prevented had I had it checked out sooner.

    However, it was what finally got me some medical help, and I was put on narcotic pain management which also helped the FM and arthritis considerably. And today I found out that I also have nerve damage from the top of my neck down to my feet--and I had made the mistake of thinking it was just the degenerative disc disease and FM.

    Take care of yourself, and see a doctor about this. Best Wishes, Carol....

    Deal with each ailment separately. I think the unknowingly risk our health by lumping everything into FM.

    Take care
  8. Seagull

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    I get this same thing in my muscles along both sides of the spine, my upper gluteals, and my rhomboids. Thankfully, not usually at the same time, at least!

    I have both FMS and Chronic Myofascial Pain. In my case, the FMS does not cause this spasming, but does amplify the pain. The fascia covering the muscles is what tightens and causes the spasms, even turning the muscle into a rockhard mass. It is a very painful thing to go through and I have not yet found a sure-fire way to either prevent it from happening or to make it stop. My massage therapist is very good, though, at helping it to subside and I am grateful for that.

    For more info on the CMP, you might want to check out Devin Starlanyl's website at www dot sover dot net/~devstar/. It has finally been decided by the experts that CMP is an actual disease, although it remains a real challenge to deal with and get treatment for.
  9. suziieq

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    Sorry I have never heard of this....what is it?
  10. Shirl

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    Those spasms are horrific. I used to have them almost everyday.

    If you have someone that can rub them, 'hard', it will hurt, but will help them to relax.

    Also, I take a soak with 3 cups of Epson Salts, and 3 bottles of regular peroxide (large bottles).

    In a very warm tub of water for twenty minutes. If you try this, when you get out of the tub, go to bed. It makes you feel weak, but you will surely have a good nights sleep from the soak.

    Be sure to have your doctor check it out for you. Mine is caused by the Fibro, but like the others said, it could be another problem as well.

    Shalom, Shirl