any one having extreme night/day sweats w/flare ups?

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    I have been reading other's symptoms and I haven't seen any thing about this. I wake up at night drenched, my sheets are wet and my hair is dripping. I also do this during the day. I have to dry my hair off w/cool air after I blow dry my hair. It goes on thru the day. I also get a "sunburn" under my skin it shows up thru my pores on my chest, arms, & face. My glands by my clavical swell/protrude and have shooting pain. My short term memory is very bad (I just quit my job due to this). This is all on top of the "everyday" pain and fatigue. I do not wish this on anyone else, but if you are going thru the same symtoms please respond. Thank you.
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    This is something I have had problems with on and off over the last year or so. I think it may have more to do with meds than anything else, but I could be wrong. It is not as much of a problem for me now, since I came off of Nortriptalyn (sp?). So, I think that may have been part of it. But, it does still happen sometimes.

    Very bothersome & irritating to say the least. Well, I can't really offer much advice, but I can tell you that you are not alone.

    Take care,

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    but it is annoying as hell. That's all I can say. It makes it very difficult to concentrate and it is impossible to relax when you feel this way.

    Sweating also may have somehting to do with underlying infection (mycoplasma), but that can be difficult to treat.

    wishing us all some relief...

  4. tlayne

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    For now my dr. is treating it as a hormone imbalance. She increased my estradial. Oh well, even tho it only happens during a flair, I will try anything. Thank you for responding & sharing. God bless!
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    I was going to suggest possibly menopausal symptoms - I don't know your age it you're anywhere near it. Also, if you take an SSRI anti-depressant, a major side effect is flushing - I know when I tried many they aggravated my hot flashes tremendously! Hope you see relief soon!
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    I sweat in the night. Like you, I wake up drenching.
    I was thinking it was the Elavil I take before bed, but I am not going to worry about it anymore. I just think: it's just one more symtom of something related to FM/CFS.

    Oddly enough I do not sweat during the day.

    No, you are not along with short term memory either. There are days I can not even spell or balance my checkbook.

    Common symptoms. It is nice to know us 'sweat people' are out there.

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    I had been on hormones for years due to removal of my ovaries, My Dr. wanted me to quit them and I went through a year of hell, had all the problems you do even during the day and sure didn't help when it came to sleeping , I am now back on hormones, still have mild ones, at night , where I sleep with as little covers as I can and even then sometimes it is to much , I never thought it might have something to do with MF. since I had gone through the change, I just thought it was that ,interesting to read where others have had the same problem ,
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    I've had very simiiar symptoms, I'll be freezing cold but dripping with sweat, both night and day, alot of pain. My short term memory is horrible and right now I'm on a leave from work as an RN.

    The fatigue has also been the worst for me.

    I was diagnosed back in October/November but have been suffering for years. My hormones are out of whack.

    What has been interesting me the most lately is the fact that some doctors have been prescribing low dose naltrexone. In a nutshell the theory is that some sufferers from fibromyalgia are suffering from central nervous desensitisation. In other words our nervous systems are overreacting to many different factors. (Stress, illness, etc)...

    Most docs are prescribing opiates for pain when in actuallity from what I've read some of us should be receiving the opposite. An opiate blocker, naltrexone for instance. In some cases people have actually had their fibro symptoms reversed.

    Of course from what I know there do not seem to be any quick fixes. This is interesting because Naltrexone is quite inexespensive (and non habit forming).

    The symptoms your experiencing are very similair to opiate withdrawal which is why alot of docs feel there is alot of promise to this treatment.

    I hope I haven't confused you more, and my heart goes out to you, I am walking in your shoes. It's horrible. There is alot of hope, so please hang on.

    I haven't posted in awhile cause I've just been so out of it. I'm getting over a really bad sinus infection. Starting to feel alittle better, take care, Ritatheresa

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    Seems there's always something ! First it was menopause/perimenopause...nothing helped until estradial. Then Paxil (after two years) had me in meltdowns. Kept trying other SSRI's (having dropped hormones after three years and the warnings!) and I think finding the right one is key! Right now I'm in a flare, but Cymbalta has been good for the depression/discomfort and no hot flashes! Hope you're doing better soon!
  10. 1sweetie

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    This was one of the first symptoms along with difficulty swallowing, migraines and severe brain fog/cognitive problems. Many more symptoms followed. I was still working when they began and previously I was always cold. This was not hormonal or at less not completely.

    It was so bad like 24/7 for 2 1/2 years. I have had breast cancer and am not suppose to take hormones but to try to find if it was hormone related I was give hormone injections and it didn't touch the sweats. To me it is not just about sweats, I have heat intolerance.

    I posted on this subject before because I too was not hearing any complaints about this problem. As you can see there are some of us that have this symptom also.
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    i really suffer from overheating, especially when i am on cymbalta or miserable

    i had my hormone levels checked too and they were fine...but i felt like i was having hot flashes!

    i forget everything, too....

    i feel your pain............
  12. tlayne

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    As odd as this sounds...It feels good not to be the only one, or maybe a better way to say it is "to not be by myself". Thank you for all of the responses!
    I am always trying to figure this thing out...was it something I ate, drank, or something that I did to bring on this flare? It's crazy because after I get to the end of it I think, "It couldn't have been that bad". Hmmm, that reminds me of childbirth!
    Okay, now to address some of the responses. I had a hysterectomy when I was 33 yr.s. I am telling my age now..that was 11 yr.s ago. I had thousands of little cysts on them (no wonder I was so miserable). The night sweats started before that & continued even with hormone replacement. I only get them now when I am going thru a flare up. Maybe I was having flare ups then too, I just didn't know it. The flare up just keep getting worse. I too am freezing cold when I have them. But I also have to sleep in a cold room. If I get hot and sweat I feel like I have bugs crawling all over me. Yuck! I am not on any opiates. I only take an antidepressant,flexeril, estradial, ultra omega, liquid calcium, and too much ibuprofen.
    I tried to find my nursing drug book, but what do you know I can not find it anywhere (smile)! What is naltrexone? What is it usually prescribed for? Oh, I forgot I am now taking gabapentin as of a week ago. My dr. told me to take it at night because it causes drowiness. The first 2 nights my body was asleep but my brain kept going. So now I take it during the day. Call me crazy, but it seems to give me energy. My dr. said no one has ever told her this.
    Hey guys, I was calling in a script for a pt last week (when I was still working) and the pharmacist asked me if I had seen in our office any s/s (signs & symptoms) of this Bird Flu. I was shocked since my mom had been really sick with a cold for about 2 weeks, and I told her so. She said, " Ya the worst symptom is when they get this overwhelming urge to crap on windows"!!!!! That's funny huh! Good night, & God bless all of you!
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    med ?'s check out

  14. ritatheresa

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    I actually posted some info on another post regarding naltrexone.

    The post is titled Naltrxone is it still being used?

    I see your also a Nurse, you recently stopped working. I'm actually on a leave, totally freaking out, my mind just doesn't seem to want to return. I can't concentrate it's horrible.

    I'm actually the sole support in my home so it's a scary place to be at. If it wasn't for my faith I think I would've been a goner. Well, it was nice to speak to you. Hoping to hear from you again, God bless, Ritatheresa
  15. 1sweetie

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    you are not really happy that anyone else is suffering like you but it is such a relief to find that you are not alone and that someone understands.

    I'll tell you somethings that have helped me:

    After warm baths to relief pain, I began sponging cool water over my entire body (including my head).

    I began using a body powder(without talc) and would just keep dumping it on me after my baths.

    I turned the lights off in the bathroom because of the heat they produce in the day hours and use a single light that is over the toilet at night.

    I had to change my clothing to all cotton and use layers. I have to wear loose clothes due to both the sweating and pain. No bras(I have an advantage because of a double mastectomy. I have had reconstruction surgery).

    I had always slept with my husband but had to go to the bonus room which is a bedroom/sitting area to sleep. The temperature there is controlled by a different unit than the rest of the house. People call it the Eskimo hut. Normal temp is around 60

    I had to change all face & body lotions to a light type and can not use any type of oil or product that covers my pores.

    I can no longer use foundation or any type of coverage because it runs off. If I am able to go anywhere and feel like any makeup, I use Bare Minerals powder.

    My hair is impossible. If I use a hair dryer the heat causes me to sweat so badly that it continues to stay wet.

    All of this has been very difficult for me because in my prior life, I was proud of my appearance and dressed and looked decent. Adding insult to injury, I was also small and I have gained 25 lbs in the last 16 months and I have not been able to eat a great deal because of GERD, IBS, & difficulty swallowing.

    I pray for a cure.

    You probably have thought of everything I mentioned. I don't know what else to do.
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    I'm so glad that I have ya all! No one understands me like you all do! 1seetie, I know what you mean about not sleeping w/ your husband. Mine freezes when he sleeps w/me. Besides that if he touches me I wake up in pain. Lately I alternate between sweating & being cold. Maybe we should find a blow dryer that has just cold air. Do they make them? Weight gain? Yep. I have a goal to start walking this spring. Ya know, I have thought for a long time that lotion (I have very dry skin) makes the sweating & and bugs crawling on me feeling worse. What kind of lotion do you use? Ya, my make up sweats off too. I never did use foundation until a couple of years ago when I started getting discoloration on my cheeks and sides of my neck. It's brown kind of like liverspots color that runs together. Anyone else have that? What kind of mineral foundation do you use? I tried Sheercover. I wasn't impressed & it is very expensive for very little product.

    ritatheresa, I just read about LDN. WOW, it sounds promising!!! Have you tried it? If not have you talked to your dr. about it. I'm going to give my Dr the site address! I think I looked at your profile, but I can't remember...are you married, or are you a single mom? I was a single mom for about 10 yr.s. It is a very hard job & then being sick on top of that is even tougher (is that a word?). The day that I decided that I had better quit being a nurse was when I started looking at the simplest words and thinking, "Is that spelled right?" I mean common words like, was. Or when I couldn't remember what I did 5 minutes ago. How frustrating!! I really did not want to live any more. it was a week ago today that I quit & I didn't even give any notice. How could I? I have to say that was the lowest point w/fibro. I am holding on to Matt.17:20! A mustard seed is pretty tiny, and even at my lowest I can say I have that much faith! My Pastor says that sometimes God chooses not to heal. I didn't want to hear that, but I am at a point where I am giving up on my own will, or trying to.

    What do ya all do for headaches? I use Ibuprofen for headaches & pain, but I am taking too much and my stomach is feeling it. Maybe pain meds are causing your GERD 1sweety? My husband had really bad heartburn for years for as long as I have known him (15 yr.s). Someone told him to take Ginger capsules 3 X a day. He only did this for about 3 weeks and it worked wonders! Ask your dr. first incase it would affect any of the meds you are on.
    I thank God for my new friends! God Bless!
  17. tlayne

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    About the bird flu joke... I told you that my mom had been really sick for a couple of weeks, when she told my grandma this joke my grandma said, "Well Sherry you don't do that do you?" Isn't that cute! I laughed so hard that I cried! I love my grandma! Good nite ya all!
  18. ritatheresa

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    I haven't spoken to my Dr about the naltrexone yet, it does seem promising for my symptoms though, I will certainly let you know.

    Yes, I'm a single mom, 10 year old daughter going on 40 :).

    What you said about the mustard seed I can totally relate, sometimes that's all I have, but I do have faith that I will be ok. Not sure how, but I know I will be.

    Talk to you soon, Ritatheresa
  19. Dara

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    I also wake up during the night totally drenched. I actually get out of bed and go stand on the front porch to cool off. I hate it, I constantly feel like a need a shower.

    I was on Premarin for over ten years when they decided I needed to come off of them. I should say my PCP said I needed to stop taking them. But, my endocrinologist did not agree with his decision. I'm also going through a lot of changes due to thyroid cancer. I've had the surgery and the treatment and am trying to get the synthroid levels adjusted.

    So, I don't know if mine are hormonal, or from Thyroid (lack of a thyroid I should say), or from the FMS. I do know that anytime I've spent a night of sweating, for the next 5 to 7 days I am extremely achey all over, more than the usual, and have that "flu" feeling.

    I do not only sweat at night, during the day too. I feel like I've got a stuck thermostat inside of me. I sometimes sweat so bad I have to take my glasses off because they get fogged up.

  20. tlayne

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    I agree the fibro is worse w/night sweats, but my question is....does the fibro cause the night sweats? I was thinking that the night sweats happen w/the fibro flares. But now I am wondering now if the sweats actually increase the fibro symptoms. As a nurse I know that if we loose body fluids thru nausea & vomiting it can bring down our potassium levels. Sweating that is as extreme as ours (when I wear my glasses they fog also), I am thinking, would also decrease our potassium levels. Potassium levels can be scary. Levels too low or too high can cause heart problems and even death. This is why instead of self prescribeing we should have our levels checked before taking any potassium supplements. Maybe...if our potassium levels are low due to extreme sweating our symtoms increase because of low potassium????

    You do have a good question...Is the sweating d/t removing your thyroid or not taking hormones? Did you go off premarin at the same time as your thyroidectomy? I am sure you know that the thyroid regulates metabolism & and body temp. Some doctors treat fibro w/thyroid medications. I know one lady in Boise, Idaho who went thru this treatment and was cured of fibro symptoms. her thyroid levels were with-in-normal limits, but her dr. tried everything else that did not work, so he tried this. My dr. would not try thyroid meds on me because my levels were in the low normal range. I was very disapointed because I will try anything even if it shortened my life span. I would rather have a quality life than a quanity lifespan.
    I would be interested to know, if once your thyroid levels are leveled if your s/s of fibro are gone or improved. Let me know, I will rejoice with you!!! Hopeing the best for you!