any one heard of copper deficiency?

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  1. lynn1972

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    Copper Deficiency is very rare and I would like to meet someone who has it also?
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    Copper deficiency can be a symptom of many things and it really doesn't do to speculate until you have a proper dx. .but if you want to read up on it , then this link has lots of info .
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    Brenda UK
  3. Mikie

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    Taking zinc supplements can deplete copper levels and if one is on a zinc supplement, one should be taking a multivitamin which includes trace minerals. We don't need much of these minerals, hence, the name "trace minerals," but if they are depleted, we can get into trouble.

    Love, Mikie
  4. spiritsky

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    Most people with adrenal fatigue will not have enough bio available copper. Adrenaline is necessary to liberate copper from the liver for the body to use. As a result, you can be deficient in bio available copper but actually be copper toxic in the levels stored in the liver.

    I don't think it's uncommon to have a problem with copper levels. As for myself , I was deficient in copper and have been working for about 8 months correcting this issue and correcting my coppper leves has also corrected my iron deficiency. (Copper is necessary to absorb iron).

    Men tend to be more copper deficient and women copper toxic.
  5. lynn1972

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    I am glad you were able to work with your copper problem. Obviously we have different copper problems.Maybe you should ask more before being so opinionated.You see I can't work, I can't do much of bone marrow has been affected, when they discovered the copper problem, I had zero in my body, I now have Periphal Neuropathy, my hair is falling out and many more side effcets.Look it up on the web, it's not as simple as it seems and I have doctors, but they haven't treated copper before, so we were looking for someone who has.As I send this I'm hooked up to an infusion getting copper threw the I've. Forgive me if I sound upset,I would love to work or run with my kids or just have a day with no pain.