any one here taking crestor?

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    My high cholesterol is genetic . Just can't seem to get the numbers down no matter what I do.
    My diet is high fiber,very low fat , lots of veggies and fruit and almost no sugar,very ,very rarely drink wine ( heck I'm no angel =) ) . I've take vytorin for over a year and a half and it worked at first . My levels started at 350 and went down to around 279 and now it s back up to 302. So this doctor wants to try me on crestor. Now with my history of RA,copd,spondy,ect....... I am very concerned about muscle weakness getting worse.
    I've already taking so many pain for multiple diseases that one more pill may send me to the edge and back. I feel like a domestic drug lord . lol
    Anyways is there anyone here that has tried crestor ? I need advise . Chase are that I'll have to try it anyways but I'm still a worry wort about trying new stuff.
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    Because you are on so many medications right now, check with your doctor before starting any supplements just to be completely safe.

    Just a warning that I was taking niacin years ago I was working with a specialist on supplements and the flushing went overboard for me. I ended up in the E.R. and had to be placed in a type of tub with cold water to try to get the flushing reduced all over my body and scalp as it had gotten so severe and the fear was it was going to potentially impact my breathing. I was getting injected with something. But the flushing does not always go well. Always remember that we are individuals and what works for someone may not work for another.

    If your doctor agrees for you to start niacin, be aware and start accordingly to your doctor's instructions. If you get flushing and it starts to be too much, call your doctor and let your doctor advise you. The flushing can cause stress and increase your blood pressure (another side effect.
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    I also have the genetic cholesterol problem. I have only been on it almost 3 months at 10mg a day. Which is a very low dose. I had recently been at a pain clinic and was checked again. It's in the good range now.
    My Dr told me this drug is the one that is least of all to cause more pain. I have not noticed a difference with my pain level. So far it is a good thing for me. It's brought my numbers back to where they need to be. I haven't noticed muscle weakness,anymore than i already had.
    As you said diet is very important also. Since March i have lost 15lbs changing the way i eat,I want to lose about 50 more. I also try to walk everyday with my dogs.
    If your Dr feels it is safe for you,I'd give it a try. It has me so far.
    Good Luck,Robin
  4. daylight

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    Can't take it . I seriously allergic to it. Last time I had anything with niacin I was rush to the ER .
    So it a no no for me. I'm on a really strike diet because of my allergies. I need a full work up done for allergies but so far the doctors don't feel it necessary . Sometimes I feel like these doctors are just handing out the drug of the month. Ya know like for what ever illness shows up in your blood work . Human guinea pigs.

    But with all these drugs that they want me to take (mind you I'm not taking everything that they've wanted me to take if I did I'd be taking handfuls of pills a day) I a little scared of side effects. But I'll try the crestor for a few months or until the pills run out or we lose the ins..

    Being that I can't get my RA any of my other AI diseases under control maybe I'll be able to get my cholesterol down some. I hate drugs. =)