Any one here using injectable GcMAF?

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  1. tooks

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    I am using it with good results--anyone else?
  2. TigerLilea

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    Does it help at all with increasing energy and less PEM?
  3. tooks

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    Sure does, for me anyway.

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  4. lea

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    How do you get a hold of gcmaf?
  5. tooks

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    There are several sources. One is They will ship. Their prices are quite high and their dilution is too concentrated for most ME/CFS patients. Dr. Bradstreet in Georgia gets it from them and dilutes it for patients.

    Prof. De Meirleir in Brussels makes it available to patients for whom testing shows it it suitable. Drs. Gordon and Enlander in the US get it from him.

    There is another source in the Netherlands but I can't remember their name at the moment.
  6. really how can i get it in india
  7. tooks

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    It would have to be shipped. It is not made in India yet, as far as I know. or BGLI in the Netherlands ( might be your best bet.
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