Any one out there get dizzy.....

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by dghoover, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. dghoover

    dghoover New Member

    I get dizzy alot, some times its so bad I can't get around without help. Does any one out there have this problem if so how often do you have it?

    The pain is so much worse at that time to. A lot of times my fever goes up to 102+. Does any ones fever go up?

  2. jeanderek

    jeanderek New Member

    I have dizziness alot and also have to have help getting around. I run low grade fevers all the time. Mostly stay in the 100-101.5 range though. Hope you feel better.

  3. Bellesmom

    Bellesmom New Member

    I do get the dizziness or off balance. In fact, just a few minutes ago while walking to computer I fell into the kitchen wall. That's just ordinary for me.

    The real dizziness I can get from just turning around in a semi circle so I have to be real careful.

    When my illness first began I had something that happened in my head to make me have vertigo for a few days. I could barely crawl to the bathroom. I was even dizzy while in bed. Have not had it that bad since the first (2.5 years ago now) but I am always fearful it will strike again.

    The imbalance thing bothers me as I have a hard time walking anyway. But fever - no, I don't get that.

    Feeling for you
  4. a121558

    a121558 New Member

    Hi everyone,, I get dizzy sometimes also. Luckily it's not too often. But it is a biggy when I do. Take Care, Anna
  5. amymb74

    amymb74 New Member

    Funny somebody else mentioned dizziness while lying in bed - I get that sometimes - thought it was just me as it seems neary impossible. Mine is worst when I'm in a hot shower & when I turn quickly. Also when I look up (painting my ceiling comes to mind as an example) I don't get the fevers though - actually had a doc. appt. last thursday and my temp was 96 - mine usually runs really low.
  6. ozgran

    ozgran New Member

    I get dizzy often.Dr has given me stemetil as it is often accompanied by nausea. Have had it for a great many years. Worse since I had a middle ear infection but they don't think it still associated with that. So I guess it is part of this DD. Love Ozgran.
  7. JLH

    JLH New Member

    Yes, I get dizzy, too. But I think it is medication related. I didn't start having these spells until I started on the last new medication (Actos for diabetes). I'm going to my doc on Friday, and I'm going to ask him then.

    Also, for those who mentioned running fevers ..... do you have lupus? I also have lupus. Having a fever a lot is one of the symptoms of it.
  8. Notonline

    Notonline New Member

    Mine will go away for months (thankfully) than come back when I least expect it. I get really dizzy if I tilt my head back and when turning to my right side in bed! Yuck!

    "Benign Positional Vertigo" in my case, there is an exercise you can do for it at home called the "Brandt-Daroff Exercises" (search Google), that sometimes helps me after a few days...just a warning though if anyone tries sometimes feel worse (really dizzy) before it gets better, which is not real fun.
  9. dghoover

    dghoover New Member

    Thanks for all of your replys.

    I do have Lupus, So maybe that is why I have the fevers.
  10. kats1978

    kats1978 New Member

    Join the boat
  11. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    my last bad flare up I was really dizzy & lightheaded most of the time :(
    Still having trouble with it now, but at least it's not 24/7 anymore :( I don't take any meds (cept very rarely 2mgs of diazapam), so I know for me it's not caused by that.

  12. Shazzy

    Shazzy New Member

    Just to say dizziness is a very big problem for me.
    I live it constantly. Some say its because i spend to much time in bed. Some say its anxiety. Some say its meds. I say it comes with fatigue and is worsened by anxiety.
    Anybody know the answer to this problem!

  13. bejo

    bejo New Member

    I don't get dizzy but I do get off balance a lot.So far I've been able to catch myself on furniture,walls,just anything that is handy. LOL I figure one of these days though there won't be anything there to grab. OUCH LOLOL
  14. afeni

    afeni New Member

    I have dizziness every so often, out of the blue, and I can't pinpoint anything that sets it off. What I seem to do at least once a week, is staggering around like I'm drunk. I've gotten some funny looks behind that one.
  15. hilfgirl33

    hilfgirl33 New Member

    I have been diagnosed with POTS and orthostatic hypotension and am dizzy quite frequently. It is much better since I started on salt water therapy, beta blocker and Ativan last spring.

    I believe orthostatic hypotension and low blood pressure are common in CFS/FM, so this may be your problem.

    I had a cardiac tilt table test to diagnose me with this. WHen I was sitting my bp was normal, although my pulse was 106 (high for resting or even standing pulse). Within 1 minute of being tilted, my bp was 80/0. My pulse was 140. So, if your doc takes your bp while sitting it is most likely going to be normal, and even if you stand you may not get low bp at that particular time. Try and take your bp while you are feeling your worst and while standing for a couple minutes.

    One last thing, the cardiac tilt table test significantly worsened my symptoms for several months afterwards and I would never personally have one again, although it did diagnose me with something when everyone was beginning to think I was crazy!!!

  16. dd

    dd New Member

    DizzyDebs. That is what my husband calls me because I am always dizzy. Sometimes it is worse than others but I have become used to it now. I feel drunk without having to drink anything!!! Such strange symptoms we all have in common!!!


  17. gumama

    gumama New Member

    Hi Pam

    have you been tested for Meniere's or Labyrynthiitis ??? my daughter has Fibro and Lupus. the Meniere's was the beginning of her illness..

    your symptoms sound very much like her's.. I also had a really bad attack that lasted 3 days 2 yrs ago.. I have some degree of dizziness every single day.

    S Lee..
  18. clueless

    clueless New Member

    I also have a problem with dizziness--have to turn around carefully--took a bad fall looking up while painting---get dizzy when leaning back in beautician chair--laying on one side in bed etc. I run no temp. and the problem is worse at some times than others.