Any one pregnant with fibro

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    Hi, I was dx'd with fibro about 9 years ago and I have been having "flare ups" off and on the whole time. I am now 26 weeks along in my pregnancy and I think I'm having the mother of flare ups, I haven't felt this bad in a long time. I was just wondering if anyone here has experienced any increases in symptoms during their pregnancy. Thank goodness I'm not working right now or I'd probably would lose my job, I haven't been disabled due to my condition as of yet, well maybe until now, I really feel that bad. Anyway does anyone have any suggestions for possible relief?
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    I have been through a number of pregnancies with Fibro. The worst symptom is the peripheral neuropathy ARMS HANDS!!!!!!!!! In all my pregnancies this was the worst problem. I would even bang my hands on concrete walls just to change the pain.

    I thought I would DIE. at the end it even hurt to hold a fork and try to cut through quiche.

    I have a doctor that tries a lot of natural things. Try 600 - 1000mg of B6 and some b1 (about 50mg) daily..
    I kept asking all my docs and specialists. I had a huge team because of my age and complications (they said at the beginning that the fetus had become a mass of abnormal cells that would never be a baby, then after much prayer (i do believe in miracles) and when they were about to put me in for a DNC they found a baby. The doc was shocked and said it was indeed a miracle...then my hcg hormone levels were 130,000 when they should have been around 3000 tops. They said the baby would never be normal like that, they just don't see it. But SHE IS PERFECT.
    I had a neurologist because I had been having severe health issues BEFORE the surprise pregnancy and MRI's showed atrophy in my R temporal lobe and fluid in my brain (seizure damage) and I had a neurologist for the body, arm, leg pain, etc., also.
    Had high risk doctor, just a bunch of them.

    My POINT IS none of them understood about vitamins and herbs, etc., so they would advise against the B^ but they would prescribe other things for the pain. (PRESCRIPTIONS)

    if you can't find a doc to advise on the B6 and are afraid to try it yourself, then consult a naturopath.

    I also get magnesium injections. I waited to long to ask my GP about these things or I would have been feeling a lot better during this pregnancy. I was just seeing so many specialists a couple of times a week that I didn't think there was a need to see the GP since I couldn't really take anything else anyway during the prenancy (I thought)

    ALSO, ask your doctor to GIVE YOU A PRESCRIPTION FOR A TENS MACHINE. The insurance will have one sent to you and they are FINE during pregnancy. Even my high risk doc was OK with it. I researched and found that lamaze people even use them to help coaching during labor.
    Good luck and God bless,
    let me know how things go and how you feel.

    7 pregnancies (4 babies, 2 miscarriages and 1 stillborn)
    I have had fibro since I was in middle school and the babies that I lost were my FIRST three.

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    Thank you for your replies, I will definately look in to the B6 supplements and I may seem a little ingnorant but I have never heard of a TENS machine what is it and what does it do?
    I find that the fact that fibro may be iherited interesting too, no one else in my family has been dx'd with it but me, but my father has complained that he has had the same kind symptoms as me and his doctor refuses to dx him with it, apparently does not believe in it but believes that my father has "travelling gout". which I have never heard of before.
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    He wil know. It is a battery operated device. You put electrodes on your arm or neck, where ever, and it runs a current from the first electrode through your muscle or ligament and into the second electrode. they usually come equipped with enough to handle both arms at the same time.
    really helps, I don't know if it is because it helps relieve pain by changing the signals to your brain from pain, to this new pleasant feeling or if it actually relaxes anything.

    Google TENS UNIT
    and see what comes up. You are bound to find a better explanation than mine! LOL

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