ANY ONE with lots of accidents or surgeries before fms

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  1. tomkat

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    HI TO ALL,
    I belong to a few forums,but find this 1 is more informative.I will try and give you a brief summary of what
    I'm getting at.Through out childhood I was nicknamed croupy
    because at the drop of a hat I would get sick.I didn't have
    any major accidents then although I worked on the rice farm
    since age 6.I have always had strenous jobs until this dd
    came along.I was a construction worker,factory worker,
    mechanic,then went into the oilfield.That was everyday wear
    and tear on any quick rundown on injuries and
    surgeries.1980 rt inquinal hernia repair,1982 car accident
    stayed in hospital 49 days,1983 appendictomy,1987 abdominal
    muscle repair,1990 tonsilectomy,1991 brown recluse spider
    bite stayed in hospital 15 days.
    I was 1st dxed in 1988 w/fms but it seems after the
    spider bite I went downhill.I was hospitalised at least 3 to
    4 times a yr w/pneumonia until I was given the pneu.shot.I
    seemed to get sick very easily still,and the recession from
    pain was far and few between.Then almost 2 yrs ago I sat in
    a canvas chair and it collapsed under me to the cement
    bulging out 2 discs in my back.Since then I have had all the
    poking and prodding I'm sure you all know about.1 DR. just
    told me to get a part time job to keep my mind off the pain.
    Well instead I gave him a piece of mine.I fell mainly on my
    left hip,(which is the leg bitten by the sider)and now have
    to rely on a cane to get around.
    Now for my meds mobic,lexipro,flexeril 1 daily 3 at bedtime,klonopin 2 at bedtime,ms-contin 30mg per 12 hours
    lorcet-10-650.Now like everyone I have my good,fair and
    the dreaded under the civers and hide days.lolJust wanting
    to know if someone else had injuries,then if already had fm
    if it worsened like mine.Thanks for all the good advice.
    Take care,ALL MY BEST,TOMMY
  2. joannie1

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    There are alot of us here that this DD came on from injury or illness. I was in an accident less then one month after our first son was born in 1991. Whiplash that left my neck without muscle tone now. I have experienced headaches off and on every since. Could live with it for many years but then injured my low back in 2000. So, it has all decided to join together and cause terrible grief and mishap on our lives. i was a go getter and worked probably much more then i should have but that was just me.
    But not anymore...
    Welcome to our little corner of the world.
  3. KimAB

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    The first time I went to the Dr complaining of these symptoms I was 16- about a year after a rollover car accident where I broke 2 vertabrae in 3 places.

    I was just diagnosed with FMS a couple weeks ago - about 2 years after a hysterectomy. I've been getting progressivly worse with flares lasting longer and longer since then.

    I did have a lot of childhood illnesses. Is it all a grand coincidence ? I don't know ! :)
  4. tomkat

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    Thanks for replying.I had asked that same question on the
    other forums with about the same results.Some like me had
    the onset after accidents,or lots of surgeries,plus got
    worse after more surgeries,or more accidents.The being sick
    a lot through childhood was there also.I just wonder if we
    could get some of our drs. to look into it.
    Take care,ALL MY BEST,TOMMY
  5. karen55

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    Mono once and pneumonia twice in early 70's

    Encephalitis in 1974

    Childbirth with complications, 1983

    2 auto accidents with whiplash injuries, last one in 1985

    Major surgeries in 1989, 1993, 1994 which included bad reaction to anesthesia, 2 in 1996, one for ruptured disk, and another for ruptured disk in 2000

    It's been downhill since 1996, but the real slide started in 1999.
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  6. CATLADY912

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    I became disabled in 1997 with Severe degenerative disk disease, spinal stenosis, sciatic pain, and cervical spondlysis. Now I had gallbladder surgery, cataract surgery (thanks to the spinal steriod injections, this is a side effect of those but not everyone gets them), I had about 5 surgeries to my right foot, hysterectomy, which now I believe I could have not had, because now I believe the pain was from fibro, I had a lap/obgyn, and I think that is all. I had all of these before I was dx with fibro, oh and lets not forget I developed hyperthyroidism, in which I took the radium and now will be on thyroid meds the rest of my life. And the bumber is I was never sick as a child except for childhood things, but other than that I never got colds, and such. I was manly a well person. I think by working all my life in the medical field gave me an immunity to allot of stuff. But now I seem to develope things that I never had before, life colds, flu, etc. I guess since I was never really sick in my life I'm making up for it now. Before fibro, I seem to fall out of my chair allot, trip over things, and then just before the dx I started having my knee's give out from under me.

    I wonder if this all has something to do with fibro. Beats me, I just know that now I have gone from a well person to a person who gets allot of little things, which thank god are only little things. I would rather deal with a little thing than a big thing like cancer or something in that nature.

    But yes, I did have my share of surgeries before fibro and accidents.

    God Bless Janice
  7. Katlover

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    I was rear-ended in 1998. After two surgeries to remove my separated AC joint (the doc didn't get it right the first time!) I was diagnosed with fibro. We don't know if it was the wreck, surgeries or the combination, but anyway, here I am! My pain management doc told me that I have just about the worst case he's seen. I'm on several meds, heating pads every night, and have learned the fine art of bundling up on cold days! I don't know if there are guys' styles of Cuddle Duds (kind of like thermal undies, but LOTS better - thinner and less bulky!), but for the gals, they are lifesavers!!!! I'm pretty clumsy at times - my coffee table has been in the same place for 20+ years, and every night I end up knocking or bumping into it! Darned thing just jumps out at me, I guess!!! I was just diagnosed with cfs. I'm also asthmatic - had it when I was a kid, it went into "remission" or something - then came back around 18 years ago. I'm new to writing on this site - I've been coming here every day for some time but for some reason just was scared to write. Don't ask me why - I'm not really sure. I'm glad I have started to though. There is so much warmth and wisdom here!
    Take care! I'm sending gentle hugs your way!
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  8. pegasis

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    YUPyupyup. Was rearended at age 16 without seatbelt on. Our car was stopped and dude hit us at 55 mph. Told had "whiplash" and pulled muscles in back, knocked hips an inch off, and knocked jaw crooked. Age 20 feet surgeries. Age 22 emegerncy appendectamy. Age 24 emergency c-section due to me going into aniphilactic shock. Almost died and son did die at 4 days old. Diagnosed with fibro and cfs and ibs at 25. Have had steele plate put onto spine in neck from disk loosing total support. Had piece of disk removed lower back then had re operate and put in 2 steele rods due to loosing support from previose surgery because of spinal stenosis. Each surgery on spine has caused fibro to get worse and worse plus, it targets areas of surgery like no tomaro. Ouchy. Have gotton sick easily my whole life and when I do get sick, I keep it forever before getting better. Dizzy's have also gotton worse with each spinal surgery and also fibro fog is worse to. Now, I also have gastritis of the stomach lining. Does this help any? Will keep you in my prayers, Pegasis
  9. Renee

    Renee New Member

    Yes - I too have had too many things wrong (can't believe I get to say this without people thinking I'm crazy)
    Since the birth of my last child (1984)
    2 sinus surgeries
    1 surgery to remove an ovary
    thyroid surgery to remove a nodule
    gall bladder (just 4 weeks ago)
    2 bouts - one of shingles (Christmas 2002), one of Bell's Palsy (May 2002)
    chronic sinus infections, respiratory infections
    depression (from all of the above!!!)
    Just did an endoscope - I have GERDS and stomach inflammation

    (Diagnosed September with FMS)

    I take:
    Neurontin (for post herpetic neuralgia from shingles
    Celexa 40 mg.
    Synthyroid .1 mcg
    and many antibiotics when needed, along with pain relievers. I have to stay away from Aspirin due to stomach problems
    PLUS multi-vitamin, Vitamin E, magnesium, Calcium and Vitamin D!
  10. tomkat

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    Thank you for the overwhelming response.Sorry I haven't
    been back lately,but have been down and out for awhile.Now I
    have a bad prostate infection,and am going to find out this
    afternoon if the big C is involved or not.(please say a prayer that it's not thanks)I went to my pain doc last week
    and told him things had to give.I said I haven't been able
    to sleep in my own bed but 3 times in the last 3 or 4 weeks.
    I felt like an old bear just getting up for spring,and my
    poor family was catching the brunt of it.Well he changed up
    some of my meds,and I've been doing better,until this infection came along.My best to all of you,and thanks again
    for all of your responses.All my best,Tommy
  11. camelgirl

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    when i was 14 i caught a very serious mystery illness that kept me in bed for about 2 weeks...within the next few months, both of my kidneys began shutting down and were removed within the year...eventually came down with mono in '93-'94...had kidney transplant in '94...small bowel surgery due to major adhesions from previous surgeries in '98...transplant removal in '99 resulting in grafts in my arm for hemodialysis...not to mention i was in 6 car accidents in 4 years:) 'bout them apples...not sure exactly when my cfs(not sure if i have fm yet) began...i think it was after the mono and the transplant: '94 or so...thanks for listening to my medical history, or at least part of it:)
    peace,hugs,god bless, camelgirl
  12. tomkat

    tomkat New Member

    Hi Camel,
    I know what you mean,I would have to carry a binder around
    to keep track of everything.I had mumps,mono,and even had
    an ulcer at the tender age of 14.I missed 6 weeks of school
    I was lucky I could get up do a little work and took some
    tests at home,and I passed with a b average.I think I had
    the croup when I was born,til I was 14.TAKE CARE and 1 day
    I will tlly up all the info and give ya'll the results.Is
    there any way we could start a poll and gragh it out? I've
    seen it done on other forums.Well we will see.I have to go
    get some beauty rest.(I'd need a whole winter to help :) )
    I want to gosee my girl play softball tomorrow.Take care,

    Lead us to the light so that we may find the Way.
  13. klutzo

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    7 surgeries and 2 accidents, both of which totalled my car and left me unconscious. I was declared dead by paramedics at the second one, and got Fibro 13 months later, after dealing with whiplash, head injury, a strict diet, and then I caught a cold, which finished me off.
  14. pamela

    pamela New Member

    Let's see...had really bad wreck (a drunk driver was driving) 1989. Extremely bad whiplash and damage to C-7. Another near fatal wreck in 2000. Totalled my car..I hit 2 hackberry trees going 60 mph. Could not stop the car after accidentally running off onto a bank down hill. Unfamiliar road.


    1975 had ovarian cyst and ovary removed.

    1997 had a neuroma removed out of my left foot.

    2000 had 3 major operations to right foot, knee and right wrist. Broke all toes hanging over to one side and tore up many bones in right foot. Knee had 2 surgeries and with all of this they had to put 11 bolts and screws in parts of my ankles, foot and knee. Also had 3 plates inserted in ankles and knee. 2003 had all metal removed and a tumor out of my right foot.

    My symptoms started after first wreck 1989, with fatigue and severe pain in head, neck and shoulders. The real clincher is after the big wreck in 2000 all my chemical sensitivities and pain w/ fatigue hit me like a lead balloon. I feel the big wreck induced all this FMS/Myofascial stuff in me. Hope this helps...Pamela