Any other federal employees here?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by twerp, Sep 23, 2003.

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    I'm a career federal employee, and was just wondering how many more of us may be participating on this board. I have about 7 more years to retirement, and am just hoping my chronic fatigue allows me to last that long. If not, I was wondering if anyone has checked out our options - early retirement, disability retirement, whatever else may be available.

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    I know where you're coming from. I too wonder how much longer I can continue to work. So far, I have been able to work every day but when I get home, I just pass out. It takes all my energy to make it to work and I have to pace myself for that. I am a federal employee with FM. I have read a lot of information about disability retirement, reasonable accomodation, and Americans with Disabilities Act.
    There are a lot of options but be careful---Once you make known that you have a problem, everything you do will be under a microscope and they will look for any reason to get rid of you before you make any financial claims.
    Good Luck.
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    retired federal worker here. I worked for the U.S.Postal Service for 14 yrs. I was a rural letter carrier in a small P.O. and got disability retirement in June 2000. I was hit twice while delivering mail. After the first time I had neck surgery and went back feeling almost normal. Three years later I was hit again, went back to work after a few days and went downhill from then. I worked 3 yrs. and never got better. When I finally realized I was never going to get better as long as I kept doing the repetetive motion type work I had to give it up. It was one of the hardest things I have done. I applied for disability retirement after 3mos. off. I had not gotten better one bit. I could not go back and keep hurting myself worse. I was denied at first, but I took matters into my own hands and found out who my case worker was. Well I did something I was told couldn't be done, I called her!! I got to know her, I made friends with her over the phone. I got her to listen to me, to care about me, to know my pain and anguish. It worked, I was awarded my retirement and got my back pay after 13mos. I wish you the best of luck, it can be hard but you can do it.
    Good luck, Mary
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    Hi Twerp, I've been working at Ft Lee, VA for 29+ years. And I too have about 7 years left for retirement. The disability is around 40% of our pay. I can't afford to do that right now, I have a son that's 18 and just started college at VCU. I will probably end up taking an early out in about 5 years when my husband will retire and my son SHOULD be out of college by then. And I don't know about your situation but I can't draw on SS disability because I've always worked for the govt. You can go to the OPM website and search for diability and there's a calculator out there. Good luck!