Any patients of Dr. Dale Guyer? Experiences? Opinions?

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    Hi all,

    I'm seeking a top CFS specialist to help me get out of a long relapse and help me heal from 13 years of relapsing and semi remission with ME/CFS.

    A friend of mine with CFS who has after many years of treatment and dietary discipline reached 90% functioning is convinced Guyer was essential for her success. How about you? What do you think of him? He's got a good reputation, and he's expensive. There's an interview on prohealth with him that was impressive.

    I'm seeking a medical detective and really open minded doctor who sees the whole patient and takes everything this illness effects into account (adrenals, digestion, detox, thyroid, and more) specific case and come up with a treatment that is both gentle and powerful. (I say gentle because I've undergone long term abx lyme treatment with no success and only detriment. The same goes for anti viral treatment with Valcyte. I'm happy for those that find success with such treatments, but I know my body now---I don't fare well with those treatments).

    I'm seeking a doc who is not bound by their pet theory of this illness, but is aware of all the newest research and the top thinkers, and integrates those ideas into their practice.

    As these docs and protocols are so expensive, I basically have one last shot and I want to pick a doctor with whom I have the best chance for success.

    I may go see Dr. Samuel Shor here in my area (DC, MD, VA), but his lyme focus makes me wary.

    Basically I need feedback and help with making this decision! Guyer is a plane ride away, but if he's as good as some say, maybe it would be worth it.
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    Dr. Guyer is an excellent physician, very knowledgeable about CFS/ME. Guyer is soft spoken, and listens to the patient and their particular situation. He has a variety of ideas about and experience with treatment possibilities. He is inherently measured and cautious with treatments, particularly antivirals. What I like best about him is that he is both directioned and open minded. Other people on this board have been his patients and also speak well of him.

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    I just got off the phone with a friend and Guyer patient who credits him with a big part of getting her well.

    I've been hesitant to ask my family for the financial help that I know will be required to work with such a thorough, top doc, but I'm realizing more and more that it's my life---it could be the best investment I could make. A friend once asked, "What is your life worth?" And just staying sick or half sick, or having a semi remission and then working and then relapsing over and over which has been my pattern--is expensive too.

    I was going to see Dr. Samuel Shor here in the DC area, but even though he trained with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum and has great credentials, his focus has so much shifted to lyme that my gut is saying, "see guyer instead."

    Now I need to convince some funders and tell them why I don't think Shor is right for me anymore. (And Shor is just as expensive if not more).

    Anyway, thank you Chris!!!!
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    Hi Patrick,

    I highly recommend Dr. Guyer.

    He's the only doctor of whom I'm aware who meets your criteria.

    He's the only one I myself would trust.

    Best, Lisa
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    That really helps. I appreciate the votes of confidence of Guyer's behalf.

    I really know if my gut that I need to meet him.

    I was working to get past the long waiting list of a local doc Sam Shor MD and I finally got in with the help of my immunologist. And part of me feels like I should just meet him, but also the fact that I can't find anyone who has seen him on this board, and that everything he's published and all the recent interviews with him center on lyme---makes me cautious. My immunologist just said "see him and hear what he has to say..." but that initial visit is big bucks to me.

    As for so many of us, money is a challenge, so I have to be very careful about what I do.

    Anyway, thank you so much. None of us has a crystal ball to see a way to better health without one wasted penny, one dead end treatment, etc.....but I'm doing my best.

    With gratitude,
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    Thanks to Lisa and others, Dr Guyer is my doctor and he is excellent...I give him my highest recommendation. He is very knowledgeable and a kind person too.

    He is also careful...he told me because I am so sick to "stick close to nature" - that meaning for me - sunshine, fresh air, good food, rest etc.

    You may want to visit both - so you know for sure what's best for you!

    God Bless,

  7. hubcap_halo

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    sticking close to nature sounds like a wonderful tonic for your nervous system...really, you're entire being.

    I spend as many hours as I can out on these trails and a meadow near where I'm staying. I've always been a city guy but I'm so drawn to nature now, and I know it's helping to heal me.

    I hope to visit both docs if I can swing it!

    Thank you for writing. And enjoy that nature and I hope you get well soon.

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    Sorry to dig up this old post but did you ever see Dr Guyer? How did it go? I am in the same spot. Desperate for a good CFS dr.

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    I am so sorry that you are this ill but I think this member hubcap_halo passed away last year.
    So sorry.