Any point in applying for SSI?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by jadibeler, Sep 13, 2003.

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    I've never even considered applying for SSI benefits because I always heard that it was next to impossible to get and besides, I wasn't really seeing any specialists or anything for it. Didn't think anything could be done. Now I have a dr. who is trying to help me, so documentation will be there eventually and I see here that some do get accepted.

    However, I have one question. How do SSI benefits work when you reach regular SS age? Do you get dropped and just added to Medicare along with what SS you have coming? I'll be able to collect SS in 3 1/2 years and it takes some people longer than that to be accepted for SSI. Should I even bother?

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    You may want to contact someone specializing in elder law, since you are so close to retirement age. It took me about a year and a half of being disabled to come to terms with being disabled and applying for SSDI. I am 43 years of age with a graduate degree. My youth and education are a BIG hit against me for SSDI. However, I have been approved within a 4-month period. My case is being reviewed by another office right now to see if office number one is doing a good job...standard practice they say, one out of twelve approvals get an additional external office review. I do have more than FM and have some years of medical records. I would check it out anyway. My back pay should be fairly substantial and is much needed to cover the expenses that I have accumulated while being unable to work.

    The best to you and keep us posted...Jan
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    If you are close to retirement age, and you have documentation to prove that you are disabled, you have a better chance of getting approved than a younger person would. (I actually got approved within 6 months, and I'm only 37 years old.)

    The only thing you need to figure out is how much your monthly amount would be if you received SSDI now, compared to how much you would receive if you waited until you are eligible for Social Security retirement income. Then you can determine which situation would be better for you.

    My mother is currently receiving SSDI at the age of 56. It is a reduced amount from what she would have received if she waited till she was 65 years old. If you were planning to take early retirement (age 62?), then your SSDI may be the same amount as the early retirement amount. This would make it well worth your time to apply for the benefits that you deserve.

    Medicare coverage starts automatically after being on SSDI for a certain amount of time (I think 2 years), then your coverage would just continue at retirement. Your payment amount would also just continue, with yearly cost of living adjustments. You would not jump up to the full retirement amount at age 65.

    It is definitely worth trying, especially if you have a doctor who supports you.

    I hope I didn't make this sound too confusing. Please let me know if you have any questions. I've been through this with myself & my mother, so I've already had many questions answered.

    take care,
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    I know what I'll receive from SS at 62 (definately, early) and it's not much since I've been unable to work much. Had FM all my life. How do you know what you'll get from SSI?

    I don't know how supportive my dr. will be. He's being great about the info and treatment ideas I've been bringing him but a couple of years ago he turned down my request to fill out the application for a handicapped placard - his nurse said you have to be unable to walk at all for him to do that. Since I'm improving just with the simple things I'm doing now, he'd probably be even more reluctant.

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    Would spme-1 please tell me what the difference is between SSI an SSDI.I am being told oposite of both,So now I'm real confussed.Thanx,Blond
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    i wanted to ask you were you in did you find out you were approoved..?did they contact you.or call you?i am in reconsideration.they told me it would be until december for their decision.....i have fibro,lupus,that attacked my heart and kidneys..i applied in december 2002,and still waiting with one you have a lawyer?
    plz help me if you are familar with this i am frustrated....hugs ......janet
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    Keep on trying sweetie...because with what you said you have you deserve it!! I have 2 of your conditions and a couple of my own and I fought for SSI and won!! It took almost 2 yrs from the time I applyed to recieve a check~
    I was denied once also. Keep fighting for it!!! you can win this girl!!any questions or a way I can help,just ask ok? Best of luck!! :)
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    SSI is Supplemental Security Income, and it's basically for poor people. Your assets must be under $2000 to be eligible. SSDI is Social Security Disabilty Income, and it's for those who are disabled. If your assets are low enough, you can have both. SSI is relatively easy to get, as long as you're under $2000. It's the SSDI that is difficult, as you need to "prove" that you're disabled, and that's where the doctors documentation comes in. I hope this helps! And good luck with getting the SSDI. I hope it goes well for you!!!