any relief from the cold

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sixtyslady, Feb 7, 2007.

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    we got about 6inches of snow yesterday, and its still in the single digits and below zero at night.
    man what a blast of winter, just got my light bill and its 500.00.what a nice surpise and we keep our heat at 68.
    I don't know what people do that live in really old houses.
    well I hope everybody else is warm& cozy. I"m ready for spring.anybody else?
  2. morningsonshine

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    It's still cold here, not that bitter, bitter cold it was, but still below zero, but the suns been shining nice and bright.

    We did live in a really old house, before we built the new one, 3 years ago. When ever we had a S. Wind, it blew right threw the house. We had to hang blankets in the entry door which wasn't insulated, and didn't have a real foundation.

    When the ground froze hard the door would no longer latch, and i would shove three butter knifes in the door jam to keep it "locked" at night.

    The kitchen sink was right around the corner from the entryway, and when it was below zero, i would stand at the sink with my winter boots on to do the dishes, and the Hot water got cold in about 5 minutes. I had to keep my babies dressed very warm.

    LOL, I love my knew warm snug house, even tho it's smaller than the old one, and there is no entry, so we are more cluttered.
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    Kitty has taken over my recliner with heating pad and refuses to If I sit in MY chair she sits in front of me and stares me down until I The heating pad in my bed is off limits to her. lol. On the bright side we don't have any snow---- yet. I don't want to hear anyone complaining about how hot next summer is ok.
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