any remedies for post nasal drip?

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  1. ameilie73

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    Im drinking plenty of fluids, does anyone have any suggestions, ive read some medications can thicken mucus and make it worse.

    Many Thanks

  2. mbofov

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    is fabulous for dealing with allergies. My sister has severe allergies, and after starting the Antronex within a day or two she had stopped blowing her nose, and no bad side effects. I think she started out with 6 tablets a day (2 tabs 3 x day) and then got down to 2 or 3 a day within a very short time.

    It's also supposed to be good for the liver and helping with detoxing. My chiro gave it to me for severe insomnia I was having somehow related to detoxing, not sure exactly how it worked, but it helped. And then I got sick, could not get over it, and muscle testing again indicated a rather high dose of Antronex (10 tablets) and it helped. Also started cat's claw which is also helping with that bug.


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    I know some people use a neti pot....never could quite figure out that one. The doctor recommended that I purchase one of these kits at any pharmacy. It's got a special bottle and packets of a salt runs around $l0. I heat up water really hot in the microwave, let it cool and then use it slightly warm. That way you're using steralized water. And at the first sign of sinus infection I use it.
  4. ameilie73

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    ..Ive googled everything you've suggested ;-) >

    It appears it can be caused my an underlying condition, i have two of them, acid reflux and allergies. Ive suffered the mucus in my throat for years, wakes me up in the night, feel like im always swallowing, choking, sore throat, white spots in back of my throat, swollen throat, cough, the list goes on. My doctor put the mucus down to asthma, but my pumps dont seem to work unless its made its way down to my chest.

    When i get colds ive never had a runny nose, it turns straight into a chest infection, always found that odd. Anyway, it appears all these symptoms can be caused by post nasal drip, the mucus in my sinus become inflammed causing more thick mucus to build up dripping down the back of my throat (like it suppose to) but not in such a concentrated form, and cause all the problems as listed. In turn it came about from acid irritating the osesophagus especially when laying down (ive suffered acid reflux since age 15) and also allergies which i am supposed to be getting investigated.

    On reading it suggests eliminating acid producing and mucus forming foods, read the list they are all in my diet on a near enough daily basis, which has kind of left me wondering what is left out there to eat?

    Im so ill with it now though ive got to do it. My throat is so bad, cough up blood, i lose my voice.
    I read about the nasal irrigation Sunflower and may get my self some saline but as my grandfather and mother do not get runny noses with a cold, i know my grandfather had somthing wrong with his septum, so i wanna see if mines ok, i dont want to flush water up my nose and cause furher problems. However im going to breath in some steam to help my sinuses and gargle salt to help my throat.

    So ive been looking up mucus/ acid free diets. Slim pickings, but i do eat veg, i do stay away from acidic fruit anyway as that just made sense, but i love my milk, any subsitute suggestions would be grateful. In fact if anyone eats this way id be interested, and in what supplements you take. Im on antihistamines, but im not a fan of decongestants as they always raise my heart rate and bp

    Gosh all these years ive been suffering and now i find this. I dont think my throat could take much more.

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  5. mbofov

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    Hi Amelie - I'm sure you know that milk is one of the worst things you can drink if you are congested. I have a sister who has asthma but she won't give up her milk or her baked goods with lots of sugar and flour .....

    You can use almond "milk" on cereal if you like. I haven't drank milk in years, cannot remember the last time I had it and don't miss it.

    I just looked at a couple of "mucus-free" diets and they are pretty extreme. Why don't you just start by cutting out milk, since it is one of the worst offenders for creating mucus and see how you do? And also white flour and sugar, which are just so all around bad for you. The Antronex really does work as a very effective antihistamine, with none of the side effects of the OTC stuff, if you want to give it a try.

    Good luck!

  6. KerryK

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    I have used Epicor for years to treat nasal problems. It really does help. It is available here as well as several other places.
  7. pepper

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    I have had horrible sinus issues and constant post nasal drip since coming down with CFS/FM over 20 years ago. Cutting out dairy and sugar, white flour, etc. helped but didn't get rid of it.

    Finally I found an Ayurvedic remedy that works for me. It is so simple that it seems like it couldn't possibly work - but it has worked for me and for several of my friends. It can get rid of chronic bad breath and help keep your teeth white as well because the oil coats your teeth and helps keep stains from sticking.

    What you do is as soon as you get up in the morning (or I have read online that you can do it at another time of day as long as you haven't eaten in awhile), you take 1 tbsp. of oil. The kind of oil depends on your taste and which website you consult. I use sesame oil but sunflower oil is also supposed to work. You don't swallow the oil but swish it around in your mouth for as long as you can. I could only do it for 5 min. at first but now I can manage 20 min., the maximum you need to do it. You swish it all around your mouth and in between your teeth and you will notice that it loses its oily texture and becomes white and foamy. It is important not to swallow it!

    After 20 min., or if you can't do it any more, spit it into the toilet. Supposedly the oil is now very toxic because it has pulled toxins from your body. I don't know about that but spit it in the toilet not the sink just in case and rinse your mouth well with fresh water. Spit it in the toilet too.

    If I do this almost every day, I do not have that post nasal drip. And my chronically bleeding gums no longer bleed. I don't know why, I just know it works! It might be worth a try.