Any Severe reactions to Melatonin? Flares?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by vinetti23, May 31, 2003.

  1. vinetti23

    vinetti23 New Member

    The worst flare I ever had was when I took melatonin...

    I didn't learn from my mistake and took it a few more times - lord was that a mistake.

    I also take neurontin and klonopin so maybe the mix caused the problem, but i have never been in so much pain after a night of melatonin- and I only took like 1 mcg...

    Oh, and I had nightmares that were more vivid than real life...
  2. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Been taking Melatonin for 12 years every night, never had a problem. I take more than you, 3 milligrams.

    Could it be the brand you are taking? I take Pro Health's, have also taken 'Source Naturals' and Twinlab.

    Sorry you are having this problem.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. kerrymygirl

    kerrymygirl New Member

    There was a whole program on the side affect and dangers of melatonin when it became so popular. I was ready to but buy some and after that decided,gut feeling, we just do not know enough about all the dangers of it. Like anything it works for some I gather. They did interview people and they also had terrbile dreams and woke exhausted from them. Sorry about your experience, I have terrible experiences from antidepressants. Became quite ill when doc`s insisted it would help my pain and sleep. Just the reverse for me.

    Atleat you know to toss it. Take Care!!!!! These are drugs and mess with our brains,with no true research of long term effects. Same as what they are finding SSRI`s now not the right med for many fmer`s
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  4. vinetti23

    vinetti23 New Member

    Shirl , that's great it works for you. I took Natrol 1mg and also Melatonex w/ Vit b6 (time release) 1.5 mg. Scarry stuff with both brands. I also tried the GNC brand - bad news.

    I know it's a hormone directly involved in the sleep cycle - we studied it in one of my college classes... I forget how it all works now (it's been 6 years) but I know when they discovered it it was on the market like literally 2 weeks later (my prof was actually one of the people in the "race" to discover it... he said he saw it on the market before he even knew exactly what it did!)... He also added that it was on the shelf before anyone knew the safety, but since it's natural, the FDA can't intervene. It proved to be safe w/o any fatalities or brain issues (unlike triptophan). It became an overnight sensation w/ nutrition stores posting signs "YES - We have Melatonin!!" And I think after all that, it only really works for a small segment of the population. It's very very strong for me...
  5. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member


    Both my mother and I tried Melatonin (she doesn't
    have FMS,just can't sleep). It didn't help either one of us. I did research on it and didn't like what I read.
    Later on my FMS dr. told me his partner was doing
    a study on melatonin and wanted me to do it.
    I told him I didn't because of the side effects.
    The one I didn't like at the time was that it
    can cause infertillity. Turns out I am too sick to
    get pregnant anyway unless by immaculate
    conception. I also have Polycystic ovarian disease,
    which causes infertility. I can't remember what
    the other side effects were but I am sure you
    can find out by doing a web search.

  6. vinetti23

    vinetti23 New Member

    I'm sorry to hear about your infertility problems. Thanks your your insight into the melatonin.

    It's interesting about melatonin... When we were studying the hamsters in the lab, we were actually able to make them fertile or infertile depending on the melatonin dosage we used & at what times the dosage was given... I have the details in notes somewhere... But I think the conclusion was that it really only affected animals that go in heat. It probably wouldn't affect humans, but there were no FDA trials so who knows.

    Basically, the hamsters became infertile when we used melatonin to convince them that the days were very short bc they assumed it was winter and did not want to procreate since it was unlikely their offspring would not survive (since they thought it was winter). When we used melatonin to convince them the days were longer (that it was summer) they could get pregnant again...This all depended on how much melatonin we gave them & when it was given. Light also played a role... geez, I hope i'm not quoting the study wrong - it was several years ago, but that was the gist (i think...) If anyone is curious for more I can definitely look it up.
  7. Wezz

    Wezz New Member

    I havent had severe reactions to melatonin,but i have noticed that it seems to slow my digestion. Valerian Root seems to work better,but may cause liver problems in large doses over time (thats what I heard).
  8. Applyn59

    Applyn59 New Member

    Thanks for your insight.
    I do not even know if I am infertile
    or not as I have never tried to get pregnant. It was
    just something that really made me not want to use it.
    I just know that one of my conditions makes
    it harder. I am too sick with FMS and other
    problems to even consider such a thing, not to mention
    no husband!

    I guess I could be a hamster! Right now, my sleep
    schedule is so messed up that I go to sleep when
    the morning sun comes up and when it's winter,
    I am waking up in the dark! Lynn
  9. healing

    healing New Member

    I took Melatonin for about a year and had no problems. Then my doc had me stop except for trips with major time changes. Then I took one when I came home to the East from the West Coast and had the most awful nightmares I've ever had -- I was screaming at myself IN MY DREAM to wake up!! Whew! That was it for me.
  10. Lox

    Lox New Member

    I finally managed to hunt down Melatonin and began taking it and a magnesium supplement on Friday night. Best sleep I have had in a long time, and no side effects so far. My partner who sleeps terribly also took some and slept like a baby - have to say he wants more lol he will continue to take them and this man hasn't slept a whole night through for god knows how many years, he was more impressed than me.

    Maybe with the reactions some people are having are due to the fact that their body already produces enough of this substance and doesn't need any extra - just a thought.

    I am giving the magnesium a couple of weeks to work and build up then hopefully I will have almost everything under a managable control - and thanks here go to the people on this board and all their suggestions and stories as to what works for them and what doesn't. Trial and error at its best, but this is all part of Fibro and finding out what it is that "your" body needs. Ooops rambling here, sorry lol


    Lauren :)
  11. tandy

    tandy New Member

    i've been taking the melatonin for about a yr now.Not every night(just about),it helps me sleep thru the night.Something that was hard to do before.I take the 3mgs if I really wanna crash,or I'll cut one in half if I just need a little boost into sleepyland~ I do notice having more dreams!! Sometimes good ones....sometimes nightmares!!pretty vivid and I can usually recall them well when I wake up~ I like the stuff!
  12. vinetti23

    vinetti23 New Member

    i am glad it works well for all of u. i wish i could say the same... brain chemistry is nuts. applyn59 - sorry i totally read your post wrong above... i dunno what u must've thought about my reply! lol im sorry about that.