any singers out there?

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  1. MargaretOB

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    Hi, this might sound goofy, but I swear that since I've struggled with FMS and CFS, my ability to sing in tune has gotten worse. I write songs as therapy now that I'm home and it frustrates me to no end that I have to record a song over and over to get a note right.

    I'm thinking that since FMS involves the muscles, and your vocal chords are muscles, that it all makes sense, but I haven't had the nerve to ask my doc. She'd probably think I was nuts.

    Anybody have experience with this? Any tips?

  2. Redshadow

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    Yes I use to sing for a small independent recording company in Baltimore. I can't sing anymore my voice wavers all over the place. I do believe FM/CFS makes your muscles weak I get esophageal spasms now which I've never had before I got sick. I'm afraid I have no good tips. The recording company gave up on me when I could no longer drive to the sessions. I think your best bet is to surf the internet for info.
    Take care
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    Hello Margaret

    Thank you for asking this question. I used to have a pleasant singing voice. Certainly nothing professional but used to get a lot of compliments.

    I have noticed the last few years that I can't sing at all. It is like my voice is broken! I makes me want to cry.

    Just one more weird thing I have noticed but never wanted to ask about!

    hugs Redwillow
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    I still sing, despite FMS and COPD. It was nearly impossible a few years ago, and I couldn't get through an entire song. No magic formula to share. (Better meds and lots of practice.) But it's very much a "good day, bad day" thing. Some days I can't buy the right note. ;~)
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    Thanks so much. It helps just knowing I'm not creating this in my head. It really is a toss of the dice some days. I can sit down at the keyboard and sound terrible, and an hour later, sound good, then bad. I take it when I get it.

    What's even more frustrating is that I'll think I've got a decent recording, and the next day or the next week, I'll listen to it and it sounds awful and I'm embarrassed I ever sent it out.
  6. I've just always enjoyed singing, was in choir from 4th-11th grade (not 12th cause I switched to a h.s. of 500 very cliquish, small town ignorance type of place, I hated it, and just white knuckled my whole senior year, trying to not get in a fist fight every 2 seconds due to the severe racism It bummed me out big-time.

    I have found that my throat goes dry & scratchy, I have to clear it a lot in breaks of a song, and it's always best if I'm drinking hot coffee/tea the whole time...

    Makes me sad too. Mom used to embarass me by telling boyfriends, etc...even my husband, that I had a beautiful singing voice.

    Hubby is wonderful (I am so shy I did not sing in front of him for years!) I still don't like to, unless my back is turned, the music's way up, etc...but, he'll come into the room and say "did I hear an angel singing" I only wish it were easier, and as good as before illness.

    I have just about every hormone in my body out of whack...It makes me wonder, because, my mom enjoyed singing as well, then she had her hysterectomy, and she honestly cannot sing worth----- makes me sad. I know it did her too. Not the end of the world, was neither of our careers (healthcare--we're both disabled now, of course) but, I kept telling her to just try, once....she did...and I was shocked. The voice was very deep, very few notes, SHE had to cough/clear her throat, and it would fade in & out. She'd actually LOSE her voice, trying to sing at all.

    Maybe that's part of my prob.

    I also have severe* at times esophageal spasms, FMS or MS related, or both...but, only *hurts* like a strain, when I sing, I choke on my foods & meds due to them, though..

    Probably so many darn scopes run down there too damaged. Who knows.

    Whatever FMS wants....FMS would seem. Or, whatever I enjoyed/took pride in, FMS yanks away.

    Keep fighting. I still sing, & pray it never totally goes away...I love it. ALready lost my Piano(small house, and a very selfish cousin,.....who...doesn't PLAY! had her drunken mother call me up and say that 'sis" (her nickname) really wants Granny's piano, do you still have it (she knew my mother had stored it for me for many yrs...)

    My cousin would tell people it was HERS, etc. My grandmother specifically said it was to go to me, yet my mother had to PAY my aunt $100 for it, and said not to let this cousin have it, she couldn't stand the way she always banged* on the keys...

    I did not want a fight, and, I had NOT used it in 9 yrs, I let them have it----for $50 (mom's suggestion ;-) just for having to DEAL WITH THEM!)

    I've always 'played by ear' had 1 lesson in my life. I was playing by the time I was 3, on my own..."mary had a little lamb" then on through the years, many others, choir also helped to learn to read notes, some.

    Fight, & fight hard for the things we love.

    Throat exercises, diaphragm etc... may help? Drink hot stuff to help keep "lubricated" ?? I don't have the answer either, but would sure love one.

    I may not have piano anymore (Hubby wants me to try again someday with a piano, but, it's been so long, arthritis, etc & everything I knew......was in my head..) it's going on 12 yrs since I've touched a piano. Just makes me sad to even think about it.

    But, I do still halfway have my voice. I want to keep it,

    I do wonder if hormones, or???? so many other things may affect it...