Any single parents....?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by KAZZE, Jan 20, 2003.

  1. KAZZE

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    I am struggling to bring up 3 children and manage my CFS at the same time. I have no family living close enough to help out, although they are very simpathetic, and I'm constantly overdoing it and being ill.
    Anyone else either in the same situation, or now how to cope?


    P.S.- I don't work as I am studying from home. I live in England.[This Message was Edited on 01/20/2003]
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    of 2 boys 7 & 4. I am fortunate to have my mother help with shopping ect.- I would hate to have nobody. I have changed my priorities - I no longer keep an immaculate house or feel obligated to go out of my way for others - I pace myself instead of pushing myself except for with my children. They are my only obligation and the only ones I push for past my limit for. I wish I had some wonderful advice for you - I know how hard it is, but you are not alone (so to speak). If your family is sympathetic to your needs then is it possible to move closer to them? I can definately say that having family around to help would make a huge difference. I moved from Connecticut to Maine (6 hours away)when I became ill to be around family - it was a huge adjustment but has been a great help to me. Amy
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    Thanks for your reply, it is great to here from someone who understands! I have been going through a really bad patch and it has made me take a serious look at the way I plan (or don't plan!) my days.
    My children are wonderful and a great encouragement to me. We are a very close family, which means we can talk about most things, and they do a lot to help out.
    Moveing nearer to other members of my family isn't really an option, but my Mum comes over in her car every few months and I make the most of that.
    I do have some good friends here who would help out if ever I asked, but I am one of these independant types who used to do everything with no help, and am learning the hard way to let others help out.
    i am also learning that I need to listen when my body says it's done enough and that I don't have to prove anything by trying to be SUPER MUM!
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    aged 8,10 next month, and 11. Boy, girl ,boy. We are in the middle of organizing my daughter's "disco" party for next month. They are wonderful and are the one thing that keeps me going when things get hard. They too are doing well in school, and get on well together. My illness has put them through a lot over the last 2 years, as well as myself, but we have grown closer through it and they seem very grown up at times.