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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gb66, Sep 25, 2009.

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    Hi to all, I'm on the CFS/FM board and not able to do much so I watch a lot of TV. My favorite (and only) soap was just cancelled and I'd like to start watching another one, but don't have a clue which one I might enjoy.

    It's been a long time since I watched 'One Life to Live' and 'As The World Turns' so I'm sure I won't recognize anyone on there. I like the more family oriented stories and would love some suggestions from fans.

    Thanks. GB66

  2. HI GB66! I watch Young and restless, I have since it first started. It is more family related, The Abbotts , Chancellors and the Neumanns are the main families.

    Also I watch General Hospital, although it has a mob in it and can have some violence. I always say I am going to stop watching them but they always have a story line I just have to continue watching it for the ending.

    My mother watched soaps so thats why I also started watching them.

    I have fibro/cfs so I hear you on tv watching. Plus its my relaxing time.
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    Are you talking about GL going off? I started watching it and ATWT when I was a child with my Grandma and have watched them ever since. Although I stopped abt a year ago because I just couldn't get into GL being outside all the time,it's just not natural.LOL. My sis keeps me up to date. It was sad to see it go off.

    You might try watching ATWT and Bold and Beautiful,I watched it too. I've never watched any of the others but alot of people like All My Children .
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    Yes, I am talking about Guiding Light. I've watched it for about 30 years. It's the only soap I've watched in a long, long time. I am really sad about it going off. I do miss it. I used to watch All My Children so I started back about a month ago. I like it because I'm familiar with some of the characters. Not much changes. LOL

    I also used to watch ATWT. I tried to get back into it but didn't recognize anyone. I really don't want to start a new one. Too complicated. I didn't like the change to outdoors on GL either but it did get better. The final show wrapped up a lot of loose ends. The final episode was good. Thanks for your reply. GB66
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    Thanks for the reply. Sorry to be so long in answering. I've been feeling lousy lately. (What else is new, lol).

    I've never watched either of those two shows. It seems like a big strain for my poor tired brain to try to get into new shows. I guess I like the familar faces on AMC and lately, I've watched some very old episodes of Ryan's Hope on Soapnet. Really corny and outdated but familar. I watched it many years ago (I'm old!).

    It's my time to relax too. I'm a soap fan from way back. I stayed home and raised my four kids and it helped to get me through the days. GB66
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    I've been watching OLTL for like most of my life. I don't watch AMC or GH anymore unless they get an occasional interesting sweeps story.

    My latest shows now are Vampire Diaries, Fringe, and Flashforward. And I can't wait for the new Stargate Universe.
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    I used to watch OLTL, for many years. I think the last time I saw the show was when Megan found out she was Vicki's daughter. Remember that? I guess none of the same people are on there now except Vicki and Dorian. I saw the first episode of Flashforward and loved it. I am a Sci Fi fan. GB66

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