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    I wanted to make some friends or email friends in southern california. I moved to Long Beach in LA county from San Fran. 1 1/2 yrs. ago and got sick almost immediately. It took a year to diagnose me though with CFIDS/fib. I don't know if I was in denial or my allergy doctor is off base but he thinks I got sick because of my apt. Mold, formaldye....? I don't know where to move. Since I have been sick since I got here, I have not made many friends.I need people to talk to or hang out with from here. I would also like to hear about anyone else who had problems with apts or mold causing their illness.
    Any ideas where I can go in that is more mold free? or how to force my landlord to deal with it? Any towns near the ocean you think it is easier to meet people? hope to hear from someone.
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    i dont live in southern calif now but grew up in burbank,north hollywood, sunland area. live in texas now. there is no place that has no mold. mold exsists everywhere, especially in damp areas like near the beach. if you no for sure that mold is in your apt, tell the owner. use bleach and water and clean around your windows and spray yur air vents. get one of those mold tests and send it in for evaluation to determine what kind of mold you have in apt, to make sure its not the toxic kind. costs $30.00 to get evaluation.
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    I live in the city of Orange. I might involve the County Health Dept. if I were you. Also, at a previous job I was working in a law office where the attorney had filed a lawsuit because ofthe very same conditions you are reporting. I believe the case settled and I don't know for how much, but if you have documented health problems due to unsafe conditions, it might be worth a few phone calls to see if anyone would be interested in taking on a claim on your behalf. Fern
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    My husband & I have toyed a little with the idea of moving to California, also for my health. The unemployment here in Washington state is very high. California's is slightly lower. What are the employment situations like there? I'm a licensed practical nurse (LPN or someplaces refer to as LVN), my husband worked in shipping & receiving for over 20 years driving a forklift. I've tried to link into newpapers there, but I think that because of my out of state address I can't get into it. Any help would be appreciated. dolsgirl
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    If your a Nurse, You shouldn't have any Problems getting work, if you are still working. We have a big turn over in the Employment department's. Hope it's cause they find people job's fast.

    When my Hubby moved here from Idaho, I was worried he would find work, no problem, and it's a Better one than before, in the sme field.

    Try some of the Paper's on line, the presstelegram is our local paper and I know they have a website.
    We have Doctor's in the are who do know how to treat FMS/CFS, but sometimes it's hard to find them.

    Good luck, My health has really Improved since I moved back to SoCa and the Beach area.
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    I'm happy that someone did reply with some type of positive information. I'm worried about my hubby too. He worked for 22 years at Hasbro/Milton Bradley as a forklift operator. No jobs around here yet for him. It's grim. dolsgirl
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