any success with undentured whey protein??

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  1. jan a.

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    I was just wondering if any one has tried the undenatured whey protein and if so what kind of response did you get? did it help your health improve? Ive been reading alot about it by dr. cheney and it sounds like a product that would be of great benefit, but I wonder if it would interfere with antibiotics as I take several...any input would be appreciated....thanks and good health to all...jan a.
  2. jan a.

    jan a. New Member

    I was just wondering if any one has tried the undenatured whey protein and if so what kind of response did you get? did it help your health improve? Ive been reading alot about it by dr. cheney and it sounds like a product that would be of great benefit, but I wonder if it would interfere with antibiotics as I take several...any input would be appreciated....thanks and good health to all...jan a.
  3. Mikie

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    When I read where someone says a product didn't do anything for them. I'm not sure what they are expecting.

    If we take a pain killer, we expect it to help with pain. If we take an antidepressant, we expect it to help with depression.

    Immune system supplements do not work like this. They enhance the immune system and work "behind the scenes." Their effects may not be readily apparent. They may not enhance energy nor reduce our pain. It may take three months or longer for any difference in our bodies. Enhancing our immune systems through whey, colostrum, and other products is an important part of our healing, but anyone expecting immediate noticible results will most likely be disapointed. These products are not a cure but rather a boost to our ailing immune systems. Our immune systems took a long time to get so screwed up and it can take time for them to be helped through products. These products are "helpers" to our other treatments.

    Love, Mikie
  4. herblady

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    i'd like to know for sure about this because i wouldn't mind taking it if it really does help. just how does it help? cindi
  5. Mikie

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    Whey and colostrum have ingredients which boost the immune system, like glutamine. I don't know the exact scientific method by which they accomplish this, but many docs advocate these and other immune-boosting products.

    I think treating our symptoms is only half the treatment; we need to build up our immune systems at the same time. It's one of those things, like eating your green leafy veggies; you know it's good for you, but you may not feel any better for doing it.

    Love, Mikie
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    4 scoops a day - I plan to do the full 4 scoops for at least 6 months. I can't say if its helping as I'm only about 1 month into it. I don't expect a great cure I just read enough to convince me that it may help. My theory is to keep my body as strong as I can until this whole mess gets figured out. I do 2 scoops in the a.m., 2 in the p.m w/distilled water. Also, my doctor knows about the immunepro & put me on antibiotics for 6 months. She specifically said to keep up w/the immunepro. Hope this helps.......AMY
  7. Mikie

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    I am glad the rice stuff is doing the trick for your psoriasis as it can be horrible to deal with. My Mom was diagnosed with it but after having it cultured, it turned out to be exzema. Either way, these skin problems can be awful. I hope you continue to improve.

    I only use one scoop of the whey and I mix it with no fat cottage cheese. Since it is vanilla flavored, it tastes kinda like pudding. I add no fat milk to absorb the powder. I also put a lot of cinnamon on it because that is good for Syndrome X problems.

    I didn't realize whey was used to add weight. I've now lost 19 pounds, so I guess the whey isn't hurting my diet. I laughed the other day when I realized I was eating curds and whey. I'm lookin' out for spiders :)

    Love, Mikie
  8. jan a.

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    thanks for any information you have...I had gotten an e-mail bulletin from immunesupport on dr. cheney and he said undenatured whey protein detoxifies the liver and gut and helps in other ways sounded so impressive thats why I wondered if it really is all it was said to desperate for any little thing that will make this illness better....thanks again...jan a.
  9. denigrif

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    I remember a chir0pract0r gave me whey p0wder a few years ag0 and it made me sick, it made me b|0ated, maybe because whey is a f0rm 0f mi|k and at times I am |act0se int0|erant,
    h0wever, c0|0strum a|ways w0rked f0r me - the 0rganic b0vine, it has a way 0f ceaning the b0we| gent|y and a|s0 aids the immune system, what kind 0f whey is he ta|king ab0ut? denise
  10. jan a.

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    I only know he called it undenatured whey protein...I thought from what Ive read its supposed to be okay for lactose intolerant....thats all I know thats why im asking others for information on it because he makes it sound so great saying it builds muscle and gives more energy while detoxing the liver and gut....Id like to try it but am always wary of things I dont know about since Ive had so many bad reactions to things, even foods....jan a.
  11. Mikie

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    My weight gain was as a result of taking first Elavil, and then Flexeril. Each put 20 pounds on me in the blink of an eye. I didn't realize that both these drugs are in the same family and both have rapid weight gain as a side effect, and neither of the docs who prescribed them told me this. It was just before and just after I was diagnosed, knew nothing, and was desperate for help (and sleep).

    I hit the magical 20 pounds this morning, so I'm halfway to my initial goal. I could have stood to lose 10 pounds when I got sick, so even after the next 20 pounds, I will most likely try to lose that extra 10 pounds too.

    I do feel better since giving up all processed foods, anything made with flour, sugar in all its forms, white rice, and white potatoes. In fact, my appetite is normal to low and I don't miss the carbs. I get any carbs from eating a little fruit.

    Well, going back to my tuffet now.

    Love, Mikie
  12. stillafreemind

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    I too use an organic bovine colstrum with whey. It is liquid and does not take much. I had a severe flare about one and a half years ago. We were getting ready to build our house and there I was flat on my back.

    That was when I started it..I used it faithfull EVERYDAY for a year. Now here comes the rub..I could kick myself..I stopped taking it cause I was feeling so good!?!? HELLO still..So..I am in a flare and have been for most of the summer..duh..I have recently gone back on maybe it is coincidence..but I am starting to feel better.

    Hope this helps..but it is a deal where you sometimes have to take these things faithfully for quite a while .. will may or may not actually observe what good it is doing for you. For me..I learned the hard way that this IS a help for me with my system.

    Wishing you well Jan....still
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Things like immune-system boosters work slowly in our bodies. They do not usually produce "yahoooooo" effects but rather tiny steps forward and it can happen so slowly that we do not notice the improvement til we do stop taking them. I believe in order to truly give any new supplements a chance, we need to take them for at least 90 days, unless we have an adverse reaction to them.

    Glad it has helped you.

    Love, Mikie
  14. sb439

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    I understood Cheney in the way that if you have any surplus fat, the whey helps turning it into muscles, and if you are too thin, it helps your body to use protein to build muscles.
    I'm on the too thin side, have taken whey (once a day) now for three months or so, and I did gain a couple of pounds initially. (Then however blastocystis returned, and I also lay flat for three weeks as a result of some homeopathic stuff, and now I'm back to square one, weight wise ...)
  15. PaulMark

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    Jan and mikie: may i please ask a question of you all???

    Mikie, as i've posted i'm trying and have tried to follow rotation diet only to suffer nutritionally and get sicker,
    if i cut out whtie potatoes used in small portions in stews with veggies etc. my cook does (thank yo mom fo r hiring this lady) i don't have much else to eat on n. shade and lily family day ie lettuce aspargus etc., what do you eat examples and what is wrong with some w. potatoes in stews sps? i'm l34 lbs at 6 ft and about 35 lb.s underwght since being sick for 5 yrs

    Jan> could you say or e mail me what type of whey and org. bovine you were on??? i've had trouble tolerting the whey proteins cheney likes and had me on in last yr. due to worsenign gut ecology kind of like the post that said supposed to not have lactose but i have problems with them, depending on how sick i am on a part. day

    god bless and thank you all Paul M.
  16. jan a.

    jan a. New Member

    your post of having success with the product is encouraging...the posts about weight loss are great too if that were to happen since I am about 50 pounds overweight since I got sick several years ago...that would be a bonus...I am basically looking for anthing to feel better as Im sure everyone is...god Im so tired of being sick all the time and having no life...I know everyone on this board feels the same...always looking for any little thing to make it better...I decided to order ImmunPlex undenatured whey protein from pro health and try it...what the heck Ive tried everything else...hope it helps...thanks...jan a.
  17. jan a.

    jan a. New Member

    It was stillafreemind who tried those products....I have not tried them yet but am going to...Jan a.
  18. jan a.

    jan a. New Member

    glad to hear your dr. says its a good thing and you can take it with antibiotics...Im on antibiotics and wondered if it was okay to combine them...thanks...Jan a.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It is possible for a thin person to have Syndrome X, but everyone who is overweight has it (insulin resistance). There is nothing wrong with your using some potatoes in your stew, especially since you are underweiht.

    I am overweight and need to lost, so I avoid all white rice and white potatoes right now. Later, when I am at my targeted weight, I can slowly add some of these things.

    I eat red meat, pork, fish, fowl, eggs, cheese, butter, creme, and all kind of veggies. I do steer clear of high starch veggies right now, including corn, carrots, peas, and beans. I eat broccli, colliflower, yellow and green squash, sweet potatoes, and salad greens.

    Right now, I am absolutely not eating anything made of flour, sugar in any form, white potatoes, and white rice. Paul, this is a diet for those who need to lose weight and is, therefore, not for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  20. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    I would be glad to share the brand name and where I order it from..where should I email you at?

    Hope you are having a good night.