Any suggestions for LTD appeal

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  1. lin21

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    If anyone has gone through an employer LTD insurance appeal and can give me any advice I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks gang!

    HURTSALOT2 New Member

    just wanted to wish you luck with your appeal. Through my employer I had been on STD for 12 weeks and now on LTD for 6 weeks now. During these past 18 weeks I have often had to wait on my check because the insurance company was contacting my doctor for updated information. Then it would go to the review board. These insurance companies have no idea what stress they put on us having to wait for a pay check.

    Just today I received a letter from my LTD insurance co. It stated that my my benefits are approved thru April 17,2003. If I do not apply for Social Security Disability Benefits by then my claim will be closed and I will not receive any more checks. Wow, they sure like to collect that money we pay for insurance each month, but they hate to pay claims.

    Anyway, I just want to wish you the best. Take care.
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    get your doctor to write an evaluation, being specific about the reasons why you cannot do the job you have been doing - a functional impairment survey is what some call it - make sure it's relevant to what you do on the job and why your fibromyalgia makes you unable to do it to a level of consistency and competency required by your employer. one good one is how often you might miss work, be late for work, or have to go home early due to your symptoms.

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    Hi hurtsalot and Tim,

    Thanks for the kind words and well wishes. I have started by collecting letters from all my Doctors and have requests are in the process from the other 2. I am also asking all my friends and family to also write letters.
    Hurtsalot you are absolutely right about the stress, since I found out about this denial (last wee)I have been getting terrible migraines and more nightmares, so now I will go to my g.p. with my complaints and let him exam me and he can write a letter too. They are only making my condition worse and the worse it gets the longer it will take for me to get better. They actually denied me because my rheumie ordered "light aerobics" 2 -3 times a week and they say if I could do that then I could work. Well the jerks don't know that most weeks I can't do anything and when I do exercise I force myself because I know it helps me mentally and the last thing I want to do is get depressed. I don't want to have this DD I am a strong person and I want to get better as most of us do. But at this rate, what the hell I may as well get depressed too and maybe they'll start sending my checks. I've been waiting since October and this whole thing has devastated my family.
    Thanks again,