Any suggestions for part time jobs with limited abilities?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat-E, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    Sorry to sound like an eeyore here...

    I find it extremely difficult to hold to a normal routine.

    My pain levels in the morning are off the charts, and my sleep is fitful at best is difficult if not impossible to make it to work on time, (I am not getting good sleep even taking a tranquilizer and muscle relaxants)

    Pain levels are at a constant 6 with erratic spurts of intense pain up to 10 daily and have been for years. The muscle relaxers i have taken for years used to take the edge off but no longer do.

    My main issues regarding work are my arms and hands (any repetitive motion sets off pain that cannot be ignored). and during flares i have difficulty walking.

    I have held the same job for several years now and my boss thinks I am no longer capable of doing my job sufficiently.
    Unfortunatley, I cannot disagree. I have become progressively less able to the things I could do.

    I need to find something that I can do part- time (not more than 20 hrs) that the pain and fatigue will not cause an issue.

    I have very limited skills and a resume that is not too great to look at.

    I really need some help if anyone has any ideas. I would apreciate any input.

  2. skierchik

    skierchik New Member

    Tell us what you are interested in. What do you like?? Any hobbies? What might you enjoy doing??


  3. pamj

    pamj New Member

    Mable: I think you would enjoy doing that. It would be nice to see people, and be able to get around in the chair. The job would be fun & not too strenuous.

    I've also thought that a fairly easy job would be a daytime shift in a video store. When it is quiet, you could just sit & watch the movies :)

    Kat-e: What type of work have you been doing? Do you have any hobbies that have to do with something that could make money? Do you get sore when you're on the computer? How about the telephone?

    Let us know, so we can think of some ideas.

    take care,
  4. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    as a cashier
    as a server
    taking care of kids
    as a receptionist
    as a file clerk
    as a housekeeper
    as a bartender
    as a telemarketer
    in sales

    -Standing on my feet for long periods is out
    -sitting for long periods is out
    -counting money is out
    -Most of these jobs I am just not able to do anymore other than take care of kids if they are past diapers, but I cannot do the physical stuff in a daycare setting either... lots of cleaning involved and contact with chemicals and now MCS as well

    Thanks for the replies

    Ps no no real hobbies or interests ...

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  5. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Cant they make an accommodation for you?

    Maybe cut your hours to part time.

    What if you apply for FMLA ( family medical leave act )and take a little break to think things out.

    Here in Rhode Island we have TDI ( temporary disability )so while your on FMLA you can collect. Thats what I did.But after a year of FMLA I was terminated due to illness. It was ok with me cause I knew I could no longer do my job.

    I was an assistant manager for Wal-Mart.The people greeter job is not that easy.You have to check costumers bags and receipt and if they are stealing and can get dangerous.

    One job that would not be to bad would be a merchandiser.They are the ones like Revlon, Max factor ,Johnson and Johnson.They send you out to make sure there product is kept neat and in stock the associate at the store Target, Wal-Mart or a grocery store does the stocking .You can also do it with greeting cards.

    The pay here in RI is pretty good my girlfriend does this .I got her started 5 yrs ago.Because she had small children she needed to set her own hours and with that job she can.All her reports and orders are done on her PC.They also pay for mileage.She makes about 30,000.00 and only works 30 hrs.She used to work less but kids are older now.

    What they do is give you a route of 4 to 6 stores .You have to do them during the week .So you could get them done when your feeling good.You are sorta your own boss and you set your hours and schedule.

    Hope I helped a little .

  6. cynny3

    cynny3 New Member

    Hi Kat-e,
    Can you drive? A couple of ladies I know are training to be bus drivers and they say the money is pretty good. My father-in-law also drives a school bus for the local pre-school part-time and makes pretty good money.

    What city do you live in? There are marketing services called "Focus Groups" in larger cities that pay people to screen and watch movies and television shows before they are done to get audience reactions.

    You spend a few hours watching a show and then give your reaction and get paid. I know they hold them all over the country to get audience reactions from different places.

    If you've ever been interested in property management, I know someone who advertises her private services to rental property owners. She gets paid a few hundred dollars a month per property and really doesn't do too much but call the plumber or arrange to show an apartment here and there.

    Also becoming a notary public can pay well part-time. Depending on your states requirements you can apply to get your notary stamp and get paid good money to witness people signing documents.

    Not sure if any of these are of interest, but thought I'd throw them out there.

    I'm sorry you are in so much pain!


  7. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    It will be a learning curve, but if you learn how to sell on EBay, you can list and sell things for others.

    There are many good books at the library and even EBay has tutorials on how to sell on their site.

    Once you learned how to do it, you can list your own stuff, but you could charge a fee to post things for others.

    I have seen other businesses where they are doing this.

    The nice thing about this is, you can do it in your own time when you are feeling up to it.

  8. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    i found mine by accident. i homed my shih tzu first and worked really hard on her training. it is said that shih tzu are hard to train which is true so i saw it as a challange. then came my patterdale sam (now dead) i took her on as an elderly lady so i knew all i could offer her was somewhere safe and warm to die but in the mean time as she had been locked in a room her whole life (even having to mess in there) i took her out to see as much of the world as i could, she liked the sea side the best :).

    so here i was with a young fluff ball well into her advanced training and an old lady who would just sit in her fleecy bed and watch me all day, i needed another challange so i called dalmatian rescue. along came my first deaf dog with no training.

    i took to it well realising just how much fun i was having watching this previously beaten creature coming out of her shell and seeing life for the first time.
    sam then died and i had two dogs learning more and more each day and i became involved with dal rescue and in time along came another deaf dal with no training and much worse she had been dumped on the street so her introduction to life had been traumatic for her.

    so now i have three well trained dogs, i work voluntary for dal rescue and am now embarking on a new adventure with retriever rescue too. i have a career in my sights as a dog trainer and will attend college so i am up to scratch.


    i built it up over time i have become more and more able to diagose training problems and to help owners to over come them. when im working my dogs or am out for the rescue i am alive. i think every persons job should make them feel like that. unfortunatly it is not always true but i have found my purpose and more to the point its waht i enjoy.

    i think you should get out and about. what did you think about as a kid? i always knew i would work with animals and my upper school work experience was at the zoo (way cool!)
    if for example you wanted to try office work but without a contract so you could try it out then join a work agency that way you can go home half day if you dont think its right for you or you can stay on and learn more.

    the video shop idea was a good one if your just looking to make ends meet,or if you wnat to try out different sorts of jobs then try voluntary work. like charity shops?

    you will become experienced in window dressing, the till and card payment machines which all together will make you more employable if you always wanted to work in a fashion shop.

    sorry this is long
  9. Cakedec

    Cakedec New Member

    Some elementary schools have child care programs before and after school that you could work for. There is no physical work involved, just supervising and keeping them busy and you don't need a degree. Check with the school administration to see if they are hiring people for this.

    If your area's school doesn't do this, you can also do it in your home. The older kids aren't much work, just need a place to go, a snack, something to do until their folks pick them up.

    Another possibility if you have room for it is breeding and raising purebreed dogs. You can sell the puppies on the internet. I raise a small breed, pekingese.

  10. kat-E

    kat-E New Member

    No, part of the problem is getting accomodations at work. Already working part time... less than 20 a week.

    Driving probably isnt the safest idea for me... too spacey, afraid for myself and others when it is just me in my car.

    The merchandiser sounds interesting as well as the notary. I would not even begin to know how to go about doing something like that.

    I would be selling on ebay if I had anything to sell, I have friends that do that and do alright. wish I had a hobby that could be turned into money like that, but sadly I do not.

    Raising purebreds is a good idea if I had the capital to start up.

    I am sorry to sound like I am turning down your ideas. I really am not I just wouldnt know how to start anything new. This whole employment thing leaves me feeling very helpless and worthless and overwhelmed.

    Thanks again for all of your replies

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