any suggestions?I am dropping weight fast...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Donna39, Sep 15, 2003.

  1. Donna39

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    Ever since I started this no sugar and no carb diet I am loosing weight,almost 6 pounds in 2 weeks.I know that you are probably thinking.."what in the world is she complaining about".The problem is I don't need to.When I started getting sick with this DD a couple of years ago,Noone could tell me what was wrong with me,I was convinced that I was dying from something,the doctors just haven't found it yet.I have had cervical cancer a few years ago,so you can see why this would concern me.But anyways-I strated loosing weight because I couldn't eat because I was just too sick.I lost about 25 pounds and looked liked death.I didn't like to look at myself in the mirror anymore.
    Well after my hysterectomy last year I started to put the weight back on and was back to the weight I am suppose to be.I am 5'6" and weight 128,but since I have started this diet it is coming off again. What can you eat with this diet that will help you maintain or gain weight? Please any suggestions? I don't want to starting looking sick again.
    Thanks in advance,
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    If you can tolerate fat well, there should be no problem. I stayed on the low carb diet for years this way. I ate lots of meat and avocados. It worked well and I maintained a good weight - I'm 5'4 and weighed 120. But then my gall bladder had to be removed and I still cannot tolerate much fat at all - I'm at about 10% fat in my diet. I too had cancer, I am just finishing up treatment and I now weigh 99 pounds. Without fat, it's really hard to gain....even with carbs, I don't seem able to do it. Maybe if I could lessen my anxiety ...does anxiety burn up calories?? Good luck, Donna Diane
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    i also experienced rapid weight loss on the no sugar, no carb diet. i did it for health reasons, my weight was normal too. usually it will level off, however I would seriously consider adding some carbohydrates back into your diet-even if they have sugar or whatever in them. I only stayed on this diet for two months, before I couldn't handle it anymore- besides, carbohydrates are a good food source. mabye some peanut butter with ezekial bread? that is a no yeast, no sugar bread. maybe some protein drinks too, if you want to stick to this.

    the problem is that its so hard to totally cut sugar out- so many t hings have it, and I think our bodies need at least some amount of carbs. good luck
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    Can't tell you what to do for it, because I'm still trying to stop my weight loss.
    I'm not on any diet, sugarless that is. I don't eat Meat, totally makes me sick. I do eat Veggie's, and a few fruit's. I usually hover around 125lbs I'm 5"6", but I have been so Stressed lately, that again I have dropped weight. I bought a Pretty Dress for my Class Reuinion, just 2 weeks ago.
    When I tried it on this am, my Hubby said I should take it back, it looked baggy on me,. I sat down and cried, I just can't figure it out.
    I even eat a slice of Pie every day, Cherry, and only the Cherry, anything else disagree's with me. That used to keep me at 130lb's.

    Wish there were some answer's, but the weight issue, be it loss or gain, is a puzzle to me and my Doctor's. No Cancer, just Lousy heatlh.
    Hope someone can offer a good suggestion for you.
  5. Donna39

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    Thanks for all the responses. I felt so good when I first started this,almost immediately.I started the grapefruit seed extract, this stuff is great.I immediately felt the brain fog lifting and started to feel like my old self again.I do believe that this was a yeast overgrowth invading my body. I still feel good,even the pain has lessened.But I have got to put something back in my diet before I get sick,and I sure don't want to go backwards again.I guess I will try a little of something everyday.
    We can't survive on this diet forever.
    Thanks for all the input.
    FYI-Anxiety most definitely burns caleries,I can vouch for that.
    Take Care,
  6. janet38

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    donna,could you tell me what is considered as carbs .i do eat alot of rice(white)potatos,beans.this is bad for me i right.i have gained alot of weight since may of 2002 .i have gained 60 lbs...janet