Any teachers with fibro/cfs/myositis ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lyradot, Apr 5, 2007.

  1. lyradot

    lyradot New Member

    Anyone in education ever asked for work accomodations under ADA?
  2. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I have polymyositis/CFS and RSD. I've never asked for any accomodations other than use up all my sick leave every year. I told my principal about my illness when he hired me so he can't hold it over my head for any reason. I've even taken some days without pay which was upsetting to him but not to me. When I get a migraine I don't give a fig about anything.

    I know I am a valued employee because all my evaluations have been excellent. I've been there for seven years in a difficult setting. Besides which I have a permanent contract and a permanent certification. I teach all the sciences as well as help with all the other subjects. My kids are in a DAEP classroom, 9-12, who have been expelled from their home schools.

    I get very tired, I'm on a trial of provigil. I'm also adult ADD so it affects my organization a little which laps over into how often I take my meds. I'm completely off prednisone for three years now. Lately my hands hurt and my legs feel like the muscles have been ripped away from the bones. I can barely climb stairs. I'm yakking too much!
  3. swehling

    swehling New Member

    I've thought about it- especially since they closed the nearest bathroom to me- to use as a secure testing location. Now I have to walk 1/2 the school length to get to a bathroom before the passing period bell- I emailed my principal when this happened and got no support. This man is very unsypathetic and I think, he thinks I'm doing it just to complain. My teaching environment is very stressful for teachers who have their health-much less someone w/ my problems. I don't really know that I have a leg to stand on in my district. I did just get my contract, but am looking to get into another district. Problem is, the stress of interviews, applications, and trying to be upbeat and look good.
  4. openyourmind

    openyourmind New Member

    just finished over 40 years of teaching--never knew that all my health problems fell under one umbrella until recently--

    I never claimed any special treatment--and managed to teach well until the end of my career--when really difficult students and work conditions--caused stress to soar and bp and heart palpitations to get out of hand--no one ever understands what this syndrome is all about anyway--they think it is fake--it seems many doctors do too

    there were some years that I had perfect attendance--but I really enjoyed teaching and miss it now---I guess it is time to de stress and enjoy some time at home--

    always in pain--as body aged it seemed to get worse--especially after menopause--but I figure if this is the only life I have I'd better squeeze the most out of it--that hasn't stopped me from reading all the threads about protocols and treatments--it would be nice to have some pain free days eventually--my aunt in her late 80's is still suffering great pain in a nursing home--taking a jillion meds and all docs are still baffled
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  5. lyradot

    lyradot New Member

    Thanks for responding.I am at a crossroads and pondering what to do.Jake 123 , I hope provigil helps.It helped me get through a difficult year last year.I taught self-contained
    spec ed.and was moved to a 5th grade class due to numbers/need
    after having been in high school resource for sev years.The profession is not very good to these diseases.My Dr. really wants me to reconsider.He has written 3 disability letters in the past 3 yrs but I haven't had the gumption toturn it in and act on it.I've had symptoms for 10 yrs but only diagnosed 5 yrs ago.Late 30's wasn't when I had planned to retire.I'm on leave right now and just wanted some thoughts. I got through last semester getting weekly triggger pt injections,phys. therapy/chiropractic/ MASSAGE BUT barely functioning.

    I had a horrid viral infection in January and lost 22 lbs in less than 3 wks. After having been on steroids;losing the weight was the only blessing but it really attacked my muscles severely .I am spending my days doing outpatient therapy/accupuncture /water therapy just to function.
    Sorry for babbling.
    Feel free to vent any time.
  6. Kellyslaw

    Kellyslaw New Member

    I am a fibro teacher. I also teach sped, kids with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. I teach in a self-contained classroom. I teach 7th through 12th grades, across the curiculum. I have not asked for any accomodations yet... I was just realeased to return to work to full duties after being dxd and being put out for 8 weeks for fibro and related depression.

    While I was out, the sub and the administrator packed all of my personal belongings, changed the schedule, and did not follow any of my course planning. The alleged sub did not leave any lesson plans or summaries or notes as to what he did while I was out. He even did the grades for the last quarter. He did not write any of the assignments in the grade book, so I have no idea what he had my students do, or what the grades are for. He also changed my homework policy and when I approached the admin. she defended him. I was forbidden to contact him or ask any questions. I have asked the admin to get me the information, but she has yet to comply.

    I have been treated like dirt since I returned last Monday 4/2. I was wondering, if any of you have ever heard of a teacher's classroom (personal items bought) being packed up while a teacher was out on short-term leave???? A lot of my stuff is missing, CDs, board games. teaching materials, DVDs and expensive computer games. The admin blames the kids. I asked her how they "walked" out with a Monopoly game. She just "smirked" at me. I have received no appology or any true explanation as to what happened to my stuff. I am supposed to meet with her and the union rep next week. I am so nervous because she (the new admin) is so vicious towards me. Any advice would be greatly welcomed.

    Thank you,
  7. swehling

    swehling New Member

    Bless your heart- God I have an admin. that would probably do that to me if I were out. He tore down all the posters in my room when someone else was using it for our State writing test. I'd made arrangements for the person using my room to cover my posters, but she didn't get it done fast enough for him-so he ripped my stuff off the walls and shoved it in a storage room and when I approached him he got really angry w/ me- just for asking. I never got my thins back from him- I had to get a key from another admin to get it myself. When I walked in that morning to see my things literally torn from the walls I felt extreamly violated! . I wanted to walk out the door right then! I don't think i will ever forgive that! It was totally uncalled for and he knew I was already suffering from extream back pain.
    I hope your rep. can help you! We don't have real unions in my state- so I had no recourse. Go get 'em
  8. teacher

    teacher New Member

    It has never occured to me to ask for accomodations. I take sick days when I can't function anymore.

    When I first came to this building 9 years ago, my principal did not belive that I was sick. I never said a word, but I knew she did not like it when I took days off.

    After seeing me fall apart in meetings when I was fine at the beginning of the session, she doesn't get upset when I take time now.

    The one thing that she could get me on is my lack of walking around the classroom all day. I know it stops things before they get started, you're closer to hear student responses, etc., but who has the energy? I've gotten my students trained. If I get up, someone is in trouble! :)

  9. lyradot

    lyradot New Member


    I went to my school to find a notebook(With MAP scores for each of my students) for the coordinator to record the winter and now spring scores.(I was told that I was not to leave the building unless those scores were in my principal's hands)I had 4 white binders that contained significant info in them. Three were missing including the one with the test scores.

    This info is located on our computers and someone could have retrieved it easily if the notebook wasn't found.After angrily searching my room and realizing that "rearranging and housekeeping" had been going on with my personal things I went to my principal's office and she wanted me to take the time to look up the info on the computer and re-record it for her so that she could add the winter and spring score reports that had done during my absence.

    Still being on extended leave, I let her know that I was on my way to a therapy appointment and did not have the time
    to stay and work on this for her. She said, " you do know that you have professional responsibilities that have to be fullfilled even if you are out." I let her know that I could not defend what was done while 4 or 5 subs were in and out of my room. She even threatened me with the SUPT of personnel's name .
    When I left, I called the supt. and explained the situation and he told me that I was on leave(she needed to realize that} and that if things got any worse or I had any more problems to let him know.

    I really appreciated his position. Sometimes, I think principals have no compassion or regard for human life.

    It is unreal how things can get turned upside down when you are out.
  10. meditationlotus

    meditationlotus New Member

    By that I mean that I do not have a degree in teaching, my degree is in fine art. But I do substitute teach on days when I am up to it to try to help out with bills.

    I try to go to schools where the kids are better behaved. I just do high school and occasional middle school. As a substitute I really don't have to teach much, just write assignment on board, take attendance, and try not to let brain fog get the best of me.

    I really shouldn't be working at all. May try to get on disability soon.

  11. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I took two months off when my mother died. There was a man substitute and he respected my stuff and followed my plans - everything was in a big expandable folder for each chapter. The assistant principal wanted me to write a letter to the parents when I came back but I didn't - because I didn't have the energy. I made it to the end of the year and found the position at the alternative school which has been really less demanding.
  12. Adl123

    Adl123 New Member

    I was a teacher for more than 35 years,(I started young) until I had to take early retirement at the age of 57, because of CFIDS.
    For about 19 years before that, I used up all my sick days every year, until I had a "crisis" and had to stop teaching.

    I never asked for any special accomodation, because I didn't know I could. I was able to do everything until the last few years. I was home for three years, and then I went back on a 30% conract. Those last part-time years (4) were very stressful because of the prncipal (Who was later fired from the district).

    If there are any statutes that give you help. Why don't you use them? I'm sure your union rep could help you. I wish you luck, and happy teaching.

  13. lyradot

    lyradot New Member

    Thanks so much

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