Any tests that would be helpful for initial SSDI application?

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    I am going to discuss applying for SSDI when I have my next doctor's appointment. I have had the usual blood lab work and the tender point exam. I have FMS and CFS. My ATP levels have increased over the past several months and the fatigue has correspondingly decreased. However my pain averages a 7 on a daily basis even though I take Darvocet 4 times a day, Mirapex 3 times a day, and Lunesta at night. I also take ATP-20 which is what has helped my fatigue.

    My question is, for those of you who have been granted SSDI, were there any tests in particular you think helped document your case? I know there isn't a medically accepted test at this time, but I was just wondering what the SS folks are looking for in the way of documentation. I know my doctor's notes will be heavily weighted, I just want to know if there is anything additional I should ask to be tested for.

    I have elevated EBV, low NK cells, did have low ATP.

    I have had a sleep study that showed I was awake 28%, Stage 1 11.5%, Stage 2 64%, Stages 3&4 0%. This was before taking Lunesta. I am sleeping longer now, but still don't think I am getting much if any Stage 4 sleep.

    I had nerve conduction tests that showed mild to moderate carpel tunnel syndrome.

    Is all of this enough? I would appreciate any advice any of you can offer.
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    The only advice I can give you about SSDI is that it does not matter how much information you have on your side. They have to disapprove a percectage of cases each month. If you happen to fall in to that percentage you will get a denial letter. DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED!!!!! APPEAL IT!! If necessary get a lawyer. They work and get paid only if you win your case. NEVER GIVE UP!!!! I was lucky and got my SSDI on the first try. My friend was not so lucky and has been fighting since 1999 and I have done all the paperwork for him. It has been an up hill battle and he has wanted to just give up. He had a heart attack at the age of 36 and almost died. Two-third of his heart muscle died, Mental Health issues and he also has FM. At the court hearing, the ALJ just ignored 2 doctors that told the him that my fried was disabled and could not work and the reports from both the VA doctors that said he could never return to work and was totaly and fully disabled. The lawyer we retained for Federal Court Hearing requested a remand. He was a retired SSA ALJ and explained to me the system and why he got fed up with it and decided to work on the "other side of the fence". He got sick of denying obviously very ill and disabled persons just because the SSA had a quota. His advice for us was not to give up and to re-apply to SSA for disability with all the information he has now.....not much changed in his condition since 1999. He was approved and is now receiving SSDI. His original case is now back in front of an ALJ for review. If it is denyed by this judge then it will go to Federal Court and (from what I have seen) a BIG percentage get approved. It seems like it is a test to see if you really want it and if you are willing to fight for it or just roll over and say forget it and go back to work and slowly kill youself trying to work to just make ends meet. What ever happens don't ever give up and if you dont like the answers you are getting or you feel something is not right then keep persueing it until you either get a straight answer or there is just no going any farther. NEVER GIVE IN!!! I have FM & also LOTS of other medical problems, but I would not let him give up. He is thankful for all I have done for him and to spread the knowledge that I have personally experienced in my dealings with the SSA system. GOOD LUCK!!! (That goes for anyone who reads this reply too) I also just got a letter last November that they were going to stop my benefits because I was no longer using a wheelchair and could return to work. After I requested that all 5 Volumes of my medical records and every piece of medical information I had from outside the VA be sent to them, I also had to sit through a teleconference with a representative and I was there for only 15 min. Two weeks later I received a letter that declaired that I was still disabled and my benefits would be continued. If I wanted to appeal the decision I had 60 days......ROFL....HUGS

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    and for the encouragement. I know SSDI process will most likely be a long and trying battle ahead of me.

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