Any "The Bachelor" fans?

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  1. Is anyone watching it? I LOVE the guy, but not sure about the 3 gals left. I think he is more partial to Molly. HOWEVER, I see Deanna comes back soon. I really thought he was the better pick for her, but now that he's probably over her and what she did picking the other guy I don't really see him picking her.

    What did you think of the one gals mother on his visit to their house having him burying a dove,, weird! not a good impression probably why she got booted.

    And then the other parents not wanting to meet him. I can see I wouldn't like to be on tv either but will that spoil it for her as like he said family tells him alot?

    I think trisha and ryan were the only ones married after all the shows?
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    I've been watching too,,,,I have to agree that this Jason guy is a Gem!,,,,,whatever Gal he chooses will be very lucky to have a man like him!,,,,
    I felt sorry for Melissa,,that her parents didn't want to meet him!,,they could have met off camera somewhere!,,,,,I think that he will choose eighter her or Molly,,,,they both will be good mom's for Tye!,,,,Jill is kool too but i'm not sure about the being a mom thing for her!

    Naomi's Mom was kind of wacky ,,,but fun!,,,,I think he didn't pick her because he didn't think she was ready to be a parent,,,,,,,Poor Stephenie!,,(sp),,,,i felt bad for her but i think she will be chosen to be the next bachlorett,,,,,,hope so!

    How disrespectful for Deanna to show up at this stage of the game!,,,,after all he went through to win her over then now she shows up,,,,what!?,,,,,Ryan and Trista are the only succesful marraige so far i think,,,,,,let's keep watching!,,,,,,,,,sis

  3. Stephanie was Real nice, but she and Jason just didn't fit, plus she looked older than he did. Somehow I think they may do a show with her too next.

    I AGREE they do drink alot. The first show that one gal seemed drunk and I disliked her right off, it was the one the girls voted off and she got to stay.

    I agree Deanna coming late stinks, but I guess their after ratings. For some reason I like Jason ALOT, Ty is so cute too.
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    I stopped watching the Bachelor for awhile as well because I too got tired of all the drinking and immaturity. For some reason I got hooked in LAST season with The Bachelorette and Deanna and now with Jason and the adorable Ty. Jason is really cute! Is it me or has there been a little less drinking this season? It seems because Jason is a dad, the show has been slightly more family oriented (a little anyway)---at least some of the discussions have been focused around family because Jason HAS to know that the woman he picks will also be an instant mother-in-law. If a girl gets ridiculously drunk, Jason will immediately know that that girl is not a match for him (and Ty).

    I agree, fibrobutterfly, I think having Deanna show up in New Zealand at the last minute is a media stunt to get ratings up even more. I don't think she nor Jason have any intention of getting together at all. How would Jason suddenly want to propose to her when she rejected him, plus the fact that they haven't spent any time together? Doesn't make sense.

    As for the last three girls, I think it's probably going to be Molly, but I wouldn't completely count out Melissa. It makes it much tougher that he didn't meet her folks though---tough break for her. It seems like in the past, whenever we've assumed we thought the Bachelor was going to propose to one woman, the Bachelor picked the other one!!

    I TOTALLY loved Jillian and her family though (and maybe we shouldn't count her out yet either!). Her dad and grandmother were SO FUNNY and warm! I loved how her grandmother walked in the house and put boxer shorts of the Canadian flag on Jason's head, said how hunky Jason was and joked that she thought she was going to have to send Jillian off to Alberta to marry a Ukrainian man. That family could start a comedy show. I thought they were adorable.

    Guess we'll have to keep tuning in! Have a great day all.

    Erika :)
  5. WELL what did you think? I also would have let Jillian go as she seemed too overbearing and talkative for Jason. Nice but not his type.

    I am leaning toward Melissa, but like Molly alot too. I really can't see him going back to Deanna. Melissa seems like she would be better with Ty. I love her giggling. JMO. I still hope her parents didn't mess things up for her!

    WHAT do you think will happen next time that the head guy mentions at the end? Besides Deanna. I do like Jason being so emotional, it would be hard.

    I couldn't be on that show as I would NOT like knowing he would be sleeping with all three of us. Just me. Prude that I am. Plus I don't drink hardly zip so .....

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    Funny that this pops up, as I was just wondering if anyone from this board watches, and if so, what do you think of all of that kissing? I can't help but wonder what infections are being passed around...

    I'm not exactly a fan but one of my best friends LOVES it and talks about it a I watched a bit tonight and that just came to my mind...didn't mean to butt in but just curious?

    Maybe I feel that way cuz I'm almost positive my start of this rollar coaster was w/ mono from smooching...He's a hottie but I couldn't follow much.

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    last night was pretty good!,,I also think he will choose Melissa,just because of the way he hugs her and say's that he already feels loved by her,,,Don't think that him not meeting her parents yet will be the determing factor,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Jill was really stunned to be sent home but i guess she just wanted to marry her best friend and Jason wants more than that,,,,,wow do they keep you on the edge of your seat with this one!
    Not sure about Molly but i'm just not thinking she's going to get a proposal,,and Deanna,,,well what can we say about that!,,lolol,,,,I really hope it's Melissa!,,,,She is a really kool gal and i think she would be a really good choice for Ty!,,,,,have to agree with all the kissing stuff! seems like it's alittle over board!,,,,,But hey we got to see New Zeland and it was Beautiful!,,wouldn't it be nice to wake up there every day?,,,,,,,,,Sis
  8. I really do hope its Melissa. Jason keeps saying he loves looking in Mollys eyes though. ???? I would hate to be the one left to go home. Although he did say he had an instant attraction to molly right away???? SUSPENSE! LOL!

    I was wondering what the guy Chris was talking about at the end, they kept the cameras rolling as it got personal , did he mean for next wk or did he mean what they showed in the hot tub???? Confused me loL! Hubby saw a bit and liked Melissa too.
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    I think he ment for the final show,,,They cut to the hot tub scene to confuse us maybe!,,,lolol,,,i think the tub was making those funny noises ,,but to some it may have sounded like ,,,,you know what!,,see now next week we get to watch the Bachelor tells all show,,,,Boring!,,i want to see the end!,,,,,The promos are really good this year!,,,,,S
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    For some reason I think he's going to pick Molly. Ya know you never can tell. I was surprised last season when Deanna chose Jessie. I'm so tired of her already by the way.

    I liked Jillian - thought she looked great on their picnic on the cliff - but I agree probably not the best fit for Jason.

    This year has been a breath of fresh air to me -- not nearly as much caddiness and back stabbing as usual. These girls are appeared to genuinely like each other.

    BTW- Trista and Ryan - Ryan is from where I live. Have seen them here.
    His parents live here.

    I don't know if they sleep together on the fantasy dates - I think that Jason is smart enough to know that he's going to choose one girl and would not want her to hear that he slept with someone else.
    As far as all the kissing goes - I think it's to be expected. I remember being that age and loving to make out. LOL I could NEVER survive being on a show like that though. NEVER.

    plus...I'd be scared to bungy jump. =)
  11. That was a neat show last night. Although that blonde was something else, no wonder the girls didn't like her. lol!

    I was so mad I fell asleep and didn't see Jillian and Jason confront each other, what happened? I think thats all I missed.

    Stephanie looked more natural last night, she is sooo nice, even though shes not Jasons type. She is 34 alot older than most of the girls in their mid twenties. How old is Jason anyone know?

    I have no clue who he will pick, well probably Molly but I lean towards melissa. I sure hope NOT Deanna. MAN did you see the guy she picked last time, he was big time party boy!

    I can't believe I watch that show this last two times, BUT I saw Meredith Viera on Ellen and she admitted she watches it too and so does ELLEN! LOL!