Any Thoughts on Nontoxic Flea & Tick Control?

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    We’re afraid to use flea & tick poisons on our pets because we have small children, but bites are terrible too. Are there any control solutions that aren’t potentially harmful to our family? Anything less toxic than DEET that works for people?


    The only effective repellant product that I know of that is not a harsh chemical is Skin So Soft by Avon. In fact, the US Army has used this as an alternative to DEET in the Gulf War. It comes as a cream or a spray, which possibly could be used for your pets. The only other alternative for your pets is to bath them daily with a good pet shampoo. It doesn’t kill ticks and fleas, but it is often enough to remove them. We have used anti-tick shampoo for our pets on a routine basis with no adverse effects. If you have a problem with a medicinal shampoo leaving residues behind, quickly repeat with a shampoo that does not contain harsh chemicals.
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    Our dog uses everything natural & organic. Quantum products might still carry one, and maybe Earthbath.

    Our local pet store usually carries something all natural.

    And unless you're using a "chemical-free" shampoo, eventually these chemicals will build up in your pets and voila............down the road will reap the consequences.

    Opinion of a Universal Chemical Reactor (now disabled as a result) who can't go near anything that has chemicals. But living on this planet, they're everywhere, so takes alot of work to seek out the best for both our pets & ourselves.
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    Avon Skin so Soft may not contain harsh chemicals or pesticides but it definitely contains chemicals. If you have MCS like many of us do, that won't work so well. Not to mention the results of chemicals on pets.

    When I had a dog and she had fleas I just used a flea comb. I was diligent about combing her every day until the fleas were gone. If and when they came up again I combed her again. Ther was not bad flea infestation though. If you catch the fleas early this should work.

    (I do have a horrible tick story though, ugh--nothing works on them, digustingly horrible beasties.)
  4. greatgran

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    Having the same problem and my dog is allergic to fleas.. I just found out about Happy Jack products.. In fact I had just emailed them to find out more info. I was interested in the Happy Jack Beacon to get rid of house fleas.. Their web site is Now I am not selling as I know nothing about this product. I am just looking for a safe, non toxic way to treat the house and the dog.. This product was mentioned to me ..

    My husband did purchase the Beacon today for the house.. We had the dog treated at the vet so now have to get rid of house fleas , will try to keep you updated.

  5. mbofov

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    It kills fleas and other pests, and is completely safe for pets and humans, can be sprinkled on their bedding, in their fur, even taken internally to kill parasties. It can even be used in the garden. It's very important you only buy food grade DE (NOT the kind sold for swimming pools, which is toxic).

    Here's one article, and there's lots more info if you google it:

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    I am a small show breeder with 7 Pomeranians. What I do to control fleas in my home, my dogs are what I treat. I brush out the dog, bathe it in the original blue dawn dish soap (this smothers the fleas on the dog) rinse VERY VERY THOROUGHLY, and then bathe them with oatmeal based conditioning dog shampoo to restore the oils in the skin and coat. Then I use frontline on the dog afterward. Where I know this is not necessarily nontoxic, it works and is not harmful to your pets or humans if used as directed.
    My vet suggested Zodiac flea spray. It is supposed to be nontoxic and can be used around humans, animals and even sprayed in the kitchen (where I would be hesitant to use around food). I have gotten several cans and use it frequently. I can even spray it in the dogs bedding area.
    I also use Biogroom flea dip, if I absolutely have to! I dont like using it though. I have heard about Happy Jack and that it is supposed to be nontoxic...

    You can also sprinkle borax on your carpets and then use a broom to brush it into the pile of the carpet and leave for an hour or two and then vacuum up. Borax is found in the laundry detergent aisle. Vacuum and dispose of the bag immediately.
  7. AuntTammie

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    treating fleas on my INDOOR pets a few yrs ago (have no idea how they got them) is, I suspect, the main reason that I have such severe MCS now....I had some allergies before, but nothing like the MCS I have had since then

    ........I tried all sorts of supposedly non-toxic treatments and none worked, so I had to keep trying new things....wound up with my apt saturated with so-called nontoxic pesticides and could not breathe at all - also had a very hard time getting the stuff back out of my carpet, furniture, etc.....many months later, there was still definitely crud in the air & visible residue

    what I wound up finally doing was giving in and getting advantage (frontline is bascially the same thing) and using just took one drop of the stuff on the back of my cat's neck (where he couldn't lick it) & I did not have to treat my bunny at all, nor did I have to do anything else in the rest of the didn't bother me (I did have to wash my hands rt away, but it wasn't in the air or anything like the other stuff & it didn't cause a reaction where I did touch it)

    after that experience I would never even bother with all the other stuff if I had to deal with fleas again - I would just go straight to the single application of advantage

    ETA: I did give the various other products plenty of time to work, and the fleas just kept getting worse, so it was not a case of me being impatient and trying the advantage before really giving the other things a chance[This Message was Edited on 09/23/2010]
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    Dawn dishwashing liquid kills fleas. I shampoo my dog in it and rinse very well, then use a flea comb to get the eggs. The only thing is it does not repel new fleas, so I use Advantix or Frontline to keep any new fleas from taking up residence. You also have to vacumn continually to get any eggs/larvae that are in carpets or furniture. I hate to use chemicals too, but sometimes it is all that works.
  9. Exfa

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    Dawn dishwashing detergent is NOT gentle on is something used to remove grease and stains etc/dishes whatever.........NOt A "doggie shampoo". Just another toxin and should never ever be used on animals. There are many natural products....some work some do not. I have been using an all natural flea/tick/mosquito repellant made by a company called Natural Wonder..........the product is called Triple Sure. I have used it for 3 years and it definitely works. I stopped using pesticides......Advantage/Frontline etc...after finding out just what is in those products. My pets deserve better. No fleas in my house or my yard...I too use diatimaceous earth on my yard......again all natural. Dogs/cats in the past 20 yrs have had a huge increase in cancer because of all the harmful products used on them. I learned from experience and research. exfa
  10. rockgor

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    dzlady, I use Borax on the carpet. (Have no idea if it would bother sensitive

    For fleas on the pet, I use my mother's method. Dip a Q tip in Vaseline and
    capture the flea. Then administer the coup de gras with a tweezers.


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