any tips for a good night sleep?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tuesdaygirl, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. tuesdaygirl

    tuesdaygirl New Member

    i would love to get any tips for a good night sleep its driving me mad help
  2. Frecker777

    Frecker777 New Member

    Ahhh—the elusive good night’s sleep. When I hit 1am and find my mind racing, tossing and turning, etc. I will take a tiny piece of Xanax to help me sleep; usually does the trick. I don’t like the traditional sleeping pills (like Ambien) since they make me groggy and dizzy.
  3. tuesdaygirl

    tuesdaygirl New Member

    hi but i dont know what xaxanc is?
  4. poodlemommy

    poodlemommy New Member

    Hi Tuesdaygirl. Im from Keswick Ontario. I know where Cornwall is. Its at least 6 hours from me.Welcome to this board. its a great bunch of people. In answer to your sleep question I take a medication called imovane. Its just for sleep. Ive been using it for 5 years and its really good. I dont wake up feeling groggy and its not addictive. I hope this helps.
  5. tuesdaygirl

    tuesdaygirl New Member

    thanks for the advice its cheered me up i like your humor i will have a go at that regards caroline x
  6. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    I have tried all sorts of sleep meds over 10 years and they havent worked for me, had the opposite effect and kept me awake.

    Recently I started taking 1 x 3mg melatonin, 1 ZMA (from this shop) and 1/2 pain killer (UK so you dont have the same over there) - I'm sleeping better than I've done for 20 years, not great but better.

    The ZMA has zinc, magnesium and B6 and helps me with the pain I get in my legs at night.

    Oh, I see you're from Cornwall. Right, I get pethedine as a painkiller from my doc, very strong so I take it in halves, it's the best I've had yet. I buy the melatonin from the states too as cant buy it in UK.

    I'm from up in Scotland.

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  7. tuesdaygirl

    tuesdaygirl New Member

    hello from cornwall i guess its pretty cold where you are do you not find the cold makes your fybro worse?i do regards and hugs caroline
  8. tuesdaygirl

    tuesdaygirl New Member

    i have tried benylin it acts better if you add a bit of hot water with it .i must ask your user name petalinthewind is that from the virginia andrews books flowers in the attic ect they are lovely books and my mum has them all love and hugs caroline x
  9. kbak

    kbak Member

    Oh the fortune that would be made for the person that would develope a good nites sleep without having to take pharma drugs!!

    I do have to take neurontin at nite to sleep. Thank-God it's the only pharma drug I have to take. I do supplement it with L-theanine calm plex and Glycine, both of which I get at the store here.

    I'm sure everyone here has to take some sort of sleep aid to get any kind of sleep. We have a really screwed up sleep cycle. I'm still waiting for the magic bullet!
  10. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    and it does affect me. I have M.E. and fibro.

    Mind you, you cant be that warm where you are. lol

  11. Bellis

    Bellis New Member

    hI - Iam from Denmark, I can buy Melatonin here - it comes from UK. bellis
  12. islandgirl2

    islandgirl2 New Member

    Getting a good nights sleep is individual but here's what works for me...most of the time.1. A dark room. 2. No noise. None. 3. Reading a maximum of 15 minutes after taking... 4. One allergy pill that will cause drowsiness. 5. one melatonin pill to regulate the sleep cycle. 6. one cymbalta capsule...all of them with lots of water.....I know, I know...I'll be in the bathroom in 4 hours max....but I'll usually be tired enough to fall right back asleep. If I wake up after 6 hours I take one more allergy pill or one more melatonin. It seems to work but if all else fails I just get on the internet and type......thats exhausting for any of us. I also sleep with heat......and the squishy foam pillow and mattress cover......and the softest blanket I can find. Having only me in the bed is best but since I share mine I don't have that option.....unless he's out of town..or I am.
  13. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    and Bible reading, just a little every night. Cozy pajamas and socks, and my psyllium fibre in warm water. And of course, the sleeping pills! ;) (((( ))))) Shannon
  14. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    I went through 5 years of insomnia when my father died.

    THAT's when I decided I needed help! My doc put me on trazadone and klonopin, in small doses. I have slept, with few exceptions, very well since then.

    The only time I don't get a good night's sleep is when I am in excruciating pain and/or extremely stressed out. Then I add a little valium to the mix, and that usually does the trick. I hate using so many meds, but sleep is vital to me. I'd rather sleep than eat!

    Hope you can find the right formula for you! I've also heard that a warm bath and a small glass of black berry brandy does the trick, too. It tastes better than pills, that's for sure!!! PG
  15. ajp

    ajp New Member

    I was going to write this post myself. I go through these sleep and insomnia cycles. Right now It has been a week of insomnia and I am so tired and also a bit cranky...ok a lot cranky. My hubby and I are fighting, he does NOT understand that I am not sleeping, he says "you are in bed all the time" yes....but I am not a sleep. I am calling my doctor today. When I don't sleep I have a lot more pain and end up needing more pain medication. Oh well, had to add my two cents worth. Have a good day all.
  16. mbofov

    mbofov Active Member

    5-htp is an amino acid which helps your brain produce serotonin, without the side effects of prescription anti-depressants. You should NOT take it if you are already taking an SSRI, because you may develop serotonin syndrome (too much serotonin) which can be dangerous. But 5-htp has helped me a lot. I take it during the day, at night it kept me awake.

    Also, I think everyone on this board should have their cortisol levels tested. Mine were high, it interferes with sleep so no amount of sleep meds would help that. Instead, I started taking Seriphos (phosphorylated serine) to lower cortisol levels and this helped enormously.

    However, many people on this board have the opposite problem -- low cortisol, so they shouldn't take the Seriphos - you have to have your levels tested.

    My neighbor who has FM had hers tested, it was low, the doctor told her to take pregnenelone and licorice, and she is now sleeping better.

    Other things that help are l-theanine (amino acid which is very calming), magnesium, calcium, melatonin, benadryl.

  17. tngirl

    tngirl New Member

    Sleep is an elusive thing. I've suffered from sleep disorders a long time. I have found the following helps me.

    Try to keep a regular routine about bedtime and the time you get up.

    Try not to nap in the daytime unless you can't make it without it. I know how that is, sometimes my body demands I go to sleep.

    Comfortable bed, darkness, quiet as possible. I go to bed earlier than the rest of my family. I always shut my door.

    A warm bath or shower helps me relax.

    I also take Lunesta now.
  18. panama

    panama New Member

    Ok Hope helps in some way........Anyone who reads this and it helps give me a shout in the room I am in dep room many times...Hope helps...
    Try and start this ritual at the same time each night....
    Have fresh linons on bed .Top with softest blanket own.....Lay softest comfey jammies own on the bed.......Prepair the bath room....Cented candles...or a fresh cented wax tart for burner . What ever methed you use to cent a room... Hang softest towl own on rack....Place softest wash cloth own on tub edge . Get cd player radio whatever. Play your fav type of musice . Something that calms you.....Now go in kitchen and make a cup of something hot...No alkahol or coffee. Hot choclate with marshmellow is my fav.....Tea is also good camamil is my fav tea ..lightley sweetened....Now Take the hot drink to bath.. Sit drink in area can reach from tub....Now get smokes if smoke..This is not a time for health warrnings ,, Get a safe ashtray them where can safley reach...Be sure if music is eletric that cord is away from tub and can not fall in...Now run tub as hot as can deal with ..Not that will make you sweet this if for comfort....Now put in anything you love in water.. Cented Oil, Bubbles ,oil jell beads go all out.......With a cent you love ..Try to match what ever cent are burning....Now while tub is filling turn on the music.. light the smoke if you do that. Submerg in to that luxary tub...Slowley sip the hot choclate or what ever drink that is..Think of only the music and if have words only those words..Not the problems of the day.....After the water has become too cool .. Add hot water if needed..This ritual should last no less than 30 min....Also have back brush in tub a toe brush luffa anything that makes you feel so soothed......Now get out of tub......Pat dry not a brisk wake up drying...Now hang towl and drain tub ..Get Jammies and place them on slowley ...Music should still be playing.....Now turn down bed.....Put out any smokes.Or lamp lights .. Blow out any candles or poporie or anything like that..Never lie down with a lit smoke....Or a candle burning in any room......Flip the music over ..If have continouis play ability place music on just enough to hear.....Now get in the bed....Think of only the music and nothing elce.....Keep eyes closed as soon as lay down.......Even if this do,s not cause sleep. It will cause a relaxed feeling.......I also use this for my anxity disorder....Only change is while in tub ..I have a little cryig spell....And take a xanax before setting things up.......
  19. frederic_clery

    frederic_clery New Member

    I had the same problem in the past but now not anymore. I tried these two solutions:
    - A glass of warm milk with honey (not everyone like it, but it helped me),
    - A cup (or more) of lime-tree (I don´t know the name in English, but you make an infusion just with the flowers of that tree).
    Greetings from France

  20. stinker56

    stinker56 New Member

    A king size bed, ours is a memory foam, lots of pillows to prop up whatever part of your body is huring at the moment, a small fan at my side of the bed turned on low (hot flashes), a neck roll pillow under my neck and of course, XANAX 2mg and a cup of water in my reach. Xanax doesn't give me a hangover the next day but it does dry my mounth out so when I wake up, I take a sip of water and try to not wake up completely. This will usually give me at least 5 to 6 hours of good sleep. Hope it helps you too. If I decide not to take anything before bed, I am lucky if I get 2 to 3 hours without being in severe pain.