Any tips on lessening the effects of barometric pressure change?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ILoveGreen, May 25, 2012.

  1. ILoveGreen

    ILoveGreen New Member

    Like so many others, I have long been hyper-sensitive to the effects of barometric pressure changes, well in advance of the weather man's announcement of an impending thuner storm. Does anyone have any "magic bullet" or secret supplement to lessen the pain and agony? Anything from joint aches and stabbing pain to full blown down-in-bed debilitating migraines.
    I take Topomax as a prophylactic and Sumatriptan w/Naproxen at the onset of a migraine. Also, I take Percocet for overall body pain as needed. I understand the Percocet can cause rebound headaches, so I take it very judiciously.
    It is primarily for climate reasons that I am working on moving to a more arid climate in the next 30-45 days (as long as I have enough good days to get packed up and out of here!)
  2. ILoveGreen

    ILoveGreen New Member

    I was Dx'd w/both migraine and tension headaches (besides the usual CFS/FM). Have also seen Nutritionist (upon Dx of CFS) and have been taking therapeutic dosages of many supplements...too numerous to mention, with quite a hefty monthly bill to go with them, but they do help some.
    However, I've noticed that I am my own "personal barometer" since before I was Dx'd with CFS, after I'd had a couple of rear-end car accidents. It's just gotten much worse over the years.
    Here it is, Memorial Day Weekend, and we are experiencing the usual precipitation/thunderstorm/severe weather pattern predicted to last 3-4 days. That's what kills me. If it were just one day, I'd be better able to handle it. This feels like I've been on an otherwise nice hike and a boulder rolled onto me and I can't get out from it, or as if I'm swimming and have gotten caught in the riptide, etc.
    Today I managed to get up, make coffee, feel a tinge of a migraine coming on, take my sumatriptan with 2 naproxen, take a shower, throw in a load of laundry, get halfway dressed, then I had to lie down. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to one of the outings I was invited to. If not, hopefully I'll feel well enough soon so I can get something done today (and the weather will cooperate) so I will feel good the rest of the weekend so I can meet up with some friends who are visiting from out of town for a gathering on Monday I've been looking forward to.
    I have spent too many days "under the weather" even when I'm well-rested. This is TOTALLY weather-related, which is why I can't wait to move west, where storms last a few hours at the most and move on through rather than create weather patterns that stagnate for days as they do here. Now I just need more GOOD days than bad so I can get packed up and move OUT!!!
    Please excuse my frustration, but I'm getting a little nervous about having to give notice to my landlord and be on a timetable to move when I am so "weather-dependent".
  3. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    Hello Angela,

    I've been dealing with migraines caused by the barometric pressure since the 1970's, so I've been a weather lady for many years. I too live where we are having severe storms this weekend and I'm maxing out the amount of Imitrex I can take. Inbetween I take Fioricet, but cannot take it often due to rebound headaches.

    I must have tried 20 meds the Neuro prescribed to me more than 20 years ago to try to prevent the Baro-Migraines, but nothing helped, so I continue to be a victim of Mother Nature.

    I'm new to FMS so I have to listen to my body now and see if it's also affected by the weather. This morning was difficult, not only because I didn't have electric all night and when I got up, but my ankles hurt badly and it's been difficult walking, so that may be caused by the baro-pressure because it's a new morning symptom. I'll need to journal my body issues prior to a bad weather event.

    Hopefully we'll get some responses from others who have the same issue, as I've tried just about everything and unfortunately my life (or lack of) is always
    subject to the upcoming weather forcast.

    Take care,
  4. ILoveGreen

    ILoveGreen New Member

    I haven't been on the board in awhile... Freida, thanks for your input on the butterbur. I tried it before, but not at the onset of a migraine. You are always so positive and helpful! :)
    Sansofspa, you sound like me...I too have been a "weatherlady" since around the early 80's after my second auto-accident.
    For a.m. aching ankles, I do ankle rotations, extensions and flexions BEFORE I get out of bed, among other "wake up" stretches. Welcome to the board!
  5. Sansofpa

    Sansofpa New Member

    I'm having major issues now that the weather, once again, is hot and muggy.

    I'm maxing out my Imitrex and have been feeling so sick in addition to the horrible aches. I thought I was coming down with something, but forgot...I already have it!

    My head is still weird and my Neuo appointment isn't for 2 weeks.

    Thanks for the ankle tip. I'll try it tomorrow morning.

    The past week was really awful. I still can't figure out what causes me to
    get worse, then level off, then get worse . .

    I'm journaling my foods, the weather, my activity, which is work and lay around.

    It's difficult to be on the computer; my arms, wrists, and back hurt too much.
    It is so painful to hit the space bar with my thumb. My upper back has that
    burning pain, again.

    I'll chalk up these episodes to the barometric pressure. Almost every day we
    had rain, or the threat of rain and it's the same forcast for the upcoming

    I'm sorry to hear you've been suffering for so long, and hopefully
    you're in a better climate than I am.

    Hi Freida . . I hope you're having a nice Sunday and hopefully, I'll be back soon
    when I feel better.

    Good Evening,
  6. jole

    jole Member

    I totally understand what you're saying! Weather changes throws me for a loop every time, and if there's anything that can stop it (other than a move, which I'd love), I don't have a clue what it would be.

    There are times I'll wake in the middle of the night in so much pain...all over, and viola, mid afternoon here comes the storm. Or as you say, sometimes a few days in advance! For a long time I'd be frustrated because I couldn't remember what I'd done to set it off, then it finally dawned on me it was weather-related. For me, this seems to be more stiffness in joints, along with the deep muscle pain.

    As for the migraines, there is no prescription med that helps mine. I tried a lot of them, and only ended up with rebound migraines from the meds. Now, I've found that a couple Excedrine Migraine and a Mt. Dew does me more good than any of them BUT if it's barometic related, nothing helps other than waiting it out and wishing I could take my head off and set it beside me. Weird creatures, aren't we???

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