Any tips on speeding up disability process>

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    I have been waiting 2.5 years for my disability. I have been turned down twice and got a lawyer 8 months ago. My lawyer says I have everythingI need to get my disability and now have to wait. That has been eight months, why is it taking so long? Can I do something to speed up the process?

    One thing I would like to add, I have totally lost faith in our country since getting ill. I see our government as a bunch of greedy SOB's. I have never voted before, I will next time!

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    It is so horrible that we have to suffer and fight through this whole process. Just know there is hope.

    I have recently just answered some posts about this. You may do a search of my username and find a letter I wrote to my Congressman.

    After much convincing he help me, he was able to get my case looked at and approved without a hearing. The lawyer I retained did absolutely nothing for me and I am in the process of letting the courts know he did not "earn" 25% of my pay. (this was done at the insistence of the person who helped me through the congressman's office)

    My first contact with this man ("Constituent Services Specialist") was an email and he called me the very next day. They will send you a form to sign giving them the ok to look at your case. I wrote a letter along with one from my doc and family members who saw all the changes in me. It took a "dire need" letter for him to really start pulling some strings. I was told they only have so many times they can "play these cards" with the judges so they have to pick and choose who they help. Just be as sincere and consistent as possible. That is what the judge looked at in my case along with all the medical evidence.

    Hope this helps. Very disturbing to me that we have to play this game with them. I think the lawyers know that they can't really be much help except to represent us if there is a hearing. Mine told me to just wait the 18 months for hearing. This was just not acceptable to me so I started writing letters!

    Take Care and don't give up. It will happen but you need someone who can help on your side.
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    Hang in there, took me 4 years to get disability. It takes about a year waiting before you go to court so if its been 8 months you don't have long to wait. Wish you the best. There is know way to speed things up. You can have your lawyer call to find out how its coming.

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    I dont know if I want to try the congressman route. I fear I would get rejected and that would just worsen the way I feel about our government. My faith hit an all time low with Katrina and it has pretty much stayed that way since.