Any UK people on? I have to go for a medical (DWP) and I'm so stressed..can

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  1. shelbo

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    anyone tell me what happens? I'm not even sure I'll be well enough to go - I've been so much worse since this June and have been out for ten mins at a time five times since then. There is a huge chemical sensitivity to my CFS so I'm worried about the environment the test will take place in. I also have very painful and obvious rosacea and can't cover it cos everything I try to conceal it with (even mineral powders) causes a chemical sensitivity reaction.

    I am so stressed. I have no idea what to expect or how to explain the post-exertional fatigue do I say what I might be able to do on the day I might not be able to do the next day?

    I feel like I'm always gonna be like this. I would love to be better and to work - as, I guess we all would...

    Can anyone tell me anything about the medical?
    Thanks, Shelbo
  2. 3gs

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    Hi Shelbo

    Findmind is from UK. Try posting in big letters mess to Bluebottle. Problem is no one comes on board on a regular basis anymore.

    I don't know how it works in the UK. Know there's lots of problems for you guys.

    Write down how you feel to the best of your ablititie or print some info from here and take with you.

    best of luck hope it goes well

    read her recent post hello friends. you can also search her past posts maybe info there[This Message was Edited on 11/18/2008]
  3. Bluebottle

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    If your GP will supply the letter, you can have this at home. There is no need to make yourself ill getting there.

    If you do go, watch out for all the many tricks they play to make you do more than you are able - e.g. pretend the lift is out of order/not suitable for wheelchairs/there is no disabled access etc. There is no understanding of the post exertional malaise of M.E. If you suspect tricks, refuse to continue and simple say you will have to leave immediately as they are breaking the law on disability access.

    All my medicals have been home visits. I have found them the last one stressful as the doctor reeled off loads of information & then asked if I agreed. I said I could not possibly remember all that as I have trouble with memory and receptive language. She became very cross but I did get my benefit.

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    When I got low rate DLA DH had to go to the appeal on my behalf - what seemed to seal it for me was the "can't cook a proper meal on my own" thing. Apparently if you can't cook a proper meal ie cut veggies and put something in the oven, you automatically qualify for low rate DLA.

    I couldn't get anything more as although I am couchbound, bedbound part of the time, I am also "functional" part of the time and therefore could not get mobility allowance or higher rate DLA.

    Can you get an occupational therapist to help you with this? I had one visit a few times and she really helped me with all of this several years ago.

    I now get permanent low rate DLA but it's only £16 a week - doesn't help much really!

    Good luck,

    Love Bunchy x
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    yes get them to come to your home.

    You've already been given advice here so what I want to say is - dont go on about good days and bad days - you have to talk to them as if it is the worst day (my doctor told me to do this). Tell them you are like that most days because I doubt if you're much better.

    Also if you are refused you must appeal - 80% of applicants are automatically refused in the hope that they will just go away - I did that at first for a year then decided to re-apply and I appealed that time.

    Please look at - this is not an m.e. site but it has general guidance for applying for benefits, appeals etc. and might even have a bit about doctors visits.

    I used to use another one but its closed down and this looks about the same.

    If you have to appeal and you probably will have, nothing to do with your interview, so dont take it personally - like I said they dismiss 80% of us - use this site to help you fill in your appeal application.

    Good luck.


  6. Bunchy

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    bumping to front page for you shelbo :)
  7. Atlanta8

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    As has been said above, contact them to let them know there has been a change in your condition and that you are no longer able to visit. I haven't been through the process myself as I just can't be bothered with the abuse, but if you visit (under 26's ME group) they have a whole section there about the application process, what to expect in the interviews and how to appeal etc. I found it very helpful when I was considering applying.

    Good luck,

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