any updates on the Cheney/CFS/heart theory?...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Chilene, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    i just came upon the Cheney "cfs/heart" theory NOW (i know, i have not been up on stuff).

    i have had racing heart again lately.

    saw doc last week and she wasn't too worried, but i'm dreading the stress test (it nearly leveled me 13 years ago). drug stress test not an option due to my allergies to every med. keep not scheduling it.

    maybe i'll have a general heart check again; did it 1 1/2 years back and the view of my heart was normal.

    i was REALLY hoping that exercise was NOT the culprit for my racing heart! i did overdo some last month; not sure if that's related. i have been beginning to walk about a block or more (a few nights a week), after 13 years of barely exercising. and i was HOPING to add some dance back (a small amount!) and mabye try to ride my bike again. (though i DO notice heart "soreness" and sometimes a pinch on and off after a TINY (like 2 min) upper body exercise that i do. that ususually comes the day after any exercise of this nature). i was thinking this was the fibro/costochondritis.

    now i'm terrified to do ANY aerobic exercise after reading some of the Cheney article. and i was FINALLY gaining some strength after all these years (or maybe it's been not working and resting lots). i want to exercise so badly. i worked out 5 days a week when i was healthy, 13 years ago!

    anyone hear any updates to the CFS/cardio connection theory?
  2. Pennygirl2

    Pennygirl2 New Member

    I don't really have the answers you want but wanted to sympathize with the dilemna of finding out some of these answers. Cheney is one who does feel that exercising could be bad and the Nightingale Foundation in Canada and Jodi Bassett (who has the website about ME) all believe it can be dangerous.

    Yet, I can't find a doc that has even heard of ME, let alone wonder if it might involve the heart. I go back and forth, walking "some" like you say and some yoga-like stretches for a couple days and then I will be so out of breath and tired (exhausted as only we know it) and I stop.
    It is a roller coaster. I wish I had the answer, but just know I understand, I'm there and I care. Hugs, Penny
  3. simonedb

    simonedb Member

    I learned the regular echo stress test most clinics use will not pick up the heart issues that Cheney is referrring to. Look at article by Peckerman and his use of impedance cardiography to dx heart probs in cfs and Cheney has own specialised procedure with an echo.

    I think with true cfs/me its best not to aerobic exercise unless perhaps you're of the lucky ones who seems to go into remission. I think its rare that it would be fatal in most people (unless lots of other health issues related or age etc)to exercise, but you sure could flare yourself up for awhile. Hummingbird site has a lot on it. Cheney had found that people with cfs have a small hole in heart that probably won't be detected with routine cardio tests, he wasnt recommending surgical correction though, just healing approaches and conservative lifestyle.
  4. Chilene

    Chilene New Member


    thanks for mentioning the Nightengale Foundation and Jodi Bassett... these are both very helpful!

    i noticed (per your profile) that you battle the lonliness, too (i live alone and it's so tough sometimes). so i'll be thinking of you!;)


  5. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    thanks for the insight on the difference between regular stress tests vs. the tests that Cheney refers to.

    also thanks for reminding me to read the Peckerman article, as well as the referral to the Hummingbird site--it looks good; i just skimmed it.

    fibrohugs to you!

  6. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    Bless you for all this information on the latest with Dr. Cheney!

    (thanks, too, for the note about the need to SEE his visuals: i hadn't heard him speak, and this is something i couldn't have known!)...

    so grateful to you (and everyone) for all of this. i'm sure this will be helpful information for many of us!;)

    fibrohugs to you--
  7. glenpr

    glenpr New Member

    if you get an echo gram make sure that you also have the injection of the oxygenated solution as that is what showed the flaw in my heart.

    love glen
  8. Chilene

    Chilene New Member

    is the oxygenated solution a type of dye?...

    i seem to get sick from the MRI dye...

    thanks for heads up on that, though!;)

    fibrohugs to you--

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