Any Women taking Both Hormones and Lexapro

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Risk, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Risk

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    Hi. I know I have posted this question before, but I was wondering if any woman on the boards is taking both Lexapro and some type of Hormone Replacement? I just switched back to the Lexapro(5mg) 5 days ago and having a rough time of it. Klonopin has been upped to get through the transition. Prior to the Lexapro, I was on Zoloft, 50 mg which worked in the past but not this time.

    I use the Vivelle Dot and cycle with a progesterone called Prochieve. I went through early menopause (around 40) and have been on HT since the age of 44. (now 49). I'm worried about an added risk of blood clots, stroke, heart attack, etc. My dr however, even though she's anti-hormones, feels that with all of the stress, anxiety, depression I'm going through, that now is not the proper time to cease the hormones.

    Went through a painful divorce,(he's now living with his 35 yr old girlfriend), both my girls are out of the house, having to sell my house in this horrid economy and then move on elsewhere, alone. Coupled with the FM/CFS is no picnic.

    Drugs scare me to death and now I worry that I'm causing myself more harm than good.

    I do see a therapist and trying to work through all of this.

    I guess I would feel better if I knew that someone else was on this "cocktail".

    I'm not overweight, don't smoke, drink, I do take fish oil,, baby aspirin, magnesium, calcium, CoQ-10. I used to walk 3 times a week but haven't been in about a month. I know, baby steps. Today I managed a 10 min walk and felt overly anxious.

    Sorry I've dragged this out just needed to vent and get some feedback.

    Thank you all so much.

  2. spacee

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    I had a hysterectomy at 41 (still have ovaries), take most of what you do except baby asprin. Just put on an extra 10 lbs this year :( but it is slowly coming off) not really overweight, don't smoke, drink.

    Have taken HRT (premarin...plz no one tell me about the preg. mares) since age 46 and progesterone cream on and off last 3-4 years...on all the last year. Take klonopin.

    I have tried AD's a few times and the last one was Lexapro for anxiety. It was last summer. No problems like you are concerned with but the bad side effects just eventually outweighed the good so stopped. (Sorry I cannot even remember what they were!).

    Dr. Cheney and Dr. Myhill do not like CFS brains to have AD's. Dr. Lapp says start low and go slow. Sounds like that is what you are doing.

    Dr. Cheney recommends 5-HTP as does Barrowinnovations (she [posts here and studies all this stuff) is the amino acids that your brain uses to make the serotomin.

    So far I like it for anxiety and depression but my sleep is rather erratic on it. FWIW.

    What a nice guy your ex is. Sadly about 75% men leave their sick wives. Very bad. Thank goodness for your girls.

    I don't have heart/stroke agenda's in my family before the age of 85 so I have not worried about such things.



    PS I have a twin and she stopped taking the premarin and lost 1.5 inches the first I am sticking with it and she is back on it.

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  3. Risk

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    Hi Spacee and Jamin,

    Thank you so much for your responses. Spacee, I hear you loud and clear. I'm only 5'1" and can't afford to shrink. So far, knock wood, haven't lost any height probably due to the hormones. I guess I have to weigh the pros and cons, either that or flip a coin! LOL. And I have started on a super lose dose of the Lexapro, 5mg for the 1st 2 weeks and then we'll see what happens. We do have heart disease in our family, and that's why the hormones scare me, since I've been on them for 5 years.

    Yes, my dear "sweet" husband turned out to be quite a disappointment, to say the least. Funny, we women would stick by our men if God forbid something was wrong with them, but they can't handle illness. Well, most of them. I'm sure there are wonderful guys out there who can handle it. Remember, in sickness and in health?

    My girls are 20 and 23 so they're not here with me. That hurts too.

    And Jamin, my rheumy just checked my vitamin D levels and they are fine. I thank you for all of your suggestions. As for men, for now, I'm done with them. I've decided to become the first Jewish Nun! LOL.

    Thank you both!



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