Any women try progesterone creams OTC?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by scottabir, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. scottabir

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    I was just wondering if any women here have tried the progesterone creams? If so, did you have any side affects? any good or bad results? I tried it once a LOOONG time ago and it gave me headaches so I only used it a few times. I was thinking about trying it again and wanted to see what others experiences were.

  2. tlc8858

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    Hi, yes I tried it a couple of years ago. I did not have much luck with it, but I don't think I used it enough. I take estrogen for hormone therapy, but cannot take the progesterone because it makes me crazy. I thought the cream might help. I do know of several women that use it and swear by it. I would go to the health food store and talk to someone about it. They can recommend the best one to you. Let me know if it works for you.
  3. klutzo

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    I used only 1/4 dose of cream and my breasts swelled up so much I could not stand fabric against them and would scream in pain if I was bumped there. My chocolate cravings went wild also.
    I now use progesterone drops prescribed by a holistic doctor and made at a compounding pharmacy, and my only side effect has been a craving for ice cream and weight gain due to that.
    All hormones, in all forms, seem to put weight on me, but my levels are so low that without the help, I am a miserable wreck.
    I gained less weight with progesterone drops (16 lbs.) than with estrogen (22 lbs.), and my doc says progesterone protects your bones better too.
  4. SPR30

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    I take Premarin, but have not been happy or felt balanced taking it alone. (I had a total hyst last summer)
    I tried progesterone cream at the tune of $30 and found it did nothing for me. (I bought the "best" in the jar with the crimson cap.)
    You have to rub sooo much of it into your skin and the smell bothered me too.
    I am going to discuss other oral hormones with my doc this week.
    Good luck to you!