Any Young FMS suffers?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ktpar, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. ktpar

    ktpar New Member

    Hi I am 29 I suffer from FMS/CFS, I would like to know if their are any other young FM suffers? Coping ideas? Any Kids? How do you take care of families needs?
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  2. swedderb

    swedderb New Member

    i am an 18 year old sufferer! i have ibs and fibromyalgia..
  3. charlenef

    charlenef New Member

    im 37 charlene
  4. kbo

    kbo New Member

    I am 35, and have two young children (3 year old & a 6mos old) and I'm a full time Kindergarten teacher. Its tough sometimes, but keeping active really keeps me going I think.
  5. ktpar

    ktpar New Member

    You are young to suffer at a teenager, and in your 30's also. I believe I had FMS when I was younger also hearing the symptoms of this disease. I also suffer from depression. I have been to alot of DR's that say "You are so young." I have more health problems than my Mother. She is very supportive. I had kids young my first at 19. Second at 27. I have been sick ever since. They bring me joy and keep me pushing through the pain. God Bless you all.
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  6. dani78xo

    dani78xo New Member

    16. Haven't found any tricks to undermine the symptoms of FM. =\.
  7. dragon06

    dragon06 New Member

    I am 31 but am believed to have had fibro since I was 3 years old. I have suffered my whole life with various problems and illnesses and Fibro symptoms.

    Haven't found any tricks yet other than to take my meds as prescribed and rest as much as I can.
  8. krchamp

    krchamp New Member

    I am 33 and I have suffered a long time before getting a diagnosis. I remember being tired and achy as a child. Doctor said that it was just growing pains. As I got older, he (I actully just found this out) listed my problems as psychological. Pleeeeeease!

    I don't have children. I have had several miscarriages and just decided to not try painful. I have a very supportive husband and mother. My dad is another story.

  9. turtlesyndrome

    turtlesyndrome New Member

    I am 30 and I started experiencing CFS symptoms in 1998. It has progressively gotten worse and now I am on disability.

    Dealing with family issues is very hard. I miss out on a lot of family events, like B-days, holidays and reunions. It is so hard to travel and therefore I hardly ever see certain family members, like my Dad and Sister. And I have not met my Fiance's parents yet because they live across the country.

    Dealing with family members that live close by can also be challenging. I mean they can no longer expect me to do things I used to do. They can count on me to be emotionally supportive, but always being there in the physical sense has changed dramatically.

    Some family members get upset when I can't be there like the rest of'em. But I have to take of myself if I ever want to get better! I used to put everyone elses needs first.

    However, now that cfs has destroyed my once perfect health, I have to put my needs first or I'll just end up with more "bed days" and/or may never get better.

    Some say that "Health is Wealth." I think that if I want my so called "wealth" back, then I'll have to put my health first, even if that means giving up things I used to do for others.

    Although I have found that this can be very hard for my family to understand. My Uncle told me straight to my face that my "CFS is all in your head," and he even held his fingers up to his head as he said it. I felt so ashamed when he did that. The only way others will ever understand what it's like to have this illness is to spend time in our shoes.

    Any advice I would give is to try to keep one's spirits up, rest/relax as much as possible, get as little as stress as possible, and never give up searching for a cure/healing. We will have our day in the sun, we will shine!
  10. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I'm 17 and have Fibro, plus asthma and P.C.O.S.
    Not much fun.
    Coping ideas? All I can say is learn to relax and don't take life too seriously, as I did for 17 years, lol.

    No kids here yet, but I'm still planning on it someday.
  11. ktpar

    ktpar New Member

    When did you go on disability? Was it hard to get. Please let me know. How you did it? I love my kids and I wonder how I will financially take care of them.
  12. ktpar

    ktpar New Member

    What does EBV stand for? Thanks.
  13. wanderingbluedragon

    wanderingbluedragon New Member

    I am 29 years old and recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and CFS. I have three young children and work full time. It it hard. You have to know when to let go of certain things. It's difficult because I cannot keep my house as clean as I once did, and with 3 kids picking up after them is a constant chore. I have to let go of keep a spotless house and settle for a messy but clean house. I also have learned that talking to my kids and letting them know when I don't feel well also helps. Working is hard because I cannot afford to stop at this point and it is a daily struggle but I am learning to take it one day at a time. This winter weather is killing me, but I do what I have to. I also enlist the help of my friends sometimes and use the weekends to get as much rest as possible. I am still trying to learn to cope with this myself so I don't have too many ideas, but reading a lot of these posts helps.

    Good luck and best wishes,

  14. turtlesyndrome

    turtlesyndrome New Member

    I applied for disability in Jan. 2005 and I was approved in August 2005. I Live in california and I receive SSI and SSDI. They just give you enough money so that you can put food on the table. They give you more if you have kids. My cousin is on SSI and she gets a few hundred more than me because she has a son.

    I submitted a daily journal that I kept for 30 days detailing my symptoms. I also was evaluated by both a state appointed doctor and pyscologist, which I think helped my claim. I also submitted a detailed list of my immediate symptoms and limitaions listed below.

    There is an organization if you need an attorney called the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives you can reach them at They are a non-profit/non-commercial organization.

    Limitations from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome:


    -Overwhelming fatigue, exhaustion, weakness, persistent flu-like symptoms and postexertional malaise lasting more than 24 hours.
    - Persistent intractable muscle and joint pain
    - Headaches of a new severity
    - Unrefreshing sleep
    - Sore throat
    - Impaired short term memory and concentration
    - Visual impairments such as focusing
    - Lightheaded and increased fatigue from prolonged standing
    - Dizziness and vertigo
    - Nausea, bloating, indigestion, loss of appetite
    - Confusion
    - Anxiety, and episodes of sadness/ depression.
    - Decreased libido


    - stand or sit upright for more than a few minutes on relatively bad days.

    - perform activities with a schedule, maintain regular attendance, and sustain an ordinary routine.

    - complete a normal workday and workweek without interruption by symptoms and perform at a consistent pace without an unreasonable number and length of rest periods.

    - stand, sit upright, and or concentrate for more than three to four hours on relatively good days. (I have had an average of about 10-12 good days per month for the last 12 months)

    - walk consecutively for more than 15-20 min. on good days

    - walk consecutively for more than a few min. on bad days.

    - drive far distances such as 50 miles or more on good days.

    - drive at all on bad days.

    - lift and or carry heavy objects such as gallons of water or bags of groceries on bad days.

    - see clearly for short moments from dizzy spells on both good and bad days.

    - perform cognitive tasks, such as things involving simple and detailed verbal and or literary instructions on bad days and frequently on good days.

    - focus and concentrate, limiting my ability to read for more than a half hour to an hour on a good day, and no more than a few min. on a bad day.

    - maintain attention and concentrate for extended periods of time.

    - to understand and remember simple and detailed instructions, work procedures, and conversations on bad days and frequently on good days.

  15. phoebe1

    phoebe1 New Member

    I'm 28 and have fibro, I've had it since I was about 18. In the beginning I was very naive and believed that somewhere out there is a doctor who will be able to help or even cure me.
    Now I stay away from them and treat myself, it was a good decision for me.

    I work full time and have a very demanding job, I don't plan on having kids.

  16. bluewing

    bluewing New Member

    This started when I was 20. I have cfs, fms, arthritis among other things. It's been going on over fifty years.

    The greatest moment for me was when I found out just a few years back I wasn't alone. And Phoebe, keep searching for an understanding doctor...all you need is one who tries to help and cares. Mine is worth his weight in gold to me.

    I made it through the early years by doing a little, resting a little, (and always hiding it.) Not many people are mostly, I've been alone except for my husband, some family and a few friends (in later years.)
    Now, there's no more hiding it! Just knowing what is wrong gives me courage.

  17. ktpar

    ktpar New Member

    Thank you Turtlesyndrome. I appreciate your advice.

    I also don't have an immaculate house. It took me three days with the help of my son to clean my 3 bedroom home for my daughter 2nd Bday.

    Just moved to a new area pretty short on times.

    I take everything one day at a time. I have Flu- like symptoms also. To sick and tired to go and get a flu shot. Wanted to go to the ER but I end up disappointed unless I go to the Pediatric Doctors. They gave me Amoxocillin 500mg took it for 10 still I feel no better. I will give myself a few more days to feel better. I am so tired of hearing, "Your test came back normal".

    Thank you for all of your replies. May God bless you
  18. butterfly83

    butterfly83 New Member

    I'm 23 and have had symptoms since 16. To cope I try to keep up with interests that i have that aren't so physical, so i still feel like I have a life and a piece of myself that isn't related to this illness. I have a close group of friends who are understanding of my limitations and aren't offended when i can't do as much socially.

    For family responsibilities, I try to contribute as much as I can, but I really rely on family members being understanding of my limitations.
  19. NICUnurseang

    NICUnurseang New Member

    I'm 22 and was recently diagnosed with FM although we're pretty sure I've had it for at least 5 years. In addition I also have chronic myofacial pain, narcolepsy, GERD, Barrett's Esophagus, and gastroparesis. I shall not even go into the list of vitamin & mineral deficiencies. It's very hard being a young person and not being able to keep up with people much older than me. I think it may even be worse for young people because in general people expect us to be healthy and vibrant and most days I'm just not! It has been hard for me to manage the pain of FM & CMP while taking stimulants to manage my narcolepsy...oh yea while still working 15 hour days. Hang in there everybody, I'm starting to find the right balance of the bag full of pills that I take so I'm finally starting to feel like a human being again instead of a zombie!
  20. mellaart1011

    mellaart1011 New Member

    Hi there,

    I just had my first baby a year and a half ago
    I'm really fortunate to have an amazing life changing chinese doctor, I feel great most of the time, I had to change my whole lifestyle (not overnight of course) but now I have a stable healthy lifestyle that keeps me feeling great, it took alot of work but it has paid off in a big way. I have maybe 2-4 bad days a month now, sometimes none at all
    I never stop finding things to add to my list of things to do for myself to stay feeling great

    you will find your way, keep staying strong !!

    chow for now

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