any1 gone back to work once on SSDI

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  1. ETN

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    Hello all, I have been really contemplating trying to find a part time job, really part time like 2 hours or so out of the day because we are just drowning.
    With today's economy the way it is, gas, groceries, mortgage etc.

    Has anyone gone back to work while on SSDI. I guess I am just scared to death.

    I worked in a pharmacy for 15 years and would love to go back to do that but that just isn't feasible.

    I have been contemplating trying to get a very part time job at the school district because they have quite a few jobs that are just 2-3 hours out of the day.

    I just can't keep watching my family dig into a deeper hole. UGh it's so frustrating. I am very grateful for my SSDI but it's just not enough to make ends meet.

    So I just found a job that would be in the cafeteria at the elementary school literally 1/2 mile from my house that would be M-F 10am-12:30 pm. I applied so keep your fingers crossed.
    Plus the strain that it's been putting on my marriage I am just sick of it.

    Sorry I am just kind of rambling!
  2. dragon06

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    Just make sure you don't go over the allowable amount by SSDI. You wouldn't want to lose that.
  3. Belinha

    Belinha New Member

    Can you help me and let me know how I can get on SSDI? I hear so many stories and run into so many dead ends and not having worked or have had insurance in a while as put a real strain on my loving husband who has to work so hard and deal with my ? at the same time. I live in Houston and every one has an opinion but no concrete answers on how to get SSDI. I raised three children on my own and this is really affecting me in many different ways. Please help if you can. And good luck on your p/t job. Just make sure it will make a difference without giving you a relapse.
    XOXOXO Belinha
  4. labrat

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    I did go back to work while on SSDI. I worked part time for a yr and it didn't trigger a review. Just make sure you earn under the SGA (I think its around $580/mo) like another person posted.

    On another note, my housecleaner works in a school cafeteria and tells me that it is very hard work, leaning over steaming hot pans of food and scooping it up to the kids. She says many people start one day and don't show up the next day for work.

    This might be difficult work for someone with FM/CFS with fatigue and pain issues. My aunt worked as a crossing guard for the schools which seems less stressful, though you do have to walk quite a bit. Hope this helps a bit.
  5. dragon06

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    Go to the search bar and put in SSDI. You will get lots of information on applying.

    Basically you need to fill out the forms and apply, you will 99% be denied the first time and then you appeal.

    You may end up needing a lawyer, go with Allsup or a disability lawyer cause they don't get paid unless you win and they get a percentage of your backpay.

    There is a lot of information in this site you just have to search it. There is also a "sticky" at the top of the main page with *Social Security Information*.

    You apply for SSDI the same way regardless of your illness. You will need your doctors help though and they will ask for medical records.
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  6. ETN

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    for all the replies. I called them today to ask what the process was once they close the job posting. She said it take 4-6 weeks which seems like a lot to me.

    Caldenia it is actually like 10.75-13.80 an hour so that's pretty good. Our district pays pretty well here.

    So we will see. I have been helping in the classroom for years and I always do ok in there. I think it kind of gets my mind off of everything.

    I just so miss all the social adult contact.

    Oh our school is very strict on lunch room activities because there are so many kids that have to eat they don't mess around! LOL

    Thanks all

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