Any1 help re: getting off Serax/Serzone, etc - why & how

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    No, not me, thank goodness. Some of you may know that I do double duty here for my computerless cousin with CFS. I have sent her reams of information gleaned here and on the internet per your suggestions. She is thrilled to know there are things she can do, but she said that she doesn't think she can take any of the supplements with her Serax.

    That did it! I've been trying for years to convince her she has to get off it after 15 years. It's doing her more harm than good. But she thinks she can't, that is to say, that it's not possible. She said "Once you're on it, it's for life." I say that's bull. I read on the internet that it is possible, if difficult, and should be done under the supervision of a doctor who knows what he's doing, even an addition treatment specialist.

    Now I feel it's time to call in reinforcements. Polly is so impressed with the combined knowledge of the people here, not to mention their caring and compassion. Maybe if I have some letters from people with experience or more information, some encouragement or just plain straight shooting, something will get through to her. I know she's scared, but I feel it has to be done if she's to take charge of her life and get better.

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    I weaned myself off serzone for ins. reasons. I think it is the best thing I've ever done. While I was on serzone I was not depressed I was in pain, I lost weight(25 pounds) I was tired all the time, had no appitite and IBS.
    I have since seen lawsuits that say serzone causes liver damage and I also read that it is given for moderate to severe depression, something I never had.
    I drink beer(in moderation) and I am trying to get meds that do not effect the liver.
    Good luck to your friend, Valerie.
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