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    Hi folks, hope today finds you better than usual. I was just thinking....(usually slow and sporatic), and I put a two and two together.

    There is so much mention lately of Adrenal Fatigue.

    I'm about 7 or so years into this awful spaghetti string of diagnoses: Chronic LD,CFS,FM,MCS, etc and now sleep apnea, bad cognitive impairment and memory loss, and diabetes thrown in for good measure (cant remember the rest of them)

    OK so why am I bringing this up? about six years ago, i was seeing a chiro/etc guy who was trying to help, but kind of puzzled by the amount and intensity of my symptoms. Well, you know how you maybe get one or two good things out of each doc along the line, so one day he mumbles in a knowing way, "Adrenals are shot"

    If he had just said that and not done the "adrenal massage" I would not think it so significant. He did a strong and slightly painful "adrenal massage" on me and wow! Some clarity and energy (formerly known as "pep") returned and stayed with me for about 20 or so minutes. But it was really noticable and WOW! felt great. like i say, it slipped away and i never saw him again (long ride and person driving me faded).

    SOOOOOOOOO, sorry to be long-winded, HAS ANYONE HAD AN "ADRENAL MASSAGE"? and any thoughts on adrenal fatigue or supplements in this area? It might lead somewhere.

    Thanks very much. I sincerely wish much peace, rest and pain relief to all you wonderful folks!

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    I've never had an adrenal massage, but a chiropractor did diagnose my weak adrenals several years ago using muscle tesitng. He had me take Drenatrophin by Standard Process, an adrenal glanular product, which helped a lot. Since that time, I've pretty much taken an adrenal glandular supplement most of the time.

    Other things to help adrenals are a good B vitamin complex, with extra pantothenic acid. The pantothenic acid is crucial for adrenal health.

    Also, go easy on alcohol, sugar and caffeine, all very hard on the adrenals, and minimize stress as much as possible. I think stress is what did in my adrenals.

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    Hi and thanks so much for your support on my earlier post. I've expended all my energy to that one. I hope it will help you.

    Sounds like you're having a tough time of it too. My prayers and thoughts are with you. All we can do is the best we can do.

    Caring thoughts,
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    thanks very much to Mary & Charlotte for the valuable info and care. thanks expecially for the prayers-its basically what gets me through each day for sure! Peace
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    I posted something for you under the topic Please read:regarding high acidiy and blood clumping. It is a thread posted by Neen 85. I hope you can find it.

    My guess is that most of us have an adrenal problem. The only practitioner who has really helped me is my chiropractor. I try to go about once a month. It is about a 40 min drive for me on the highway, but it is worth it. Also, he charges less than anyone else I have seen (meaning doctors, nutritionists, physical therapists, etc.) and I always feel better afterwards. I usually notice it about an hour or two after I've been there. There are many, many chiropractors around here, but he is the only one I will see. I hope you can find a way to get back to the one you saw.

    Let me know if you saw my other post. I'll go and bump it now.
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    Thanks prunella, did you ask your chiropractor about the adrenal massage? I am very glad thay he/she is providing some relief for you. good luck Peace
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    do you remember where your chiropractor massaged you for your adrenals? ( I don't know where those glands are) (blush) is it something one could do on oneself? I do alot of self massage as I can only afford to see my massage therapist every 6wks.
  8. Shirl

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    They are 'somewhere' around the kidneys :) Try the website AdrenalFatigue, I am sure they have a diagram on their site.

    Shalom, Shirl

  9. LittleBluestem

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    I first want to clarify that I have no training in any sort of health related field. This is just uneducated wondering.

    Since helpeachother's response was so immediate and so fleeting, I am wondering if it wasn't a 'beating a tired horse' type response. That it stimulated the adrenals to a level of activity that they were not able to maintain. If so, I would be concerned that repeated adrenal massage would further wear down the adrenals.
  10. helpeachother

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    Hi razorqueen.

    Believe it or not, I cannot remember where the chiropractor massaged. Notsomuch because of how long ago it was, but because of the memory problems.

    If I had to guess, I would say that Shirl had it about right.

    Im sorry I cant be of more help, but it was wonderful. Not stimulating, just back to "normal" energy and some clarity for a very short time. The chiro said "Adrenals are shot" and "you are the most toxic person i have ever met"

    If you find out the what/where of this adrenal massage, please let me know. Meanwhile, I just called a friend of this dr to ask him to ask him, but he wasnt there, and usually "forgets" when making commitments. I will try again.

  11. razorqueen

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    about adrenal massage, and she didn't know of any specific kind of massage for that. Says you can't feel them when you massage.