Anybody clumsy?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by diricha, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. diricha

    diricha New Member

    I have bruises all over my legs from bumping into things. It gets worse daily it seems. Anybody else do this?
  2. diricha

    diricha New Member

    I have bruises all over my legs from bumping into things. It gets worse daily it seems. Anybody else do this?
  3. LindaH

    LindaH New Member

    I lose my balance and bump into things. More often than no I will bruise. Sometimes I will bump something, keep going and then I wonder how I got the bruise. There are so many different things and everyone can have some or all problems. Maybe not much help but you are not alone.

    God Bless
  4. Rea

    Rea New Member

    I have been all my life. For awhile I had a lot of numbness on one side...but that's not going on now. I am soooo careful carrying my grandbabies. I fell twice on vacation this summer and broke the camera that was in my hands. I had stiches quite a few times as a child from my falls.
  5. jeanann

    jeanann New Member

    one time per week. I have been losing my balance for the past few months. In the past 4 weeks I have actually fallen 6 times. This really hurts. I don't fall. I hate this DD.((HUGS)) jeanann
  6. JaciBart

    JaciBart Member

    I have been stumbling over nothing for a few yrs, had fibro since May this yr. I attribute that to an equilibrium problem. Another lovely benefit of this DD.

  7. pamelasng

    pamelasng New Member

    Hi Diricha, I have a reputation for being clumsy in our family and so is my 16 year old, I fear she will fall down steps or something,( She is FM ) I used to pick her up from school when in primary and she would fall over 3 times before she got to me, lots of smirks from other mums. With 3 FMs in the family our carpets need cleening often from lots of spills. Bye Pam
  8. Thella

    Thella New Member

    I have always been clumsyy. Can't walk without spilling and the front of my shirts all have stains. My hands shake for small motor skill movements and eating is small motor skills exclusive.
    I was not aware that people actually could go through a day without skinning their knee's while walking.
    I still go up and down stairs one at a time like a little kid.
    The stumbling and falling is sometimes refered to as the fibro shuffle.
    take care and keep cleaning fluids and bandaids handy.
  9. contessa

    contessa New Member

    I finally realized the symptoms are all related to my fatigue. When I only sleep 4 hours per 24 there's nothing much my brain can function on. Even meds don't help me sleep. Have started a new program for migraines and the meds between klonopin 3 times a day, and myofascial massage from physical therapy I'm feeling a little better. Still very tired, but I know that the klonopin is working. The anxiety has gone away at least.
  10. jetmek

    jetmek New Member

    i consider myself to be graceful not clumsy haha but i do end up with a lot of bruises i cant explain and i have to deal with a jerk of a husband when he questions me about every bruise i get i was also told that some of my anti inflammatories make me prone to bruise more easily/
  11. tgirl

    tgirl New Member

    Before he left me, my husband used to worry people thought he beat me up I had so many bruises. All from walking into things, mostly without even noticing. What's worst is when you KNOW you're about to walk into something, or drop things, and it still happens.

    I can relate to the food stains down the front of clothes, my mother (she has fibro, I have CFS) and I joke that we need full body-sized bibs. I prefer to drink through a straw so I don't dribble. Handling hot or fragile objects is dangerous, I drop things no matter how careful I am. My plates are plastic, anything breakable gets broken around me.

  12. dolsgirl

    dolsgirl New Member

    Bump-dee-bump! It's a joke around my house, once the hubby is sure that I'm ok. I'm always catching my arms and legs on things. Sometimes I'll even my hips get bruised from falling or bumping. It could be disastrous someday. It has put me into FMS flairs also. dolsgirl
  13. lulustew

    lulustew New Member

    I just got my cast off two weeks ago! I fell down my back porch steps and fractured my left wrist. there are only three steps, but it's cement at the bottom. I was walking down the steps, and looked up at something out in the yard, and the next thing I know...I'm on the ground...hurting and feeling about to pass out. I lay there a few minutes til lightheadedness passes, then get up and go in and clean up a little ( hurt knees, too) then go in and tell hubby I need to go to E.R. and he says " what did you do now" always making fun of me and my "clumsiness"
    I broke the same hand in two places three years ago, while out walking. needless to say I'm afraid of walking anymore and stairs scare me now, too! to laugh about it or I'd be crying!
    as my husband always says"be careful"
    (((soft, fuzzy hugs)))
  14. motg

    motg New Member

    I fall a lot and stager a lot. I am sad to know that others have the same problem but it is good to know that we can all be their for each other.