Anybody else diabetic?

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  1. chazzsmom99

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    I was just diagnosed with diabetes 2, and I was told to keep a record of my blood sugars 4xdaily. Ok, that sounds easy enough, except I'm forgetful!! I put my stuff in the kitchen, and I've been doing ok with it, but I'm on my good days now. I'm worried, when my bad days come back, I'll forget to do it. The dietitian (sp?) is real down to earth, and knows I have FMS, but this 1st month is really important she says so she'll know if she's supposed to adjust my Actos.

    Also, on another subject, what do all the abbreviations mean? I figured out a couple, like dx and FMS, but the others I have no clue.


  2. lovethesun

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    Aces nanna is diasbetic and has helped me quite a bit.Nice to meet you.Linda
  3. ilovecats94

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    I'm on insulin, two different types and have had diabetes for 28 years. I have some neuropathy in my feet and gastroparesis, that I got back before we had meters to check sugar with.

    Got my first meter in 1989. Am on a diet now and have lost 15 pounds. Need to lose a lot more weight, though. Both of my sons have diabetes type 2--they are both grown. One lives here with us. He is on insulin pens. The other one is on pills and has his own home.

    Which abbreviations do you mean? Some of them, even I don't know what they mean.

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    I was diagnosed around three years ago. I have done fairly well with Glucophage and a dietician helping me to learn portion control, etc. My HBA1C tests have all come back pretty doggone good and I am beginning to accept it emotionally. (Nope, one doesn't learn they have diabetes and just accept it overnight, anymore than they do fibro-it takes awhile.)

    Having said that, I noticed a poster mention a word I am not familiar with...gastroparesis, and was wondering if anyone can tell me what this is? Thanks in advance, for any replies.
  5. chazzsmom99

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    the one i'm most curious about is DD!!


  6. chazzsmom99

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    Thanks for sharing everyone!! At least I don't feel so alone. I'm lucky, as I'm borderline--caught it early. My poor husband wasn't diagnosed for close to 10 yrs., so he now has lots of problems.

    Smiles to all!

  7. JLH

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    Me, too, I'm a Type 2 Diabetic.

    I'm on Amaryl, Actos, and Lantus Insulin.

    This new endo that I am going to wants me to record my sugar count BEFORE my meals and then 2 hrs AFTER the meal.

    How can you do this when you "pick" all day long? (By "pick" I mean nibble on this and that, or basically just eats little bits all day.)

    By having this routine, you never really have an accurate count "before" meals.

    Acesnanna - when you say you eat a lot of veggies -- what type do you actually mean? Are they raw ones, or cooked ones? I can't seem to find that many veggies that I like.

    I know I eat very poorly for a diabetic. I do take my vitamins, though! But I really need to get on a more structured diet--before it kills me!

    My feet are so badly swollen now, and really discolored red, that I am afraid that I am getting diabetic neuropathy in my feet. Ugh.

  8. ilovecats94

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    Janet is right about the DD, but we aren't supposed to cuss on here so just say it means darned disease. You can use your imagination as to what it really means--just what Janet said it means. lol At least I wasn't the one who posted that.

    I'm on Humulin N insulin and Humalog insulin and use the old syringes and bottles. Actually they are cheaper than the pens my son uses. He uses a different type of insulin and brand.


  9. cjcookie

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    My doctor tested me every 6-12 months and I was able to keep it away until I had many steroid injections (before they realized it was fibro). If I could only go back.

    The good thing is that with all the low carb craze, we have a lot more choices. The Cheesecake Factory even has a cheesecake made with Splenda! They brought back sugar-free pudding, etc. Of course, that's the good stuff. We should get in all of our nutritious stuff before we eat that but it's nice not to feel so deprived.
  10. chazzsmom99

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    Is what I've already been using for so many things for my husband, so it won't be so hard. Splenda has found its way into so much!! When my grandfather was diagnosed 15+ yrs ago, there was maybe 1 or 2 things that he liked that was made by nutrasweet (which I know now is a big no-no!). It was really hard for him. Thank goodness this has changed.

    I kinda figured that DD was, well, part cuss word--but I wanted to know so I know how to use it in context.

    Things sure have changed in the last few yrs regarding diabetes, hasn't it?

  11. chazzsmom99

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    That's the way I am. I've always been told 6 small meals a day is better than 3 big ones. When I was pregnant with morning sickness (all 9 months!), my midwife told me to "graze" during the day, as it would likely stay down better. Now 7 years later, I'm still doing that!! I'm finding that when it comes to testing my blood 2 hrs after meals, I'm ready to start grazing again!! LOL

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    I am type 1 diabetic and use a insulin pump to control my blood sugars and not take a bunch of shots per day