Anybody Else Have Trouble with Eyes?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nancyw, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. nancyw

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    Hi Everybody: I'd like to know if anybody else has problems with their eyes. Sometimes I can't seem to "track" well (following object with eyes) and it is really hard to read things. I find I have to read the same things over and over. It's really a weird feeling because it feels like I can't look all the way to the right. Neurologist said this is a "nystagmus" (sp?) and in me it comes and goes. Also recently been getting shooting pain in my left eye. That's also the eye I had a severe infection in last year which prompted all my dizziness/vertigo and brain fog. Can't wear contacts anymore because eyes are so dry. Trying to do on-line course in Medical Transcriptioning, but it's really hard to read/retain the information. Did have my eyes checked again late last year and everything is fine. I'd appreciate your responses. Thanks! (By the way, I've been up since 3:30 AM so this may not be very clear writing).
  2. nct

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    Well, I have dry eyes. Sometimes they ache and burn as well. I understand that's a symptom of something, but exactly what, I don't know.
    I don't have the problems you describe above.
    I do wear contacts, have for years.
    I'm not sure I can tell you anything about your eye troubles-sounds awful. Also sounds like with many of our illnesses, having a regular doctor check things out isn't going to work.
    Good luck.

  3. dawnie1960

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    Hi! Yes, for the past couple of years. I wear glasses but it seems it's still hard for me to see. I have to squint to focus on something. I can actually feel my eyes straining to see, it hurts and gives me headaches. Sometimes to look at the computer screen for example, I have to read a bit looking straight on, then turn my head to one side and read more, then move head down and look up and on and on.

    Some days are worse than others. It scares me when I'm driving cuz I can't seem to take as much in.

    I wear glasses, but my prescription is not strong. And every time I go to the eye doc for testing they tell me my prescription hasn't changed at all!!

    And I have the same problem with trying to remember/retain what I've read because it is so difficult to read it in the first place. I re-read almost everything too.

    I used to love reading novels...I have a huge bookshelfe full of book. But I haven't read one in so long because I can't...that makes me very sad.

    Chalk it all up to another nutso symptom of Fibro.

  4. jeanderek

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    My eyes burn, water and itch but only when I go out into the sun. I guess they are sensitive to the light even when I wear sun glasses. When I drive I have to sit and let my eyes adjust and get past all the watering and itching before I can take off or the watering and itching wont allow me to see. Hope you feel better

  5. afeni

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    Hi, my eyes are dry, and the get blurry for no reason sometimes. I have a problem with my right eye twitching for long preiods of time. I also get like a dark shadow, like something moving in my Whatcha call it, out the side of my eye. (sorry brainfog has erupted), but only when I'm tired or stressed. And I have no clue what all that means. I just know that I tried some visine, and then I REALLy couldn't see. Bad joo joo is visine...
  6. nancyw

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    Thank you guys for responding. Sunny and 2nd response (I think, but forgot your name - sorry. That's exactly how it works for me. Really getting debilitating and getting worried about driving - feel like I'm not all there. Had 2 Cat Scans and one MRI since June of last year. My PCP recommended see neurologist and I did with results negative. I've just made appt with Rheumy and I'm crossing my fingers that she will be supportive. Are you guys still working or have you applied for disability? I've been Admin Asst since I was 16 (now 46), but I don't think I could keep things straight any more in any job. I forget too much and my back only allows me to sit at computer now for about an hour each time. Let me know about the work thing. Thanks!
  7. gumama

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    Sjogrens syndrome is very indictive of the symptoms you describe and goes with the Fibro sometimes.. my daughter who has Fibro/Lupus was just diagnosed with this and her symptoms sound just like daughter is also a Medical Trans....

    also something else you need to consider would be Meniere's and be tested for the HBLA=27 gene.. this gene which I have lends itself to these exact symptoms.. especially the eye infection you had last year.

    hope this helps..

  8. lin21

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    Hi Nancy,

    Yes I have problems with my eyes and it seems to be getting worse . I have blurry vision , can't read and I constantly feel like my eyes are doing overtime and they're strained.
    I also am very, very sensitive to light lately.

  9. nancyw

    nancyw New Member

    Thanks everybody (again) for answering. Just to update, was tested for Menere's disease, but that wasn't it. Can't seem to sleep more than 4 hours straight without waking up even trying Ambien and Noritriptalene, and OTC melatonin. I'll sleep about 4 hours, then wake up about every hour or so and I get the weirdest dreams. It's almost like I'm awake and it's scary because sometimes I don't know if I dreamed say a conversation, or it was a real conversation. I often wake myself up because I'm either talking or laughing. Going to first Rheumy next month and have started keeping a "health diary" as much for me as for the docs. Really hard to function in this "foggy" world and I find myself not talkingn as much to "casual" people because I'll forget what I'm saying or make up lovely words. I also probably look like I'm drunk when I'm walking because my eyes are so off-balance. Oh well. Hang in there, everybody. Nice to know I'm not alone with these eye things. Terrified sometimes that the NORMALS are right and I'm just imagining these stuff. You guys overcome my fears and validate me. Take care.
  10. Echos

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    Hello Nancy.
    I too have problems with my eyes. I see things in a different way when I first look at them. I have to concentrate on the words before I can actually make them out. This never happened until I became ill, so I know somehow it is related. For example: I and my husband were driving down the freeway and passed a sign on the road. I gasped as I read the sign. My husband asked me what was wrong. I told him that the sign we just passed said there was a wildfire at the zoo. He laughed and said, "No, it said Wildlife world zoo." But this is how I see things at first sight. I do this with numbers as well. I also have very irritated eyes. They always feel like there is something like a piece of glass in them. They hurt all the time and I am very light sensitive now. When I went to the eye doctor, he looked behind the eye with his otoscope and said that I had an infection behind the eye that looked like it had been there for a while. Still everytime I go to the doctor, this is what they tell me. Nothing they give me for it takes it away. My doctor don't understand why I can't get rid of it. But I was told that it was a part of the cfids.

  11. belindakbee

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    I have been having a problem with focussing for sometime now. I comes and goes. The eye doctor told me it was from working on the computer all day and prescribed a pair of glasses for that. I still have the problem but my eyes do not get as tired as they did before. I also had the problem that everytime they check my eyes they are different. I am so glad to see that this is a real problem and not in my head.

  12. TerriM

    TerriM New Member

    also, you should make sure to have your sinuses checked. Bad chronic sinus infections don't show up in blood work and I was having strange eye problems and found out that is what it was . . .just something to rule out! Terri
  13. jjoys

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    I have CFS. Everything I've read about it includes vision difficulty in the symptoms. I have trouble focusing and have to use my reading glasses a lot more when my symptoms are at their worst.

    Best wishes,

  14. Kay2

    Kay2 New Member

    Bare with me this is hard to explain. I can be driving and all the sudden I cant see the whole car coming at me. Its like I cant see a whole object. Like when you look at a candle or fire place and you see kinda like heat waves!!??!! Or a marage in a desert. I dont know if this is considered double vision or what?? My eye doctor said I get it when I am going to get a migrain. What ever, because I dont get migrains with it. Sometimes I may get a slight headache, but not a migrain! Happens often but more in the summer time. I wish I knew more but I dont??/??
  15. lagm31

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    I also have blurry vision at times, I have a hard time driving so I have chosen not to drive. My eyes are always dry. Bright lights bother my eyes at times. I have had my glasses changed but that has not helped. I have the DD also. I have a hard time judging distance, especially when it comes to stepping down steps or off a curb. I also lose my balance easy. I too have to read things over a few times to make sure I am reading it right. I also have benign Vertigo that comes and goes when ever it pleases....
  16. nancyw

    nancyw New Member

    I thought I was going crazy because I'm seem to be terrified of going down steps, even off the curb; just totally throws my balance off. Also can relate to having to stare at words before they make sense. Can DEFINITELY relate about the "sign" story. My favorite words anymore seem to be 'WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT?" whether it's sometime I read or something I said. I feel much better hearing everyone's story. I'm going to a Rheumy in two weeks and hopefully that will be a good doc for me. Thanks to everyone for responding. Keep'em coming!
  17. Tattoopixie

    Tattoopixie New Member

    I had bad dry eyes-that I thought were from my contacts- have had glasses for 2yrs & still have dry eyes. Also have problems w/night vision & depth perception-which makes driving difficult & scary.
  18. Ruthus

    Ruthus New Member

    Hi, I have eye problems also, mine started out several years ago with stabbing pains now and then, and then the dryness started and the gritty feeling, finally my eye dr. saw the problem and sent me to a cornea specilist, he dx. me with Salzmann nodule diesease, where nodulars grow on the cornea, nothing to do about it at that time about 4 years ago, then I got a cataract also in the worst eye the left one, the dryness is from Sjgrens, last week went for check-up, can't get the cataract removed because mine is 60
    nd now it has to be 70Ă€buy I am having some of nodulars taken off the 4th of April, this may not help with the vision but should help with being so sun senitive. I also have fibro and possible crest besides the Sjgrens and arthitis. I'm usually in the fog and the words all come out different, see things different and get strange electric shocks in my head at time. I find that a hot wet washcloth held on my eyes help a lot and I use Refresh Plus eye drops. Keep on having your eyes checked.
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  19. poppy34

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    hi i went to the eye dr. 2 weeks ago the eye dr. said my vison is alot worse than it was he said im going to have to get use to my new persrication. sorry i cant think ! i knew i was having trouble seeing to drive , the dr said my vison loss is from fibro . bye poppy
  20. Brengia

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    You need to go to an eye doctor ASAP!! It sounds like you could be having a retinal detatchment. If you don.t catch it in time YOU WILL GO BLIND!! It happened to me a couple of years ago in my left eye, and it was only 1 week from the first onset of symptoms and I had surgury right away. My surgoen said I almost didn't make it in time. Go today!!!!!!!