Anybody else with comments on Dr's making stupid remarks

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    I wanted to know how many of you out there have gone to the Dr. just to have him/her make some stupid remark that you just could not believe. This has happened more then once to me. I have been going to my Dr. for many years and along with FMS I was in two car accident two shoulder surgeries, one knee surgery. I told him I was having difficulty with work as my pain was out of control and I needed to get my pain managed and my fatigue. This Dr. knows what I do for a living and that I own my own business. So after adjusting my pain pill dosage and writing me a prescirption for therapy he looks at me and says do you need a note for work. Well I could not resist I looked at him and said "and what give it to my self." He looked at me dumpfounded. I have seen him for more then 10 years. Then I had to go into the walkin clinic as I was having severe breathing problems and I was breathing rapidly , but not out of control when the idiot looks at me and says to me you need to stop breathing that way. I just gave him this look I have, like you idiot and he didn't say anythihg and sure enough they had to give me a treatment which brought my oxgen level up and prescribe another inhaler. I think I been to the doctors to much as I am not afraid to say anything and I mean anything anymore. Tired of Dr. I would love to hear from fellow FMS people on stupid thing Dr's or people say.
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    What gets me is the standard comment, "How are you." That comment makes me want to answer the doctor like everyone else who makes that comment expecting really nothing exciting in response.

    Oh yes, there is the time that my doctor told me with my husband present, "You're beyond my expertise." This was my internist! Now my body parts are farmed out to other "specialists" and the internist rarely even addresses my FMS/CFS or my immune problems.

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    I went in to my GP as I was coughing so hard and it hurt to breathe. This was the reply I got. " If it hurts to breathe then don't breathe" ! Helpfull isn't it. Sure I will just sstop breathing right now who needs it any way. DUH!

    I hate that response is it so funny to see me gasping for every breath? I don't know. But I have had some doctors give me the dumbest anwers to my quetions. Some of the nurses are not too swift either. I had shattered my left wrist, broke my radius in a fall. I was really gracefull and tripped over the sidewalk. I went to the ER where I was given a lot of fentyanl.

    I went back in the next night as my hand was really swollen. The nurse that called me back to the room said in a really loud voice " OH YOUR THE LADY WHO WAS HERE LAST NIGHT. WE GAVE YOU OVER 500 MICS OF FENTYANL, 20 OF VERSED AND YOU STILL WERE AWAKE AND WALKED OUT OF HERE ON YOUR OWN!"

    Where was the hole in the floor when you really need it?I was so embarassed by this and told her she was out of line by telling the waiting room , the whole ER staff and any one else that was in the range her of voice. Why did you have to say that? I guess I am just dumb as she didn't think that she was saying any thing that was out of line.

    I was and still am not happy with her as it put a different light on me when the doctor came in and went to treat me.

    He was down right rude as he ripped off the sticky splint that was holding my wrist foreame in place. He pulled so hard that it was pulled out of alignement and YES it hurt like $^&$#. When I asked for some pain meds he said that after I had it X-rayed he would give me a lortab. AS it was not that big of a deal.

    Thank heavens there was a nurse who had been there treating me the night before. She brought him the before x-rays and said that this was one of the worst breaks she had seen.

    He was not impressed but did order me some morphine for after I had the x-rays done, The nurse gave it to me just before I had it x-rayed and then had drawn up a secone dose for after . The doctor still informed me that he would not have treated me with the same amout of pain meds I had the night before , that my pain could have just as well been treated with a Lortab 10.
    I still want to have this MD shatter his wrist and be given a Lortab 7.5 for pain while they set it. I know that is mean of me but it was the most painfull experence I have ever been thru. I did get apology from the ER's head nurse a day or so after this happened. Did not help me feel any better about the staff.

    But don't doctors say the darnest things!
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