Anybody ever wake up on the operating table?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by VeniceQueen, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. VeniceQueen

    VeniceQueen New Member

    I have had 3 past surgeries and never had this happen. It wasn't until my fm chronic fatigue started that I had it happen. When I woke up, I didnt feel any pain, thank God, and I heard them say "she's waking up" and then a few seconds later i was knocked out. I will probably have to have another surgery in the near future and I am terrified of this happening! I told the anesthesologist that i had these conditions and he didn't really didnt seem to care. I mentioned it to the anesthesologist because I remember a while back, someone on this site said to make sure you tell some one before surgery that you have fm.

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  2. elliespad

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    I had that happen to me during my first surgery. It was to have my wisdom teeth removed under general anesthesia, in the hospital. I knew my OR nurse and she later told me that I actually sat up during the surgery. It was a very bad surgery experience, anesthesia wise, post op pain, dry socket and brought my CFIDS full bloom. A HORRIBLE experience.

    I have had 3 major surgeries and one minor surgery since that one and have never woke up during surgery again. My next surgery, I told the Anesthesiologist about my previous experience and he knocked me out GOOD. I actually took 3 days to wake from that surgery.

    I still HATE surgery as anesthesia and I do NOT get along. I also cannot take morphine type drugs and react negatively to most drugs so I take nothing post-op. Just give me a bullet to bite on.

    I know MOST CFIDS patients should not have Histamine Releasing drugs. It is certainly true for me..

    Tell the Anesthesiologist your past experiences and fears and even consider putting it in writing and have it placed in your chart. Sometimes you gotta play hard ball.
  3. spacee

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    It can happen to anyone and does. I don't know if we are at a higher risk or not...maybe.

    My brother is an anestheist (I should learn to spell it) and he keeps the knock out drops in the pocket of his scrubs for that very reason.

    I have never awakened...I just felt like I was not able to breathe while going under and it was a terrible experience. I fought them but they won. More than one operation. Would take weeks to be able to go to sleep on my own feeling like I could breathe.

    Hope it never happens to you again!

  4. luckyman

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    I believe that I woke up during one of my knee surgeries. My first sensation was an out of body experience, followed by hearing the surgeon tell the anethesiologist that I was waking up. I then felt myself slip back into unconsciousness very smoooothly.

    I generally have had a high tolerence for drugs. Many years ago I had my wisdom pulled. Since they were impacted they gave me a general, and told my parents it would be at least 3 hrs for the procedure and for me to awaken. Exactly 1/2 hr after entering surgical center, I got up out of the bed and headed to the waiting room. I was almost to the door when 2 nurses came running. They tried to convince me to lay back down, but I was really okay, and went ahead into the waiting room to see my surprised mom, and went home. I think my parents were really ticked when they got the bill for the supposed 3-4 hour procedure. I found the experience rather amusing. (remember I was a teen at the time.) He must have pulled all four in 10-15 min.
  5. jasminetee

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    I was just wondering if you all knew that there is specific info regarding anesthesia and CFS and FMS? Apparently, we need anesthesia done a certain way. Here's a page of information about it that I think people should share with their doctors and their anesthesiologists prior to any surgery:
  6. campbeck97

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    Hi, yes I woke up during one surgery and I heard the suctioning of blood and a tugging sensation at the incision area but no pain,then the Dr. stated my name and said shes waking up and then out I went. Another surgery gall bladder removal I think the surgery was over but I remeber hurting and couldnt open my eyes yet but I heard the dr. tell someone give her ten more morphine and I went back out.The last surgery when I woke up I could here several people talking but something was over my face and my arms were tied down , I wanted to let someon know hey Im still alive under here so I wiggled my fingers several times and someone said shes waking up and they uncovered my face! I couldnt speak when I first noticed that my face was covered and that was scarey. I really dont want to have anymore surgeries!!
  7. VeniceQueen

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    Thanks for the responses. I do think we are at a higher risk. I will make sure to stress this point with my next surgery.

    elliespad--Did you ever recall sitting up? I never fair well with anesthesia, I wake up dry heaving and sick to my stomach. They gave me amend, but it didnt help at all. Waking up for me is the worst part! I definitely cant take histamine..found that out he hard way!

    Spacee-thats a crazy feeling. After surgey it takes my body a month to get back to "normal"

    luckyman--funny story--When I woke up from dental surgery I had long conversations with my dentist, and with my husband in the car on the way home..My husband said i wouldnt shut up..i dont remember anything!!

    teejkay--thanks for the link. Good info. I will print this out and keep it handy.

    Campbeck97---WOW! I cant believe you went through that. That is really scary! I hope you never go through that again.
  8. OMG that would be horrible. They had a show about that RIGHT BEFORE my knee replacement surgery and it scared me.

    I too always am soo sick to my stomach and throw up for a couple days, its bad enough having surgery let alone being sick.

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