Anybody Fill Prescriptions at Target...Update

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, Feb 21, 2011.

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    Well, this morning I answered my own question to this dilemma.

    I called the nearest Target to get some information on the price of my prescription. I manuevered my way thru their 'please press 1 for this, 2 for that, etc', then I waited on hold for an eternity to speak to someone. When they finally answered, they put me on hold again!! After quite awhile, I hung up and called my local pharmacist, who greeted me with, "Hello Laura, how are you?" and then when I told them I accidentally tossed the box and did not have the Rx number, she said, "No problem, I wll look it up for you." And then she said, "It's really cold out, do you want us to deliver it to you? No charge."

    When I thought about it a bit more, I realized it was this same pharmacy that delivered diapers and formula to me for my twins over twenty years ago, free of charge, and allowed me to settle up with them at the end of the month on payday. You cannot beat this type of ease of service and devotion to community. And supporting local business definitely makes me feel better!! For the foreseeable future, I am sticking with my local druggist!!


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    Glad you have a friendly local pharmacy to use.

    I use Target and love them. I think a lot depends on the individual Target pharmacy. They auto refill all my Rx's so that I never have to think about them. I get an auto call when the Rx's are ready. It doesn't hurt that Target is my all time favorite store. I usually don't buy groceries there but if I do need something when I'm picking up my meds, I can buy whatever will tide me over til I get to the grocery store.

    There is a huge difference between the pharmacies at the same grocery chain I used to work for. I think it's always good to support local businesses when possible.

    Love, Mikie