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    I am from Brigham City, Utah, and I was wondering if anybody on the board is from Utah. The reason that I ask is because I am trying to find a specialist that works with Fibro. I have called some doctors and I found one that knows about Fibro and the only thing that he does is give me more pills everytime that I go in there. I was only on 3 pills when I first went to him and in a 1 1/2 months ( 4 times) of seen him he has me on a total of 12 different pills and I am not sure that all of them are necessary. I am taking Guaifenesin and that seems to work, but I am not sure on all the others. If anybody out there can help I would appreciate it.

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    I'm not from Utah--I'm from southern Idaho, though I've seen quite a few drs in Utah because I used to go to school there, plus I've found better drs down there than I have where I live.

    So here's my two cents worth.

    I'm currently seeing Dr Durrans in Orem for just general stuff. He's a family dr, but very understanding and listens to me. He's a bit too laid back for me, doesn't really give me new suggestions unless I bring up something I've heard, but he's the best dr I've got right now so I'll stick with him for a while.

    I did see a rheumy in Sandy for a while--he was okay for a while, but not terribly understanding or helpful, so I left him.

    In Sandy, there's a dr named Lucinda Bateman, who I believe has a fibro/cfs clinic and that's all she treats. Never been to her, though, so I couldn't really tell you her philosophy or method or anything.

    I've tried all sorts of alternative folks in Utah as well--if you're interested in that type of thing, let me know.

    I just finished not too long ago with the Origin Pain and Spine Center in Provo. They're okay with fibro--they have a program that uses Duragesic patches to help you overcome the pain by being able to exercise more. I had a terrible reaction to the patches so I didn't really do the program, but the drs were fairly nice and understanding, so they might be something worth trying.

    Um, that's all I can think of right now, although I know there's been other drs down there. Hope this helps some. Good luck--I know how hard it is dealing with drs!!
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    Hi Poohbear,
    The mister and I live near you in Logan. We approve of Dr. Remmington of Provo also. More recently, we have been seeing Dr. Mangum of SLC. He is a real MD who also does holistic treatments like acupuncture, nutrition, energy work, etc.,
    we also go to Whole Body Health Care in Logan for chiropractic, acupuncture, and homeopathic treatments.

    We have a fibromyalgia support group here in Logan that meets once a month. If interested, call Tammy Bose 435-752-8522

    Best Wishes,
    Mrs, Zoso
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    Hi Poobear, welcome to the board. I see you have received a lot of help for your area, good for you! Glad our members could be of so much help with a doctor for you.

    Just stopped to welcome you..............

    Shalom, Shirl