Anybody get sudden weakness with stress?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by marcus1243, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. marcus1243

    marcus1243 New Member

    I find that if I have encounter an unpleasant or very stressful situation, my body now reacts quite violently. My legs and arms can feel weak and unsteady and my hands might begin to tremor for a while. I was wondering if anybody else experienced the same?
  2. joannie1

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    Hi Marcus,
    I go through this same thing. i feel like a wet noodle that could drop when this happens. heart races and the whole bit. I NEVER used to be this way though. I was always very outspoken, in a respectful way. And could stand up to people. Now i am just here i guess you could say trying to avoid everything. It is hard to deal with at times I think. I remember me before and don't so much like the new me. I just posted on something of this sort yesterday. You can read my post. "What is this."
    Take care and your not alone.
  3. Mom3

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    Hi I feel the same. My body reacts so different to stressful situations, my heart races my blood rushes to my head and I feel shortness of breath and weakness. Although the situation was resolved my body didn't it takes a day or two to calm down. I cannot be thrown things at me to do because that stresss me out so I tell my family especially my kids if there important things to be done let me know far in advance. Mom3
  4. marcus1243

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    I checked your other post on this, and you got some really good responses. But I'm not sure they were all talking about what I am experiencing; I don't feel that this is a 'panic attack' in that my autonomic nervous system doesn't seem to be involved -- I don't sweat, hyper-ventilate or tingle or get dizzy -- it's just leg (and sometimes arm) weakness -- the kind that you might get with a really severe emotional shock, except I get it in reaction to (relatively) minor upsets. Like, I was on the phone earlier, complaining about non-delivery of a kitchen unit, and I came off the phone feeling weak and a little shaky. Never used to get that before!
    Thanks for replying, everybody,
  5. marcus1243

    marcus1243 New Member

    I get weakness whether standing or sitting. Obviously, I feel it more when I'm walking, because I get the jello-leg feeling for a short while. Funnily enough, it can subside if I keep on walking and don't stop. Strange.

  6. ssMarilyn

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    Those symptoms have all the earmarks of anxiety, which most FMers suffer from. Just take some very deep breaths, with your STOMACH, not your slow through the nose and out slow through the mouth. Do this about 4 times, and that weakeness should go away.

    Marilyn :)