Anybody gone to FMS Conference or is going to the next one?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by mujuer, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. mujuer

    mujuer New Member

    Hello my fibromites. Just wanted to know if anyone has ever gone to the fms conferences and what their experiences were. I see that there is another one the end of april in florida. I will be going down to Georgia at about that time and wondered if it would be worth it for me to divert to the conference first.
  2. EllenComstock

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    My husband and I went to one in Cincinnati, Ohio about five or six years ago. It was in a hotel. We got there the day before and spent the night. The program was good, but it lasted all day and there was no way I could last that long. So my husband stayed for the last two hours while I layed down in our room. There were several well-known doctors there, plus a FMS patient who did a great program.

    They had a nice lunch and encouraged us to get up as needed to move around and stretch. There were booths set up with different products and a booth where they gave massages.

    It was interesting program and I got a lot of good information (I had just been diagnosed when we went), but I wish it could have been broken up in two days instead of one.

    If there is one in your area, I would recommend going.

  3. momXtwo

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    It would be so nice to be with others -- lots of others with your same illness. Please post the details; I'd be interested. Thanks!
  4. fungirl2100

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    My local pharamacy has a support group for FMS/CFS patients. One of the pharmacists there suffer from it. I believe it is faciliated by a therapist of some sort. I have not gone yet, but am interested. I am only 33 & have lost most of my friends due to fibro thought it might be nice to go & try to meet with others who can relate with me & maybe make a friend or two. They also explain what is Fibro & what is not.

    I am in IL.

  5. mujuer

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    The info. I got was here on the message boards within the last week I believe from the webmaster or from prohealth. They said that when they had more info. they would announce it. All I remember is that it was at the end of April somewhere in Florida. Lots of help I know. Sorry.
  6. momXtwo

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    I know how you feel, hun. Some days the very fact that those who I thought were my BEST friends have abandoned me strikes me so hard that I bottom out. What kind of person was I to attract friends that would do that to begin with? I've even approached one particular friend about it because I felt we had so much invested in each other, and she just blows it off saying that she doesn't know what to do (even when I tell her precisely what I need which is to continue to invite me and let me make up my own mind as to whether I am capable that day to participate.) I'm left out of everything, she forgot my 40th birthday this year. I just went on a cruise to celebrate her 40th birthday, and well, I can't even begin to describe how I felt during that trip, emotionally.

    I have one wonderful best friend who lives in another city, about 8 hours away. When I talk about her to my local friend, she says "but she doesn't deal with you every day, she'd be just like I am if she did."

    I have my adoring husband, who accepts my limitations and gets so protective of me when I am hurt by my so called "friends", I have my mom, who is as helpful as she can be at age 70, but she is a wonderful friend to me. I have my two children, and believe it or not, my 9 year old daughter is a huge support for me, and my 17 year old son has good and bad days, but more good than bad. I have a phenomenal friend here who had FM and CFIDS who completely understands me, but she has recently taken a two day a week job, and uses the rest of the week to restore herself. Other than that, it's acquaintances -- I'd call them friends, but it's rare that we do stuff together.

    Recently, we were given the opportunity to move to Ireland for a period of 2 years for my husband's job. When I told my "best" friend here, she didn't even seem sad that we'd consider it. We have raised our two daughters together, been through everything under the sun together, good and bad, and were as close as sisters. As a matter of fact, people used to think we WERE sisters because of our mannerisms and actions around one another. It absolutely crushed, and I do mean sincerely crushed me, when she reacted saying, "that's wonderful!" Before, she would have clung to me and said noooooo way! You CAN'T go!

    Soooooo, Fungirl, I do know how you feel, and it's really hitting me hard. I will be celebrating her real birthday celebration this weekend, and all of her friends (the ones that she has replaced me with) will be there, and I will feel completely out of place. I will go. I sincerely do wish happiness for her. I just feel so hurt that she forgot my 40th, a milestone birthday, when we have always been together on birthdays. On my birthday, she was with her other friends, having lunch with them, and then she called me later that day and asked what I had done during the day. I told her we had celebrated quietly at home, and she was completely dumbfounded, thinking it was my son's birthday. God, that hurt. That hurt soooo much.

    But, we are survivors. We have to learn to be better judges of character I suppose. It doesn't mean we must befriend only those with our disease. It means we must recognize those with true compassion offering a hand of genuine friendship. My faith in God is what has kept me going, that and the love I receive from the small group of "genuines" in my life.

    You can count me as one of your friends, Fungirl. One never can have too many. It's funny, now looking back, really. I remember my "friend" once saying she wasn't in the market for any new friends when referring to another gal.

    Well.....I am.
  7. fungirl2100

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    That really hit home. I am ready to celebrate my 34th birthday this comign Monday Feb. 5th & I feel quite abandoned. Sure family will be at the little get together at my house to celebrate the Superbowl (Go BEARS) and my birthday, but i miss the fact that none of my friends will be their. My husband is doing this to be nice to me. While at the same time it hurts. My best friend & I had done everything together!!! I am so hurt that she has dumped me like she has with no explanation.

    I tried to read your bio, but unfortunately not much there. I understand for security reasons & I am glad you are calling yourself a friend to me. I can use all the friends I can get right now.

    My husband & my goofy great dane puppy is all I have. My mom does love me. My sister is to caught up in her family with her 2 babies & my brother whom I adore is a good 5 hour drive. It's hard on me very hard. Im not used to being the "party pooper". I was the life of the party. Now I feel like I am just kind of their.

    My niece's whom I love with all my heart are 17 and 15 & I see the disappointment in their face when I can't shop on hours for end with them or I can't make lunch while they are in town because I am so sick I can't stand for more than a half an hour at a time. It hurts me.

    I don't know how to tell the rest of my family what is wrong with me so they understand & aren't quick to judge with Lance Armstrong won 7 Tour de france's with cancer & you can't go to the mall? I know that is how my sister-in-law is. She has never been seriously ill. I look healthy feel like crap.

    I hope I can tolerate my party. Please pray for me.

    I look forward to us becoming good friends. I think we are kindred souls of some sort...

    love your friend no matter what,

    Fungirl (Dawn) :)
  8. momXtwo

    momXtwo New Member


    Isn't is sad that "abandoned" is the word that keeps coming up when we refer to our "friends"? I find that heart-wrenchingly sad. Yesterday, the thought that kept invading my head was, if at 40 you are this ill, my gosh, what will it be like at 50, 70, or older? Will there be anyone left standing by my side if my husband is no longer there? (dies before me) And it made me ache all over to think about it. Do I want to grow old? This is scaring me to death! I always grasped life by the horns and screamed "let's do it!" and now, that passion is so far gone. I always thought 40 would be my prime. Then this hit -- they hit -- FMS and CFIDS and all the other little ones that come with them.

    I know it must hurt you to not have your best friend there anymore; I know it too well. It's a killer to get through. Not only was I abandoned, though, so was my daughter. She stopped letting her daughter come over, and just as she befriended other people, she had their daughters and her daughter spend more and more time together. My daughter was heartbroken, still is, and doesn't understand. My daughter has said several times that she knows she isn't liked anymore by my "friend".

    I have a strong faith in God, and since you asked me to pray, I see we have a commonality. I will pray for you, for your party, for you to feel well that day, and for you to try not to feel the deep sadness that resides in you over the loss of your friend. I know your family is celebrating your day of birth. Know that; celebrate that you are their gift, just as they are yours.

    Oh...and I did respond to the other 2 threads. Hee hee.

    Early Happy Birthday my friend!

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