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    Also how sick do you have to be to get Disability?

    I'm working fulltime at a desk (payroll and benefits). But had to go out to change pain meds because I could'nt concentrate. So I will be back to work after next week. I had to get off of percocet and go back to ultram, daypro, and zanaflex. It seems to work but not as well. I feel like I'm all in my head again.

    I got the following illnesses:

    Chronic Fatigue, Fibro (since a teenager), Depression/anxiety (all my life), asthma, acid reflux, adrenal fatigue,hypothyroidisim


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    I just updated my profile so you can read.
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    there are various protocols on This site doesnt sell anything so I am sure it is alright for me to print the address.

    I dont know which one is best but the guy has taken parts from some of them and come up with his own.

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    several of us here are doing the Guaifenesin protocol. The details are in the library here, or you can search for past posts. xxx
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    I have gone the "natural" route wherever possible as I react quite strongly to most prescription drugs.

    5-htp - an amino acid which helps your brain produce serotonin, works very well for depression. You should NOT take 5-htp if you are already taking an SSRI, as you may develop serotonin syndrome (too much serotonin), which can be dangerous

    Adrenal fatigue - a good B vitamin complex and extra pantothenic acid are important for this. Also, adrenal glandular products help a lot. I've gotten mine from chiropractors - Drenatrophin PMG by Standard Process, Adrenogen and Cytozyme AD by Biotics are all good adrenal glandular products

    Hypothyroidism - many people are helped by Armour thyroid or other thyroid supplementation. I'm not an expert on this, there's a lot of info on the board about thyroid so do a search. Also, dulse iodine drops can help. You buy dulse iodine in health food stores. It is made from kelp. It is NOT the same thing as the iodine you buy in a drugstore, which should not be ingested.

    Try magnesium and malic acid, this helps a lot of pepole with fatigue and pain.

    I don't have FM, just CFIDS, so I don't have experience with FM pain but have read that many people are helped with the guaifesenen protocol (do a search on thsi baord again)

    Also some people swear by Traumeel by Heel brand - it's a homeopathic remedy.

    Calcium pyruvate can help with energy.

    Read From Fatigued to Fantastic by Jacob Teitelbaum, it has a lot of good information.

    There is no one answer for everyone, you just have to keep trying different things and read adn read and read.


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