Anybody have trouble walking?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by ABLUV, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. ABLUV

    ABLUV New Member

    Hi, I often have spells that look like cerebral palsy or MS. My legs just stop working; they buckle with every step
    or won't hold me up at all. The legs also get heavy at times and I can't pick them up. Also, there are times when
    I cannot sit up; it's similar to how a newborn baby is like
    before they are strong enough to hold up their own head or sit up on their own.

    I don't know what triggers it and I don't know how to keep it from happening.

    Please help me....
  2. gerrijohnson315

    gerrijohnson315 New Member

    Hi Abluv,
    I have trouble walking also. There are times when my knees won't completely straighten and they "bow" inwards. I kind of feel like I am walking like I am drunk. I HATE IT WHEN IT HAPPENS!! I can't control it, no matter what I do. My legs feel very heavy and weak, like I could fall over at any moment. I don't know how to fix it, cuz I would. I know that I have to use carriages at the grocery store and I limit where I go because I know that if I walk for a while my legs will automatically start doing that and it is so embarassing.

    If you find a secret, let me know.
  3. ABLUV

    ABLUV New Member

    Gerri, sorry you have this embarassing symptom. How long have you had it? I've had it for ten years. I use a cart in every store that I can get one. When I can't I have to use my wheelchair. I am currently asking my doc at the VA
    to get me a motorized chair so that I won't have to depend
    on someone to push the chair. If I wheel my chair myself, I run the risk of my upper body shutting down. Its awful!

    You and i both will keep looking for something to end this night and daymare...AB
  4. MamaZoe

    MamaZoe New Member

    I am going through the symtoms right now. There seems to be no understanding on why it happens. I can go 6 to maybe 8 weeks and it will come back. I have changed my diet, lifestyle, exercise, sleeping and therapy habits and nothing seems to work for long. These sypmtoms where what sent me to the Dr. for diagnosis. Had MCG test done (very painful- which is good) for MS and came back neg. thank goodness. I use a lot of aromatherapy oils to message my legs. I also do leg stretches every morning; and that helps a lot. I do know this. Before I did the leg stretches and range of motion excercises, my hips actually locked up because I was in so much pain to walk. My muscle contracted and would allow my hips to work. It took several weeks to work it out with a message therapist. So, I make sure that I stretch every day and I see a message therapist once a week. Hang in there and don't get up.
  5. gypsywomyn

    gypsywomyn New Member

    Thank you for posting the walking problem.I am also experiencing the same walking problems, my neck, back and legs feel like jelly.
  6. ABLUV

    ABLUV New Member

    Yeah, stairs can cause my legs to stop working. Sometimes
    I take the risk, sometimes I don't, but when you live in a
    house with stairs, that's a problem for folks like us...
  7. lillyrose33

    lillyrose33 New Member

    HI, I have the same problem. My doctor thinks it's my weight. I tell her that my legs just buckle and I have fallen three times in the past six months. The first time I seriously hurt myself, tore a hamstring and tore tendons and ligiments in my leg and knee, then I fell again in the parking lot and knocked myself out and had to have a CT scan, had a slight concussion and had a headache from hell and then just last week after my gallbladder surgery I fell down the steps of my porch...scared me to death. I don't remember the falls from any of them but felt my legs give out and they felt weird. I will have periods of my legs just hurting but I can walk and stand then, all of a sudden they get heavy and like they buckle and want to go backwards. My doctor said as soon as I heal from my surgery that we are going to look into some things. I know I need to loose weight(about 70lbs.) but I don't think that is the cause of what is happening to my legs. Well, just wanted to let you know you are not alone and I would love to know what is happening also.

  8. ABLUV

    ABLUV New Member

    Ten years ago, when this symptom showed up, I was 120lbs. I hope your doc doesn't harp on that as the cause, after all we all know plenty of overweight people who do not have this problem.
  9. Lolalee

    Lolalee New Member

    I sometimes have difficulty walking and have to use a cane. When it gets really bad, mostly my left leg will not "work". I have to practically drag it.

    This comes and goes.

  10. hot-tubgirl

    hot-tubgirl New Member

    me too. are any of you knock- kneed? I have always been and other than not being able to stand with my feet close together, it wasn't a problem until about 2 years ago. Both my doctor and my chiropracter said the same thing. The bands of muscles etc. in my legs are trying so hard to keep me upright that they go into spasm and cause all kinds of problems. I too have had my leg buckle and have fallen down. it comes and goes. I know the excess weight i have gained over the last few years has made the condition much worse. It's one of those horrible spirals. If I exercise enough to start losing weight, my fibro symptoms kick in so bad - as well as arthritis in my knees and spine, that i can't exercise. If i don't exercise, i keep gaining weight. the latest fibromyalgia network newsletter had an article about if you don't sleep well, you gain weight too. my pain keeps me awake, or waking up repeatedly all night. so i feel hopeless sometimes about ever getting this under control. anyways, that's my story. i am curious to know if others have the knock-kneed thing going. c
  11. PVLady

    PVLady New Member

    You should see your doctor. This could be coming from a problem with your spine.
  12. CindyB

    CindyB New Member

    I also have had this problem. I found mine was low blood pressure. I would sometimes faint just after my legs felt heavy like they were too heavy to move.
  13. sop28

    sop28 New Member

    I have also had problems with walking, especially when the fatigue is worse. Sometimes my legs feel heavy, sometimes weak like "Jello" and I feel like I'm going to end up on the floor.

    I have had problems with falling also. I misjudge were I am spacially. It's very scarey!

    I do have problems holding myself in a sitting position, or holding my head up when the exhaustion is at its worse.

    I have noticed when I do to much is when the sx are worse. Then I'm not able to do anything for days after.

    Hope this helps,
  14. elliespad

    elliespad Member

    Yup. You summed it up exactly. That's been my main problem for 10 years and getting worse. Can only stand for 5-10 minutes, at best. Is very hard to make it through grocery store and have to lean on shopping cart. I have trouble even supporting my body in a chair. Have to have arm support and back support. When eating at the table my head ends up resting on my arm because it is too hard to hold my head up. Pathetic. Sometimes I have trouble getting my food to my mouth, or raising my arm to stratch my head.

    I would like to get a pair of the arm crutches but am too self conscious. Oh well. What I really need is a motorized wheelchair but that is even more embarassing than the arm crutches. I hate it. If I could just get around better, I could have a much better quality of life.
  15. Aeronsmom

    Aeronsmom New Member

    my legs feel like they weigh a ton I often walk at the supermarket and my legs really do go under is frustrating and embarassing, and as for stairs....can't do it at all the pain in the knees is just terrible. so sweetie your not so nice if we can all get together and hang onto each other for support.

  16. RockiAZ

    RockiAZ New Member

    Obviously I do... today I tripped over a stool that I forgot was there, fell over it and onto the floor - thought I broke 2 of my toes, but just cut & swollen now.
    Yep, this isn't the FIRST time I've done my own stunts!

    Live, Laugh, Love,
  17. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Sometimes I feel as if I am walking on a boat.I do a lot of listing to the side.Also lose my balance and fall down.
    Have many a bruises to show for it.
    Also cannot judge how close I am to bed,fell trying to get in; walls,run into them; cabinet doors,leave them open,ram head into edge,that brings out the stars,and little birdies.
    Thid DD,has sooo many perks!
  18. Greenbean7

    Greenbean7 New Member

    Mine get tired and achy just thinking about walking.

    My DH likes to watch Pros vs Joes on Monday night. They rode bikes twice around a track last night and I just couldn't imagine being able to do that! Just walking to the car almost does me in.

    I always think during the day, I should take the dog for a walk when I get home. Then by the time I get home I'm lucky if I can walk at all!

  19. musikmaker

    musikmaker New Member

    I use a cane when fatigued. I have good days when I don't need it at all then I will go through long periods of always needing it. I have gone through periods when I fall down and run into the wall. I also have spells where I feel like the floor is moving under me. Crazy stuff!
  20. puppy2dad

    puppy2dad New Member

    Dear AB
    I started having trouble walking about a year ago. There are many times that I feel like I have weights on my legs and burning sensations in my calves. I also have some really painful leg cramping at night. This used to upset me quite a bit, but now I've learned to laugh about it. The other day I went to step up on a curve and my legs gave out, putting me knees first into some very muddy grass. My daughters were with me and I just said "drumroll please" I know it can be very exasperating but I found the Vitamin E helps with the leg cramping and a good sense of humor helps with the rest. I know it can be embarassing but my family and friends laugh with me not at me. Keep your chin up

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